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10 hours ago

the past two days have really felt like spring and i can’t express my happiness 🙏🏽🌷☀️ my mood is really affected by the weather; how about you? and have a lovely weekend! 🥰 at Viborg, Denmark

19 hours ago

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient. I can sum up everything I've learned about life, in just three words: it goes on.” - - - - - - - - - - #work #me #exklusiv_shits #create_commune #vzcomood #lifeofadventure #theglobalwanderer #menwithstyle #earthfocus #explorecreate #buildingabetterworkingworld #soft_vision #letsneverforgetthosedays #EY #germany #like #instagood #love #instagram #fashion #follow #photooftheday #photography at Germany

4 days ago

Hidup ituu.. ???

4 days ago

Ovo se mjesto nalazi par minuta od našeg doma i ovdje provodimo svako popodne. I svaki dan isto oduševljenje, ista sreća, isti par očiju širom otvoren od čuđenja pri pogledu na jezero, patkice i labudove. Ubacuje novčić od 100 forinti u automat, spaja ručice u posudu od dlanova u koju ispadaju mrvice i trči do same obale. Baca jednu po jednu mrvicu u jezero i za tren se oko nas stvaraju grupice gladnih ptica. “Mama, mama, vidi! Mama, labud! Mama, još!”, viče iz svega glasa. A onda čučne i promatra ih, fokusirano, mirno. Sretna je. O daj mi dječje oči i daj da me nikad ne napuste sreća i oduševljenje istim, jednostavnim, svakodnevnim prizorima. #bisousfee #lakebalaton @icandyworldhr @malizakladi #icandyworld #icandypeach #icandyhrvatska #icandymoment #icandyfamily #icandymum . . . . . #momsofinstagram #momentsofmine #prettylittleiiinspo #letsneverforgetthosedays #liveunscripted #livesimply #babyboy #familygoals #randomthoughts #postpretty #naturephotography #hungary #budapest #fashionmom #vegan #happytime #childhoodunplugged #honestmotherhood at Balatonalmádi

4 days ago

Werbung | Those dreamy London evenings.. ✨ Have had the last two days off work and it felt so amazing! I took everything slowly, just did what I wanted to do, had cozy mornings and evenings but still managed to be really productive! 🙌🏼 I finally took the time to make myself a delicious and beautiful breakfast each morning and felt so much more motivated 💭 Finally felt the passion for content creation again as well! What about you? How did you spend the beginning of the new week? Btw, have you already read my new post about everything interior? Link is in my bio 😋 Photo: @caty_th | #eveningslikethese #prettycitylondon at Notting Hill

6 days ago

If my mother was alive, she would have a fussy fit about this image.😆 "Shante, why you got that lookin' like it's ol' times?" She had said that to me a few times on a few of her photos I had taken of her and developed them into sepia. She was mad, but then later framed them and that made my heart happy. "I love the ol' time look, mom", was my reply. On another note, I am grateful for my community and friends who have allowed me the opportunity to express my many talents and gifts of creativity; especially @treefairfax. Sister, I appreciate you more than you know. Special shout out to my long time friend and the absolute best candid shot photographer, @pmprex. I'm glad you didn't catch me picking my nose instead. 😜 #littlestoriesofmylife #letsneverforgetthosedays #shareblackstories #creativeminds #mydetroit #vintagefashion #poofsleeves #blackhistory #detroitartists #sepia #lookslikefilm #canon #blackhistorymonth #handmadleatherbags #treefairfax #mydetroit at Downtown Detroit

6 days ago

「言いたいことは本当に言っちゃえばいいのかな。」 「言いたかったことはあの時に言っちゃえばよかった。」 どうする? ——— “I wonder if I should say what I want to say.” “I wish I had said what I wanted to say that time.” So what would you do? #letsneverforgetthosedays #mondaymood PS. In love with @fsjakarta ‘s colours. at Jakarta, Indonesia

6 days ago

on rainy, gray days like these i miss the snow 🌬❄️ but on the other hand i just want spring, sun and warmth 🌞🌱🌸🌷🌻 at Sønæs

7 days ago

I feel like new born after spending some me time in Stockholm. Well mostly on the ferry but I loved it. I love the way of travel, the tiny dark cabins, happy people singing karaoke, the waves and the sea. If only they served better food there and it was more gentle to the sea and the planet... #introvert #guiltypleasures ° ° ° ° ° ° #suitcasetravels #theartofslowliving #seemycity #visitstockholm #Stockholm #pathport #prettylittletrips #sealovers #coastalviews #openmyworld #living_europe #petitejoys #stayandwander #dailydoseofcalm #momentsofmine #slowtravel #beautifuldestination #passionpassport #mytinyatlas #wanderfolk #neverstopexploring #theprettycities #cloudporn #cloudscape #exploremore #letsneverforgetthosedays #feelfreefeed

8 days ago

Gotta be honest, when those huge chunks of hair were chopped off in front of my face, my immediate reaction was: 'oh shit, did I make a mistake?!'. Anyone who's grown out bangs knows the struggle. But a week later and with my natural wave settling in, I'm glad I went back to having fringe and even gladder I have the best hair stylist I've found in Germany to maintain it. You're welcome Mom, my giant forehead is hidden once again. 😂 at Berlin, Germany

8 days ago

Werbung | Sunshine, beige, white and brown tones and one of the best avocado toasts I've ever had.. 🥑 Ah, and one of the prettiest! 🙌🏼 Just came back from a driving lesson which went super well after some doubts from last week's, now going to make myself porridge for dinner, watch some more Modern Family and just relax. ✨ Only some cleaning might be necessary.. 😋 What about you? Hopefully we'll all be able to start the weekend on a positive note! | #coffeexample #mybeigelife at Nord Coast Coffee Roastery

9 days ago

| It’s been quiet around here lately. New apartment, new job... 2019 started with a bunch of changes. Posting this latergram from last weekend while spending a few days at my parent’s place, recovering from a bad cold. Any recommendations how to get rid of fever without taking medication? #hamburg #shotoniPhoneX #letsneverforgetthosedays at Hamburg, Germany

10 days ago

Beautiful Mess Laptop HP Spectre ini aku kasih nama Einstein. Udah jadi penolong yang setia dalam berkarya. Mirip seperti hubungan manusia, si Einsten pernah bikin aku sport jantung waktu masuk UGD, bukan hanya sekali, tapi dua kali! Beberapa orang bilang jual aja setelah selesai keluar UGD terakhir kali. Tapi hati kecil berkata bahwa aku masih mau bersama si Einstein lebih lama lagi. Siap-siap mau ciptakan karya terbaru bersama dalam waktu dekat. #personifikasi #metaphor #creativepeople #creativejourney #letsneverforgetthosedays #hpspectre at Surabaya, Indonesia

11 days ago

The sun was shining, so I swiped on some bright lipstick, grabbed my sunnies and took Max Cooper out for a long walk in the park and for some coffee (I drank, he watched - and got love from everyone in the cafe). Is there anything better than that kind of winter morning? at Mauerpark

11 days ago

Amazing history of the city in Amsterdam Museum ♥️ Painting included! at Amsterdam Museum

12 days ago

These are our days now. I spend al of my time playing with Petra or sitting on this table and working. If I somewhat have to work while she is awake (and these days that is a whole day) she always plays next to my chair so to be close to me 🧡🤗 at Gent, Belgium

12 days ago

ON HONORING BLACK HISTORY, BLACK CULTURE, BLACK HANDMADE CREATIVITY: (SWIPE LEFT) MUDCLOTH: Handmade textile from West Africa dating back to the 12th century; made from strips of woven cotton hand stitched together to form one piece of cloth. Yesterday I was given a gift, (piece of #mudcloth ) from a cousin who I admire deeply. Back in 2008, I'd stumbled across this chair found on the side of road as well as was gifted a mudcloth coat then that was extremely too big for me and had an awesome upholsterer to use the fabric on the chair. At that time while riding along spotting the gorgeous beauty of this chair, my friend yelled at me and said, "you couldn't possibly see beauty in that thing!" I politely gave him this look 😌. I had given the coat to the upholsterer and told him whatever he came up with, I'm sure I would be fine with it. I love how he left the pocket to be atop. Shown in these images is one of my favorite pieces of furniture along with my handcrafted @treefairfax bag. #shareblackstories

12 days ago

Love this lil house very much 💜