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When the dust settles and all has finally cleared, Will I be the one you choose to have and to hold dear...♡ . When you feel most vulnerable and need someone to confide in, Will I be the one you call, will you tell me what you're fighting... ♡. When your strength escapes you When your youth begins to fade When your beauty is what used to be When your friends begin to go astray...♡ . . Will you think about what could have been ♡. OR ♡. Will you kiss my hand and appreciate I'm still here... ♡. What will the future hold? F♡ck these crazy uncertainties . . . .💙 . #Friends #Love #ForeverInMyHeart #HeartBroken #HeartBreaker #FutureIsNotGuaranteed #LifeRules #MakeTodayCount #Uncertainty

6 hours ago

“El amor es pasión, obsesión, no poder vivir sin alguien. Pierde la cabeza, encuentra a alguien a quien amar como loca y que te ame de igual manera.porque si no lo intentas no habrás vivido❤️🇺🇸 "Love is passion, obsession, not being able to live without someone. Lose your head, find someone to love like crazy and love you in the same way. Because if you do not try, you will not have lived.❤️❤️ at Miami, Florida

9 hours ago

On the days that it’s needed, look at photos that make you happy, do things that make you smile, talk to people who make you thankful, plan things that bring you happiness, readjust your mindset, your soon thinking positive again and ready to take on the next 24 🕑 positivity always wins #mindfulness #grateful #thankful #reset #positive #liferules #lovealways 💫💖

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All the thinking… the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s… the worrying… waiting for the time to be perfect, or ideal… ⠀ ⠀ Do you suffer from this TERRIBLE habit? ⠀ ⠀ Wanting things to be perfect, is keeping you stuck in a holding pattern. But, the truth is, tomorrow may never come…⠀ ⠀ So the antidote? Just do it, make that decision, execute your plan, have that conversation you’ve been putting off, get it done, get specific, start with a small step, get it out of your mind and break your holding pattern. The longer its hanging around in there, the more it clogs up your brain space and decreases your mental performance.⠀ ⠀ Sometimes even us high achievers need a kick in the butt and some timely motivation… ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #focus #successhabits #highachievers #highachiever #burnout #burnoutrecovery #burnoutprevention #mentalperformance #highperformance #highperformancequest #highperformancecoach #highperformanceliving #liferules #resiliencecoach #healthyliving #entrepreneurlife #peakperformance #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #mindset #selfimprovement #success #momentum #mastertheday #sustainability #consciousliving

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I want you all to follow this rules.

10 hours ago

Can’t believe we’re already halfway through another week! 🔥 I don’t know where the time is going at the minute, but I’m loving the fact that mornings are getting that little bit lighter, it’s getting dark that little bit later and we’re seeing more and more sunshine! In respect of my #fatlossblitz I know I haven’t posted any progress pics yet this week. Just so busy I keep forgetting to do them 😅 it’ll get done and same for measurements. In all honesty every time I weigh myself I just don’t seem to be shifting the lbs and it’s starting to get to me! But every day is a new day and I know I’m on the right path. I’ve just got to stick to the plan, and I’ll see the results 💫 at PureGym

13 hours ago

“I think that this time, this is it, I really do. I think you are the one to stay, and the memories we are making are those that we will tell our children when they are old enough to understand. It’s so strange; I’m looking at you, and you are smiling at me and everything is perfect. And this is it, this is the moment. Right now, you are the only person I could ever imagine falling for. I can picture it so well: you and I, a family, a loving home, forever. But there’s no way of knowing whether you and I, looking at each other, will always stay this perfect moment in my mind, or whether it will be coated with the feeling of loss, of missing someone I loved so deeply, of having to let go when all you want to do is hold on, of trying to forget when that person has done everything to be remembered for.” . . . . . #bleedink #poetryoftheday #wordswag #writersofindia #wordstoliveby #couplequotes #quoteofday #teenquotes #thegoodquote #liferules #tumblrtextpost #textgram #mirakee #textpost #writersnetwork #truelove

13 hours ago

Life has two important rules. - Rule 1, NEVER QUIT! Rule 2, NEVER forget rule number 1! - Agree?

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She is a lucky little girl

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What’s in your morning coffee ☕️ ?! If I don’t drink it black I blend it with coconut 🥥 oil and blend it into a mock latte! Why?! ☕️ I like to add fat to my coffee to help me postpone my first meal of the day. This helps my body get into a state where I am burning fat instead of carbs. Plus it tastes good too!! | | ⬇️ Comment below how you take your coffee!!