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💇🏼‍♀️So happy I found my new hairstylist @montana_ferrin Lets face it... when you have to break up with your hairdresser after 13 years you go into panic mode. But I told Montana ‘to do her’ that I was entrusting her with my hair...and I’m super happy I did . . . . . . . . #hairstylist #htown #houstonlife #doyou #investinyou #businesschicks #selfcarematters #businessandpleasure #happylife #liveyourbestlife #socialsociety #hardworkpaysoff #womenwithstyle #style #fashionstyle #inspire #bossbabetribe #stylethegirl #millennials #trendsetter #trendygirls #lookingood

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In other words, “Do you!’’ Seriously, it’s not that I can’t receive your feedback about what I should and shouldn’t be doing.  That’s not it.  What infuriates me is when you’re three days into whatever unproven thing you’re doing and you’re already preaching to me about jumping on the bandwagon.  Go get some solid results FIRST and you won’t have to chase converts, people will run you down asking “How did you do that?” Too often, we want to proselytize long before we have proven our mettle even to ourselves. Sometimes it’s our excitement about our new endeavor. Other times, it’s our desire to have somebody, anybody, walk this thing out with us. Just look at the scores of YouTube videos where a vlogger has posted his/her day one video and asks you to follow their journey—and that’s it.  No video two, three, nothing! You never hear from that person again.  The road to transformation is paved with so many false starts that it’s best to figure it out, get some proven results and let the game come to you.  If your change is real, people will notice, inquire and want to join you. If not, continue on your journey and be the badass leader of yourself. Doing You is badass! #liveyourbestlife #tuesdaymotivation #motivation #inspiration #50 #becoming #change #growth #youareabadass #jensincero #doyou #leadbyexample #tuesdaythoughts at Washington, District of Columbia

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At Buena Vida we use a variety of modalities to get you moving and feeling better. The Hypervolt is a state-of-the-art vibration massage device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility, promotes circulation, improves range of motion, and accelerates recovery. Call, 425-2998, to schedule your physical therapy evaluation and treatment #loveallserveall #buenavidaptwellness #physicaltherapy #acupuncture #massagetherapy #yoga #pilates #coreconditioning #liveyourbestlife #health #wholeness #hope #lasvegasnewmexico #lasvegasnm #nmtrue #wegotyou

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For a long time, she didn’t have a voice. ••• She said, “ … A lot of my story, at least right now, has to do with my identity … Coming into that and finding the agency to claim that … when we think about finding our voices, I think that’s something that everybody goes through …” ••• Was there a time in your life when you felt that you didn’t have a voice? If so, how did you rediscover your voice? ••• 🎧: LISTEN to the full interview ( 👏: SUPPORT our cause ( 🎙: SUBSCRIBE for future episodes ( 📝: LEAVE A REVIEW ( 📆: ATTEND our upcoming events ( at Austin, Texas

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DISTRACTION Are you always seeking escape from your thoughts? Bored with your own company? Avoidance of Negative Nancy inside your head is the priority? The need to be busy is all consuming. Silence is WAY too confronting. Being alone is not enjoyable at all. Life is busy & stressful but this is actually by design. . Soooo we: Scroll aimlessly through social media 📱 Watch TV 📺 Talk on the phone ☎️ Diary is full of social events 🎉 Clean 🧼 Eat 🥘 Drink 🍸 Pop pills 💊 Sleep 💤 . So often even in the gym I see people on their phones in between sets. People actually talking on the phone not only in between sets but while lifting! One girl I see all the time who talks to every single person with no self-awareness if her mindless chatter is welcome or not. Training buddies gossiping loudly between sets. And how do women chatter non stop while on the treadmill? . And then we wonder why we are anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, depressed..? 🤔 . Learning to be mindful & present in the moment without distraction will open doors for you that were once closed. It is the key to finding inner peace, motivation & overcoming stress. But we all poo poo this concept. I know I did!! I don’t have time! But really it is just too uncomfortable. Because we have to face ourselves. Truth 💣 is we actually hate ourselves. And it is VERY stressful running away from the very person you spend 24/7 with!! . I want you to know that you CAN overcome these anxious feelings. This is NOT who you are. We have been conditioned to crave distraction. Peace is found in being silent & still. Yeah I thought it was a load of 💩 too but trust me! It has facilitated my recovery!! . Need support to overcome these feelings? Direct message me today & lets speak soon!! 🌈💚🥰🌸 . . at Lift Performance Centre

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My JOY is through the roof for these two! What an incredible couple to work with as we found them their first home 🏡 ❤️Congrats to Josh and Mary Hannah! @joshbutler @mhbutler at Winter Park, Florida

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Excited to start on this new memory book for my baby that's on the way! Thank you Check out my story for some details 😉❤️

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So i grew up skiing. My dad's a very good skier and started me very young. As a result I got pretty decent. However I live in the flats of Ontario so as a result I got very board. . . A couple years ago I got a snowboard to learn on and play around with. It took me a long time to get down a run without crashing but I finally figured it out. . . Never plateau . . The cool thing about snow boarding is you can always progress. Once you master carving. You can practice riding switch or hitting jumps. Once you are comfortable with that you can do bigger tricks or rails etc. There's always something to develop and work on. . . . . . #snowboarding #snowboard #skiing #ski #jump #ontario #neverplateau #allin #allinliving #liveyourbestlife #allinlifestyle #onelife #livewell #enjoy #gohardorgohome #5150 #forum #burton #oakley #gleneden

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What would you do differently if you are suddenly told you have one year to live? 🤔 ______________________________ Today was one of those very difficult days at work. I spoke to someone who had just been told by the oncologist that they had a year maximum to was difficult😢 . It got me reflecting about life as a whole and all we take for granted. ______________________________ Please LIVE well, eat well, fail well, succeed well, read well, play well, have fun well, take care of your body well, spend time with those you love, chase your dreams, travel and see the world, make an impact in someone's life, do something exciting and thrilling. Don't procrastinate, don't be afraid to take a risk, don't be afraid to love, or even love again, know God.... guess what? The only way we are getting out of here is death! So make the best of the time you have on earth.....😐😐 . . #onechance #startliving #bethebestyou #live #liveyourbestlife #takerisks #momentintime #seetheworld #creatingmemories #livelife memories #thelittlethings #oneyear #livelikeyouaredying #cancerisanasshole #ihatecancer #reflections

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I just completed the One Funnel Away Challenge with Russel Brunson and his team from Click Funnels 👍😁🎉 It cost me $100 to be coached by them for 30 days. Nowhere else have I seen a course so detailed and so jam packed with value! No wonder why Robert Kyosaki, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez and Tony Robbins back him. Russell's mission is to serve his customers and provide value. He doesn't give you the fish he teaches you how to fish and is so ethical in everything he does. I would never promote something I didn't believe in or wouldn't do myself. The next course stars on February 25th. If you're keen to check it out click the link in my bio for more info and join the thousands of people who have done it before you. There are sooooo many testimonials you won't be able to read them all I promise you! Go check it out. You've got nothing to lose ❤️. #ofa #onefunnelaway #internetmarketing #networking #liveyourbestlife #laptoplifestyle #ethicalbusiness #inspiringleadership #clickfunnels #mompreneur #wfh #sahm #affiliatemarketing #laptoplifestyler #quityourjob #quityourjobandtravel #mompreneur #mompreneurlife #bosslady #smallbusiness #challenge #selfimprovement #tonyrobbins #russellbrunson

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El Salvador es uno de los destinos más famosos del mundo para la práctica del surf. A lo largo de la costa hay pequeñas ciudades equipadas para satisfacer las necesidades de todos los surfistas, desde principiantes hasta profesionales. Destaca El Tunco, el lugar de surf más famoso. A una hora de san salvador. #triptime #triptimetours #adventuretime #elsalvador #elsalvadortravel #vacationideas #centralemerica #toursalvador #elsalvadortourism #elsalvadorimpressive #tourguides #tourcompany #traveladdicted #travelphotography #travelgram #dreams #inspirationalquotes #liveyourbestlife #liveyourdreams #travelgoals #traveldreams #morivationalquotes #adventuretime #tourguides #traveljunkie #travelgram #travelphotography #travelexperience #adventurelovers #southamericatrip #triptime #dontskipelsalvador

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A life full of adventure and free of aches and pains awaits at NutraLeif! Discover how our 100% natural CBD can benefit you today! Visit us at today for a FREE $15 gift card for your first order! Adventure Awaits, why should you. * * * #AdventureAwaits #LiveNutraLeif #NutraLeif #CBD #cannabidiol #health #outdoors #adventure #livewell #liveyourbestlife #nature #supplement #wellness #hemp #hiking #comingsoon #travel #explore #relief #nutrition #instahealth #motivation #goals #fitness #mountains #workout #exercise #camping #natural #getoutdoor

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NEW RECIPE// As much as I love a good “snow day”, I think I love this tortilla soup more😋 It’s vegan, it’s gluten free, it’s filling, and it’s easy to make! No chef skills required. This may just be your new favorite “snow day” go-to! Get the recipe on my blog now! Pics by @jordanmobley_

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I was inspired by this image to write this post. At the beginning of this year I made a promise to myself to do more with more intent. I want to be more ethical with what I eat and how I shop. I want to be more of my true self and more present for those closest to me. I mean this when I say ‘living with more plant-based intentions is opening my eyes to a whole new wonderful world and I’m excited’. . . . Thank you for this photo and @unsplash. #passionproject #plantpower #plantbasedliving #thegoodword #feelthelove #lovemakestheworldgoround #goodforyou #liveyourbestlife #lessismore #moreismore #beyoushinebright #itsbeautiful #allaboutthecolour #pink #visualaesthetic #creativeinspiration #creativedesign #deardlilahcreative

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Loose skin is definatly my biggest fear in my journey. Its inevitable after 3 monster size kids, gaining and losing weight for years and just that good old thing called aging 😮 I'm so happy to have found this amazing company and I'm excited to try their naked collagen supplement. I've been using @jeuneora for about 6 months and I'm stoked with the results. Try it....honestly you wont be disappointed at Wellington, New Zealand

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Hi my smoothie peeps! 🐥 How pinkalicious🌸is this yummy 😋 pink ombré smoothie bowl by 💫@laurastencel I’m just 🤪 about the stunning pink ombré effect! The pops of color with dragon fruit & blueberry top-blings✨is a yes for sure💙🌸✨. ☼ Recipe 1/2 cup frozen bananas 🍌 1/2 cup frozen pineapple 🍍 2/3 frozen mango Pink pitaya from @rawnice Then add on all your favorite topblings! ✨🍓🥥🍍🍌🍇🍒

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Before I tell you what I'm looking for, I'll tell you why: Because this is family, friends, home. It's where I can never be in a bad mood, where there's always room to grow, where minds are filled and bodies shaped. Where wellness focuses on the person and the community, not the scale or some numbers chart. This is my Y. My why. So... What am I looking for? (Link in profile.) 3 more team members (no you don't even have to be a Y member!) 100 $1 donations 50 $5 donations 25 $10 donations 15 $20 donations 5 $50 donations 1 $100 donation #spinathon Team Spoke & Mirrors! Join me at the @attleboroymca or donate to my team online! . . . . . #raisethebar #pushharder #womenwholift #boom #fitspo #fightforit #fight #fitmom #ownit #empower #beachbodycoach #coach #coachlife #lifebydesign #fitnessblogger #liveyourbestlife #mentalhealth #spinning #fundraiser #rideon #ymca #community #choosehappiness #lifestyleblogger #cyclist #aisforadelaideblog

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Do you know a teen, tween, or young adult? #tagthem . They are at such an important age where they are still learning to feel confident + accepted. Yet 85% of teens and young adults suffer from acne!! Can you imagine the impact that has on their self-confidence? . That’s why Dr. Rodan + Dr. Fields saw an incredible opportunity to develop a regimen that can help. . “We know a lot more about acne than we did back then.” 🤯 ~ Dr. Katie Rodan + Dr. Kathy Fields . ✌🏼steps •✌🏼times a day •✌🏼minutes . Oh and apparently word spreads fast. Product not available to customers yet but Forbes, Yahoo, Allure and more already have us in the news 👑 👑 #oopstheydiditagain . Didn’t get a piece of the Proactiv pie? No problem, the acne experts show their talent with even more research and genius formula. And can we say just TWO steps? #innovation . Are you ready now?

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If you could release 5kg without dieting in 30 days for $5 per week would you have a go? 😳 Answer yes, no or maybe in the comments! 💖

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Hi lovely! I’m Sophie, a 43 year old lover of pizza, wine and all other things I shouldn’t be eating but that taste so good! Because I’m a big believer that life is for living, so yes I consume in moderation, and do some exercise but I refuse to say no to the things I love in life.⠀ ⠀ And that goes for everything in life. Food, drink, experiences, relationships, career, decisions, everything. I believe in living and loving and enjoying life.⠀ ⠀ If you’re struggling with getting your money’s worth out of life then you need to grab yourself one of my $99 mentoring sessions. 1 hour of pure gold with me, one-to-one, where you’ll go away with a whole load of tips and tricks that you can apply in your life. Hello My Best Life!⠀ ⠀ Drop me a message to find out more or head over to⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #womeninspiringwomen #onelifeliveit #womenhelpingwomen #lifechoices #lovethelifeyoulive #womenempowerwomen #lifecoachforwomen #personaldevelopmentcoach #happinessisachoice #lifegoal #lifestory #liveyourbestlife at Al Dente

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👊🏻A Nonnegotiable👊🏻 . I used to look at people that I looked up to and wondered if they were born with that confidence. (I still do sometimes...) Particularly, this one girl I knew. She always confidently asked for the raise, regardless if she would get it or not. She confidently answered all the questions in class, even if she was unsure of the answer. She boldly declared where she would be in 10 years, even though the end was nowhere in sight. I knew I would never have the confidence that she had. 👉🏻 I went on to meet so many more successful and confident people. I was totally surrounded by them. It’s as if everyone was way more confident than me. Everyone was living the life that they dreamed of...except me. 👍🏻 So, I asked then how they got their confidence. Surprisingly, every single one of them said that it didn’t matter what the task was or if they thought they weren’t good enough for the job, what mattered was that they knew they would never break a promise to themselves. They knew if they said they’re going to ask for that raise, they’re going to ask for it. If they said they’re going to get that degree, they’re going to get it. 👏🏻 So it turns out, confidence is not something you “find.” It’s something you train yourself to have. Every time you keep a promise to yourself, your confidence in your ability goes up. 🙌🏻 Today, breaking a promise to myself is never on the table. Self integrity is a nonnegotiable for me. 🔪 Every time you break a promise to yourself, your self confidence takes a hit. So instead of waiting to have more confidence before you can start that one thing that you know will bring more joy to your life, start making promises to yourself that you can actually keep. 👌🏻 What area in your life are you letting yourself down? What’s one thing you keep telling yourself you’ll do but never actually get to? What’s one small change you can make so that you can actually keep that promise to yourself? Start there. Start small. Start right where you are. 🤗 #juststart . PS. Picture from the beautiful wedding this past weekend. How did that pass already?!

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“One moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world” - Buddha One year ago today we decided to officially call San Diego home. In the middle of an icy, snowy February, we left New York (stopped at the requisite bagel store for ‘one for the road’) and headed west. Who would have thought that stop and a subsequent slip on the ice would dictate much of the next twelve months. Amazing medical professionals, a 6 day road trip with a broken leg, countless kind humans and a lot of weather along the way - we made it to San Diego. A one week hotel stay, an apartment and surgeon search, a move in and hospital stay and a whole lot of unknown, uncertain and new - that’s where we were one year ago. The past 12 months have included surgery and sunshine, therapy and two apartments, new jobs and numerous adventures, a yoga certification and yummy treats, seeking assistance and saying thank you, healing and helpful hands, kindness and community, fabulous friends and family, positivity and perspective, an open mind and oodles of gratitude. 365 days have passed since that fateful footstep. Today, we remember that moment yet moreso the kindness of so many others that came afterwards. Today, we embrace the San Diego sunshine, enjoy our fish tacos, love life in our chosen city and continue to adventure, grow, and thrive on the west coast. Endless gratitude to all who have been and continue to be a part of our journey. Onward. xo #choosehappy #gratitude #liveyourbestlife e #grateful #sandiego #westcoast

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I have been following this 11 year old beauty @kherispoppin for some time now. She created her own clothing brand 'Flexin in my complexion' after being bullied at school for her dark skin. Whenever I see young, successful girls being #magic I get sooo excited! I love seeing progressive #blackgirls living life abundantly and purposefully, rising above their pain and finding their #purpose. It inspires me, because as a mom of two beautiful girls I see their potential through those who are opening the doors for them. The opportunities are boundless if we instill the right values in our children. Also by encouraging them and lifting them up. I hope my girls can leave a positive impact on the world one day just as so many others are doing today. 💙 💙 💙 #4momslikeme #momlife #motherhood #singlemoms #moms #268moms #mommybloggers #amazingkids #flexininmycomplexion #blackexcellence #blackgirlsrock #blackhistorymonth #kherisrogers #liveyourbestlife #raisingblackgirls #blackmomsblog #blackgirlskillingit #entrepreneur #girlboss #childceo #amazingchildren #fastcompany #tiptuesday #levelup

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Monday and Tuesday, days 17 and 18 in Europe 🙌 In all honesty, when I arrived in Paris yesterday, I experienced a sense of overwhelm. There’s SO much to see/do. So much. I’m digging this quote that I came across recently: . “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything”. . This helps me realize that there will always be more and that’s it’s more effective to focus on finding the things that are important to me. . ••• ✔️ Visited Arc De Triomphe. . ✔️Tiny expensive food at various cafes and restaurants. . ✔️Visited over a million dead people, including Oscar Wilde 📖 and Jim Morrison 🎶 at the famous Père-Lachaise cemetary, which is close to my Airbnb. . ✔️Hours and hours of art at Musee D’Orsay. . ✔️Sunset + full moon 🌚 at the Eiffel Tower 😍😍😍 Had to do go at the exact time of the full moon, cause I’m dramatic like that. at Eiffel Tower, Paris

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Hope you are all ready to Strut!! 👠👠 It’s a #birthdayEdition 🤗🤗Ive always wanted to organize a birthday dance class with all my wonderful people and I’m so excited that this birthday I get to teach my own class and share this space with all of you! 💕This space is dedicated to you. An intro to heels style class that makes dance feel a bit less scary and a lot more fun! Come #Strut with us! #dedicatedToTheOneILove 💃 #dance #findyou #confident #Sexy #living #ladies #liveyourbestlife #birthday #danceparty #StrutByCherry at Downtown Dance & Movement

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I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful, inspiring people through my blog. 💕 Sharing my own life experiences and joining other #mentalhealthadvocates to end the stigma surrounding #mentalillness is another passion of mine, too! 💚⁣ .⁣ With that said, I encourage you to #liveyourbestlife, too! ☺️✌🏼😉⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #myintriguinginsights #wisewords #youcandoit #enjoyinglife #keepgoing #lifelessons #believeinyourself #goodadvice #lifegoals #livingmybestlife #mentalhealthwarrior #staypositive #enjoylife #dontgiveup #guidance #keepmovingforward #dreambig

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#tonedtuesdays I call these advanced bicycles, the ball isnt necessary but that’s what makes them advanced holding it makes you contract your abs more it also helps with toning up the arms. This is an easy workout that can be done anywhere. I did my usual 30 after completing the motion with both legs that would count as 1 rep. This workout is pretty simple and a very common workout, but some advice I was given was don’t try to keep just your head up, keep your shoulders up that makes you contract your abs and get maximum results.

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let us dance in the sun wearing wild flowers in our hair and let us huddle together as darkness takes over we are at home amidst the birds and the trees for we are children of nature • this chilly day has us daydreaming of days like this... soon we’ll be at the top of those mountains back there 🤩 at Utah

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The universe is always sending us soft signals. Listen because you’re the only one who can hear them🙌 #listentoyourdreams

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We used to spend our down time in front of the TV 🙈 The worse part? We thought we'd earned it!! 🙃 We were going through the motions, surviving the day, counting the minutes until we could escape into a Netflix series 😣 No, life wasn't bad, it was BUSY! We had the marriage, careers, beautiful kids, nice cars, you know, the things you're supposed to want! If only you could achieve the next big thing, you'd finally be happy, right?! Guess what, accumulating goals doesn't make you happy, happiness comes from within 💕 we are all so busy striving for the top prize, we fail to notice we've already won. When you realise that happiness is a CHOICE and not a destination, you'll pullover and admire the view ☀️ #lifebydesign #happinessisachoice #happinessisnotadestinationitsawakeoflife #happinessquotes #happiness #mindfulliving #liveyourbestlife #stoptosmelltheroses #admiretheview

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This day and age... EVERYONE should have a side hustle 🤓 . . I KNOW you’ve been waiting for the right time to say YES!! 💗 I KNOW you’re ready for a BIG change for your family!! . . I know you could do something AMAZING with extra cash!! . . I also KNOW you’re nervous... but, i need YOU TO KNOW that good things never come from comfort zones!! . . So I’m offering you the opportunity to join us for ONLY $20! You’re going to do great... if you just give yourself to try. . I joined just as scared, nervous, but excited and hopeful. . . Our team is about to explode in the next 60 days!! & dang it’s going to make some fireworks 💥✨ at Tampa, Florida

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Full Moon Blessings my friends Now is the perfect time to start a Monthly Full Moon Ritual. 🌕 The full moon is the best time to release any negative thoughts and people, as well as any behaviors that don't support your greatest good. Take a little time to meditate and take a cleansing salt bath, self care is important to live your best life. It's time to clear and bless your home, cast your intentions for money, career, and love to the moon. It's a great time to Light a white candle, write what you want on a bay leaf and burn it to Ash and then throw the ash to the four winds. #witchlife #witchyvibes #fullmoon #blessings #faerymagic #magical #meditation #fullmoonblessings #fullmoonritual #ritual #witchesofinstagram #love #abundance #liveyourbestlife #loveandlight #liveinthelight #luna #lunatic

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They say the biggest difference in who will be in 5 years is what you read and who you spend your time with 🤓 Just goes to show you that good reads and friends that push you to grow are vital to your future success 🖤 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #personalgrowth #leadersarereaders #liveyourbestlife #findthejoy #littlemoments #youaretheaverageofthefivepeopleyouspendthemosttimewith #growth #growthmindset #fillyourcup #pourintoothers #rest #renew #rejuvenate #revitaize #refocus #wherewillyougo #simonsinek #leaderseatlast at Exuma, The Bahamas