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I hit a new PR in back squat the other day - 220 #! Such a hype! I’ve been working on my goal of 300 # for deadlift and even though I haven’t hit it yet, I realized how much I have accomplished and learned along this path. New deadlift workout techniques; barbell snatch; double unders(I did get it but still a work in progress); better bench form along with much more. This is a journey and sometimes when we focus too much we forget all the other things along the way. I’ll get my 300 lift and will celebrate when I do but in the meantime take in how much I’ve done over the past months. #lifeisshort #fitnessjourney #powerlifting #girlswholift #shortieswithstrength #attitude

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Choose wisely. Do you agree?? Comment and let us know! 👇👇 Tag your friends to inspire them!🏷️ Share the post to spread the message!!✅ Follow 👉@likeasage👈 to become a better self and live a better life!🙌 ====================== #likeasage #quotestags #quotesandsayings #quoted #quoteofday #quotestoremember #quotestag #successmindset #growthmindset #mindsetshift #keytosuccess #successtip #lifeisshort #lifepurpose #selfhelp #selfcaretips #selfcarematters #higherself #enlighten #beliefs #instaread #bookoftheday #goodread #readings #currentread #reads #navalravikant #desire #dreambig

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✅WHY BECOMING A BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF IS BETTER THAN BECOMING AN EMPLOYEE✅ If you would have asked me when I was 5yo what I wanted to become I would have said I wanted to be a fashion designer 🥳 Now ask me again and I will tell you that I don't want to become anything and anyone, apart from a BETTER VERSION of MYSELF everyday! 👆🏼BUILDING YOUR DREAMS IS BETTER THAN ANY JOB CAN OFFER👆🏼 When I started this journey of online entrepreneur I thought I was in for the money can make from it. Now I realised that I am in for the PEOPLE and for the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT that makes this beautiful community. Here to stay and helping other achieve their freedom and goals, is my main THING.🎯 *********************************************************** So many of you already have messaged me to learn what it is I do. It really warms my heart knowing people genuinely are ready to try something new that will bring them the FREEDOM they’ve been looking for 🥰 The private group with all of the info I promised to give to you guys is now officially OPEN!!!! I paid £79 to join this group back in 2018 and it was the best decision I ever made !👆🏼 Entry to this group is now totally FREE so for those of you serious about changing your current work situation, take advantage of the one time offer!! It’s completely no strings attached, if you join and decide it’s not for you then that’s cool! But for those of you who are genuinely ready to learn and take action, this group will be life changing!! 🙌🏼💥 Message me and I will ADD YOU IN - You have absolutely nothing to loose but everything to WIN. It’s time to stop wishing you could do something like this and just start doing it. Life’s damn short 🤷🏻‍♀️ #lifeisshort #travelholic #openmind #vegan #lifegoals #businessmindset #arty #lifelove #online

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Have a lovely day! 🌞🌸

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#top #paris #liveyourlife ✈️🌟✈️ . . A quand remonte la dernière fois où vous avez pris du temps pour vous? . . À quand la dernière fois où vous avez pris du « ME » time? . . Ma mère, les mois qui ont précédés sont décès, m’a partagée son seul regret. . . Elle m’a dit: . . - Je réalise que toute ma vie je n’ai fait que travailler. Si j’avais la chance de reculer le temps, je profiterais de la vie autrement! . . Longtemps j’ai fait cette erreur de ne pas prendre du temps pour moi et profiter de la vie! Encore, parfois, il m’arrive de me sentir coupable de le faire... comme quoi, il s’agit d’un travail de chaque instant! . . S’il y a une chose que j’ai comprise c’est: . . . « Hier n’est plus, demain n’est pas encore et surtout est incertain! » . . . Que ferez-vous pour profiter du moment présent? . . . Que souhaitez-vous léguer à vos enfants comme héritage et comme enseignements? . . . Ce que j’ai compris des enseignements de ma maman c’est que le temps ne reviendra pas! . . Pour ma part, ce que je souhaite léguer à mes enfants comme « héritage » outre le fait que TOUT est possible, c’est bien que le TEMPS n’a de valeur que si on le prend! . . Et si on vous annonçait votre décès d’ici les 30 prochains jours, que profiteriez-vous pour faire? . . Maintenant, qu’attendez-vous pour le faire? . . Votre vie c’est maintenant! . . . Voici une photo de ma grande @em.flrd et moi, lors du souper sur le bateau-croisière sur la Seine à Paris prise hier soir! #lifeisshort #lifeiswonderful #wild #free ✈️🥳🥰

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The Seven Deadly Sins, also known as the Capital Vices, the Seven Traits of man, or Cardinal Sins, is a grouping and classification of vices within Christian teachings. The Catholics used this concept so as to curb people's inclination towards Evil before dire Consequences. But unfortunately today almost each one of us is a Convict as per these Seven Deadly Sins. 1. LUST : intense or unbridled sexual desire which if not managed properly can subvert propriety. 2. GLUTTONY : overindulgence and overconsumption of anything to the point of waste. 3. GREED : an artificial, rapacious desire and pursuit of material possessions. 4. SLOTH : a peculiar jumble of notions, dating from antiquity and including mental, spiritual, pathological, and physical states. 5. WRATH : uncontrolled feelings of anger, rage, and even hatred that often reveals itself in the wish to seek vengeance. 6. ENVY : an insatiable desire that can be described as a sad or resentful covetousness towards the traits or possessions of someone else. 7. PRIDE : most serious of the seven deadly sins ; the perversion of the faculties that make humans more like God—dignity and holiness. . . If You like and relate to My posts then, make sure to -- Like || Comment || Share And for more of such Writeups, do Follow -- @the_intonation at Kolkata

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Bohemian vibes... I love to change. Sometimes I am starting to wonder if I am getting bored with myself, looking the same or living in the same place for years, having the same job... I am feeling my best when I am #FREE. My nomadic spirit takes me to far lands and it's where I find #Inspiration... New people, the ocean, poetry, music, planes, trains... Life is Short! I am a citizen of the world. I am forever #Grateful to #GOD for being able to afford this kind of #existence.. Living a happy life without depending on anyone...🇺🇸👊👊👊🎹🎤❤❤❤💋 #Moonchild #boho #nomad #music #bohemianlife #chasinginspiration #f4f #LasVegas #москва #Россия #life #lifeisshort #LovetoAll #откровениЯсНатальейЛапиной at Las Vegas, Nevada

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СКОРО.. РОЗЫГРЫШ ПУТЕШЕСТВИЯ МЕЧТЫ! ⠀ Что за Травэл Клуб? В чем суть? Как присоединиться? Можешь рассказать больше о бизнесе? ⠀ Часто получаю подобные вопросы в Директ и не только. Да, конечно, готова показать все основные преимущества и бонусы. Каждый день проводим онлайн презентации, где все рассказываем о проекте. ⠀ Переходите по ссылке в шапке профиля и пишите мне прямо в WhatsApp ⠀ Кстати, скоро анонсирую возможность выиграть путешествие мечты. Следите за постами ☺️ ⠀ Хотели бы поучаствовать в таком розыгрыше? ) at Marin County, California

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Well, this morning is the exact reason I dont like to let things slip and waste time letting time pass, there is now a nice long tyre mark up the A249 which very nearly had my name on it, safe to say, I thought oh shit here it comes, lucky enough got out of it... just goes to show though it is as easy as that, no real damage to the bike or me, but what a near miss #nearmiss #easyasthat #dontletthingsslipby #dontwastetime #lifeisshort #dontleavethingsunsaid #shitmypants #biker #hat

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Santorini; famous for it’s photogenic views. 🇬🇷 If you’re arriving by boat, you’ll be staring in awe at it’s volcanic cliffs against the sparkling open blue sea. Soak in the beauty of mother nature, enjoy cold white wine in Oia and marvel in the island’s sophistication. 🐚 #lifethehiLife at Santorini

4 hours ago

👏🏾🎓👑Today Marks Our New Journey 📚🎓😘 Junebug NAILED it🎯🎓📚📖...Kindergarten had many ups and downs💜 I thank all who was there with Us. This is just the beginning and apart of his foundation. Family, Love and time is all Junebug or any kid needs to Thrive and Shine. 😍😘💜 #22nd #TwinGrads #20yrsLater♻️🎓♻️🎓👏🏾📚 20_yrs ago today I was at the end of the High school 🎓and now today I celebrate My One and only Baby graduate.😍👍🏾🎓 Thankful for so much no Tears just PURE JOY. I love my family bc they💁🏾‍♀️👑😘 ALWAYS 🗣💁🏾‍♀️ COME THRU. The smiles were priceless and etched in my heart. Junebug 😘 was SO HAPPY that's all that mattered to me 🙂✔ Life is a Full circle....♻️ Full of lessons✍ FULL OF memoreis📷 #proudMommy #Kindergarten #Future #celebrateYourLife #LifeIsShort #LoveMySon #myfamily#WeNeedAllYall #mySonDidAwesome #ILoveMyFamily #CarterMommy #CarterDaddy #CarterUnkles #CarterAunties #CarterGodMomma #FirstGradeREADY

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Hayatın Kısalığını Hatırla ve Üzüntünü Kısalt 😉🕊 #lifeisshort