Lexus350fsport Photos & Videos

2 months ago

always wanted a shot of my car with the help of a good friend Angel ...thx Angel

2 months ago

With a renewed sense of youth (thanks to all of the wonderful skincare companies I work with) I have found myself missing that sense of freedom & escape, which both the open road & an amazing car provide. Cut to 2019: I am currently on the hunt for a new car to take me through the next stage of life. 🚙 Shortly after starting this search, renting many vehicles and texting out friend’s cars, I discovered a LOT has changed in the realm of technology, attractiveness and options. I am a millennial, so of COURSE I want to optimize every single possible aspect of my life —-from food delivery to dating to getting from one destination to the next in the fastest, smoothest and most comfortable way possible. Over this past Christmas break I teamed up with @lexususa & decided to test out the Lexus ES 350 F Sport because, hellooo, I’m a young adult & I play sports (Golf or Tennis, anyone)? And, honestly, what’s sexier and more youthful than a sports vehicle!?..... (Check our full article, review & photos on or click above) #lexustestdrive #lexuses #lexuses350 #sponsored . . 📸 @adelewroberts . . #wakeforest #wakeforestnc #deamondeacons #northcarolina #nc #winstonsalem #luxurycars #luxuryvehicle at The Graylyn Estate

5 months ago

The daily new whip has arrived 2018 Lexus is350 F Sport AWD series3. Big thanks to @ens_auto and my friend @Jeff luc for helping me out, surprisingly the numbers on the deal were perfect and Jeff didn’t have to use a calculator for any of it, must just be in his blood to be good at math.... thanks again buddy. #lexusis350 #lexus #lexus350fsport #is350fsport #ripamg