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11 hours ago

...and then the skies cleared! After hours of pouring rain and sinister clouds looming overhead, we were treated to brilliant blues across the water and sky above. The wind still beat about us causing turbulent seas. @sustainablerunner and I captured this shot on a short break before lunch. Such a gorgeous coastline. #MOTphotography @canonusa #5dmarkIV || 47mm || 1/250“ || ƒ/13 || ISO 400 - captured using @manfrottoimaginemore, @loweprobags, @leefilters, & @peakdesign photography tools at Croatia

13 hours ago

Black & White Forest In Autumn

22 hours ago

Unyielding. While the rest of the Japanese maples already succumbed to the call of Winter this one is still standing bold and proud. ________________________ #amazing_earth_images #instagramaz #worldcaptures #reallyrightstuff #lightandexposure #exploretocreate #tree #fallcolors #sonyimages #landscape_lover #Autumncolors #artofvisuals #awesome_earthpix #ig_shotz #landscapephotomag #majestic #MyRRS #master_shots #earthfocus #trees🌲 #tree_shotz #tree_magic #fallcolors🍁🍂 #tree_love #oregon

1 day ago

One thing from the last couple weeks that I’ve learned is to stop bringing yourself down. Surround yourself with friends and family, we’re all like parking meters. We expire once that time is over with. That time you thought you had an extra quarter to put in to add more time with them and your left with the expiration. Stop laying around, wasting the day. Get up and hang out. Why ignore those calls cause you want to sleep or just watch tv. Enjoy the memories you make being there. Take the limited time you have before or after work to catch up. Update them with your life because if you don’t update them, they are just left with wondering thoughts. You should feel grateful for them and yourself for wanting to be together. The holidays are coming up. It shouldn’t take you all year to finally smile once just because you got a gift from them. Smile because they are a gift. #photography #abc7eyewitness #livelagunabeach #Benro #lightandexposure #oceanminded_arts #hoyafilters #hoyatough #amazing_longexpo #lagunabeach #visitlagunabeach #natgeoyourshot #California #visitcalifornia #jaw_dropping_shots #getolympus

1 day ago

An offering for spring..... High Mountain Park Preserve NJ.

2 days ago

Sometimes a bad situation turns into a series of fortunate events. On our way back to Venice, Italy 🇮🇹 from Split, Croatia 🇭🇷 the interstate got shut down due to numerous accidents from a serious wind storm. We had two choices: keep hop scotching from exit to exit hoping the interstate would open up or take the long way (roughly 2+ hours more of driving) along the coastline. EASY decision!!!! Oh my word, the northern coastline of Croatia is amazing! We saw some of the most colorful water as we drove along the Adriatic Sea 🌊 and AMAZING wind that swept across the water! What a special time! #MOTphotography @canonusa #5dmarkIV || 14mm || 1/90“ || ƒ/8 || ISO 50 - captured using @manfrottoimaginemore, @loweprobags, & @peakdesign photography tools at Croatia

6 days ago