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Yes! Now I can finally take photos of my crap culinary skills, alcohol, hilariously shaped dog shits and Mister Winston with 40mp Leica lens! Get in! #Huawei #Mate20Pro #Leica

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MiamiPhotoFest and Magnum Photos bring you the opportunity to participate in a Master Workshop with Bruce Gilden. Join Bruce for a five-day workshop to broaden your perspectives, identify your working style and define your personal vision. . Bruce Gilden - Be Yourself Workshop at MiamiPhotoFest 2019: February 22–26 @miamiphotofest . . . . . #atMDD #ArtPhotography #Exhibition #FineArt #FineArtPhotography #Leica #LeicaCamera #LeicaWorld #MagnumPhotos #Miami #MiamiBeach #BruceGilden #I✈️MIA . @magnumphotos @bruce_gilden © Bruce Gilden-Magnum Photos @leica_camera @leicacamerausa @leicaakademieusa @IflyMIA

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Negative fill is a way of life.

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:30 for NOKIA’s hard casing, from our highly successful ‘Storm Hunters’ film. So many fond memories. Hope to shoot more branded action films for 2019. [SOUND ON!]

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I've had my eye on some analog camera gear for a while. I have a list of some of cameras that were popular back in their day. Some may ask "Why would you want a film camera?" My answer would be, " analog photography hasn't died." There is still a following. They're like classic cars. You take them out, burn rubber, show them off, then put them back in the garage. The XE series was created back in 1974-77. I was only 4 years old in 74. Some of its competitors were the Voigtlander Bessamatic , and the Nikon FE. I still want a Nikon F series, a Pentax Spotmatic, a leica camera, an Olympus OM-1, and a few more. Anyway, Minolta partnered with Leica to create the XE series. It uses the electronics that the Leica R3 uses. They are nearly identical. It has aperture priority mode and manual mode. The shutter is sweet. The view finder is neat. It displays aperture and speeds. It gives you all of the information through the viewfinder. It's small, and heavy as hell. I patiently waited and found this body, a 50mm, a 28mm, a 135mm , and a 200mm lens,,,, all for $100. I noticed that camera dealers will buy used bundles and break them up to make more money. It's best to be patient and find someone that's selling the bundle. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #minoltaxe7 #leicar3 #leica #filmphotography #filmcamera at Sandy Springs, Georgia

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Kodak Ektar 100 / Canon Canonet QL17 G-III

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Have you ever woke up and just felt inspired? I feel like I’ve been in a creative hibernation lately... maybe it’s the dreary winter weather or me just getting older. But new and exciting projects are on the horizon has got me all excited and super pumped for this year! #leica at The PNW

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インスタの広告ってたまには参考になることがある。やっと(?)気になっていたあの建物がホテル🏨であることが分かった。広告見てから上に書いてある看板の文字が見えた😅。「門」って書いてThe Gate Hotel らしい。場所的に銀座と日比谷の間になる。写真撮っている場所が東急プラザで向こうの後ろの大きい建物がミットタウン日比谷。その間にできたホテルはロケーションだけは素晴らしいよね〜。 . . 계속 궁금해하던 긴자의 건물이 완성되고도 확인을 못했었는데 인스타 광고로 어제 알게된 #더게이트호텔 내가 사진찍은 곳이 긴자 토큐플라자 그리고 저 뒷편 큰 건물이 미드타운히비야. 호텔 🏨 로케이션으로는 아주 최적의 곳에 있구나 했다. . . #東京 #銀座 #日比谷 #ザゲートホテル東京 #ホテル #tokyo #japan #Ginza #thegatehoteltokyo #Hibiya #midtownhibiya #newbuilding #도쿄 #도쿄일상 #도쿄여행 #호텔 #도쿄호텔 #토큐플라자긴자 #긴자 #히비야 #Leica #LeicaQ

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el retro selfie

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“Dead leaves on the dirty ground when I know you’re not around” Jack White. at Sacramento, California

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I love shooting and creating videos!! It's my favorite thing. Like this if you can relate to this feeling about something. ❤️🎥 at Santa Barbara, California