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7 days ago

Hey there @iggyvanstattoos #takeover reboot.... Wasn't able to finish what I started the other day so I'm gonna make a couple more posts today... I worked @everlastingtattoo813 but in the original location 1939 McAllister st. which was also the original location of Primal Urge before Marcus & Aaron split. I was in my late 20s, '97- 2000 @timlehi arrived to work with us; it was a powerhouse shop, myself being the possible exception & Tim added a really powerful dynamic to the mix... I almost quit tattooing & thought about throwing my machines into the Pacific... I'm glad I didn't & I'm really grateful for the tattoos he did for me, this one being the first before my back... Double Demon Panther/ Skull cover- up. Just noticed that the pink in the tongue & gums seems to have gone fugitive. But, hey, this tattoo is old enough to drink in the US! #livedintattoo #iggyvanstattoos #timlehi #everlastingtattoo #dtme #lamf #2019 at Massachusetts's 7th Congressional District

3 months ago

**Healed** Bit warped as it wraps round the back of the thigh but heres this healed up russian doll and cherry blossoms from around a year ago. For bookings please email always enjoy colour work :) taken with the customer's iPhone 7 instead of my Samsung S8 , what are you guys using to take photos atm? #russiandolltattoo #russiandoll #tattooartist #tattooart #neotrad #neotraditional #traditional #tattoo #tattooist #tattooartist #hbt #hbtleigh #homewardboundtattoo #homewardboundtattooleigh #uktattooer #uktattoo #essextattoo #essextattooist #tattoolifestyle #tattoolife #healed #healedtattoo #thightattoo #livedintattoo #colourtattoo #colour #russian

8 months ago

This one is done by @lindseycarmichael at the elm st tattoo convention in 2015. I’ve always looked at his work and finally was able to get a piece by him. In the middle of my tattoo he had to play Ce-lo. It’s funny, I’ll include it in my next post by him. This was my first piece done by him. It’s really awesome being able to wear a tattoo from someone that’s been tattooing as long as he has and appreciates tattooing like he does. For sure get a tattoo by him if you can! Takeover by @pma.aberry3 #livedintattoostakeover #livedintattoo #traditionaltattoo #tattooedgirl #skulldaggertattoo

11 months ago

Day 4 of the #truetattoochallenge ... @painy24 has been a mate since he was a grommet so many moons ago- 2 years ago we did a shin banger owl, Saxen will openly tell you he has crashed onto it, roadrashed it, burnt it, scabbed it... and yet... there it is. at Honey Ink Tamworth

11 months ago

This is one of my many tattoos. The above pic was taken a few weeks after it healed in 2009. The below pic was taken today. It pays to have work done by a great artist & properly take care of the work as it's healing & afterwards. I designed this to be a family crest type of piece. I love that it has aged so well. It was done by Frank Thrasher when he was at Smokin' Gun Tattoo in Fayetteville NC. @artofgunnar #tattoo #livedintattoo

1 year ago

I was super happy to see this gentle wolf friend again, all healed and settled

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Flakey detail

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