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5 days ago

I got pretty attached to these two this last week! I felt a little lost not playing uno, Yahtzee, or Dominos tonight😩 Most of all I’m going to miss the most contagious belly laughs in the world that 💯 melt me!I need 3 weeks to pass by quickly✨❤️ “Sometimes we laugh, and sometimes we cry Some days it's hard to figure out our way in this life But it's moments like these that make me wish I could freeze frame time.” #happy #handsome #threeamigos #life #mycuprunnethover #absencemakestheheartgrowfonder #smiles #theymeltme #laugh #fun #likeakidagain #missyouguys

8 days ago

Znáte to, když se někdy “vrátíte” do doby, kdy vám bylo třeba 5 let, jste u Vánočního stromečku,rozbalujete dárky od Ježíška a objevíte tam přesně tu panenku nebo bagr, po kterým jste tak snili? Ten pocit, kdy jste naprosto šťastní? Tak takhle jsem se cítila dneska já,když jsem po dlouhý době zase vysílala v rádiu.... Naprosto-bezpodmíněně šťastná...😊🙃❤️ #miluju #milujusvojipraci #pardon #toneniprace #tojezivot #dekuju #stastna #life #mylife #ilovemylife #ilovemyjob #moderator #hitradiocity #thisisme #purehappiness #likeakid #feel #likeakidagain #iloveit at Prague, Czech Republic

9 days ago

Reminiscing of that day on the mountain with my babe. It was perfect. Fresh, dry snow with bluebird skies. A dream. I literally felt like a kid again the entire time. So many memories coming back and my muscle memory was on point, just like riding a bike. It’s been 3 years since I’ve been snowboarding and the last time my binding broke on the first run. This day was just what I wanted, what I needed. It made me homesick for the mountains and determined to spend more time there on our next trip. It’s been three days since this photo was taken and I’ve been daydreaming about it’s magic ever since. My leg muscles on the other hand are still screaming about it. 📸@motobella618

17 days ago

I remember the feeling of standing in the presence of the underground waterfall that seemed like it was 100 feet tall. I also remember the feeling of pure relaxation and woosah it gave me. The pure power that nature was unleashing made me feel at ease. In today’s world of 24-7 online access it’s easy to forget that not many years ago kids like me and you were outside playing, riding bikes, building forts and tree houses in the woods. Do something to bring yourself back to the feeling that used to give you as often as you can. Your health, energy, body and mind will thank you for it! at Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Bangli

20 days ago

First snow day of the school year tomorrow, and I am SO incredibly excited. Teachers and school nurses across NYC rejoice 😂. Anyone else have a snow day? 🙋🏻‍♀️

21 days ago

Snowy reunion with @sarahthefriend sledding like kids, wet socks, trudging through snow, and warming up with potato latkes and apple sauce, cholla french toast, and coffee at @zaftigs ❄️⛄️😊☕️ at Boston, Massachusetts

22 days ago

Day #21: Is called, 'fun with round-a-bouts.' Also, 'what did I just run over?' Today was good! I felt part of the machine today. It felt so fluid, instead of slave to the machine. I hope to have more days like this in the coming year. #365daysofbiking #makinghappiness #likeakidagain at Boise, Idaho

24 days ago

Sometimes I wish I was a kid again, go back to the times when goodbyes only meant “ ‘till tomorrow “. || De eerste dat een mop maakt over spelen met ballen mag mij trakteren. #ballenbadje #playtime #likeakidagain #happykiddo