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55 minutes ago

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between all of the eggs in the grocery store? Well, in reality there isn’t really! Sure, some chickens may be raised up differently. For example most chickens that live on big laying farms providing the public with eggs, are raised up in a cage system. Other chickens are raised as cage free or free range. Although they are raised differently, the eggs are basically the same. Even if the eggs are different colors (notice pictures 1 and 2) that doesn’t change their nutrients! The only thing that separates different colored eggs is, well, their color! Eggs are a great source of protein no matter what color. That means that organic eggs can be all colors too! My chickens lay brown, white, and blue eggs. They all have the same amount of nutrients and all taste great! The rest of the pictures on this post are the process of cleaning my chicken coop. The weather is getting warmer which means it’s time to spring clean! . . . #agriculture #farming #farmer #farmlife #farm #chickens #chicken #eggs #chickencoop #agriculture #agriculturallife #agvocate #agriculturaladvocate #ageducation #agriculturaleducation #layinghens

7 hours ago

Missing my hens and the beautiful (already dyed) Easter eggs right about now! Well, all the time really because I’m obsessed with colorful chicken eggs, but I’d really love to be collecting these beauties again, especially for Easter! 🐰🐓🥚 . . . . #eastereggs #eastereggers #rainboweggs #eggenvy #blueeggs #natureseastereggs #greeneggs #oliveeggers #crestedcreamlegbars #creamlegbars #isbars #mosseggers #pastured #pastureraisedeggs #organiceggs #modernhomestead #homesteadandgather #gather #chicken #layinghens #happyhens # at The Hilltop Farmette

13 hours ago

🍩🍩🍩Donut underestimate a chickens love for sweets 🍩 🍩 🍩 #eastercameearly

1 day ago

One of my Tractor Supply olive egger pullets ❣️ She has a very tiny crest, so I think she’s has cream legbar in her. She’s also the only one with that feather pattern. I just hope they lay a nice olive egg! Tonight I grabbed a feed scoop and went to go get some chick food. I heard some chirping but didn’t think anything of it. The noise quickly turned into frantic chirps and there was a chick asleep in the feed bag. I think she fell asleep while grabbing a snack 😂

1 day ago

One of these things is not like the others.

2 days ago

Nothing makes you feel cooler than a flock of 40 birds following you wherever you go even if they’re just in it for the food 😉 at Powell Butte, Oregon

2 days ago

Floppy ears don’t care. Our puppy loves his chicks

2 days ago

I just had to take a photo of our MDI @farmdropus egg orders before I packed them into the tote for delivery. 🥚 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 Thank you to our customers for helping us have another record-breaking week of produce and egg sales—you are helping make our small farm dreams a reality! at Bar Harbor, Maine

2 days ago

Tray chic. Egg season is definitely here. The ladies are laying tons of pretty eggs, and with colors like blue, green, and speckled brown, I don’t even have to dye them. (I actually kind of miss that.) #backyardchicken . . . #eggtray #eggtrays #traychic #eggcarton #ceramicdish #ceramictray #ceramiceggholder #eggholder #siennaceramics #potterylovers #urbanhomesteading #layinghens #springeggs #somanyeggs #abundance #eggcellent #etsymudteam #myetsyfind #crystals #crystaladdict #crystalcollections at Chico, California

2 days ago

our poor voldie got stuck in a thorn bush yesterday. we kept her inside last night and today she got a spa day. I don’t think she minded at all. at Upper Deerfield Township, New Jersey

2 days ago

These eggs are going in the incubator after eggs from @open_gate_farm are finished hatching! Unintentionally set Katie’s eggs to hatch on Easter, fun for me! 🎉🌈🎈🥚🐥🐓 Happy Friday! . . . #eggs #fresheggs #rainboweggs #chickens #chickensofinstagram #backyardchickens #backyardpoultry #backyardpoultrymag #petchickens #layinghens #pasturedpoultry #selfreliance #homesteading #eatrealfood #gardening #biodynamicfarming #composting #bees #cutflowergarden #farmher #newengland at New Hampshire

2 days ago

We can’t say enough about the benefits of backyard chickens. Besides providing us with beautiful daily eggs, these gals will eat mosquitos and ticks. They also eat all our food waste and then fertilize our vegetable garden with their poop. • • • • #thechickenworld #frommygarden #embracingaslowerlife #theartofslowliving #homesteading #backyardchickens #freerange #sustainableliving #happychickens #chickencoop #layinghens #chickensofinstagram #backyardpoultrymag #farmliving #farmtotable #njfarm #fresheggs #fresheggsdaily #eggy #kitchengarden #homestead #dutchillhomestead #gardenstate #monmouthcountynj

2 days ago

Chickens are getting pretty consistent with laying eggs!! 🐤🥚

2 days ago

Tiny Tim is a pretty good reading partner ☀️ Spent some time in the sun with the birds and the piggies today. It’s been so beautiful and warm!! For those who wanted a emu update, they are on day 60. I was told to keep them in the incubator until day 65 just in case they’re late hatchers. Unfortunately I don’t think we will be adding emus to our farm just yet. I’ll definitely try to get some chicks next year. For now, I think I’ll try peafowl!! Which is still exciting. Hopefully I will be able to get some hatching eggs within the next couple of weeks 🦚

2 days ago

Let my young pullets out for the first time yesterday. Today they were very eager to come out and explore!

3 days ago

First time having Buff Orpingtons. (We have other colors) these two are crazy haha. They do not enjoy being touched. 🤦🏼‍♀️ at Warr Acres, Oklahoma

3 days ago

Did you know that we carry a custom Centra Sota Layer Feed? A great choice for all your feathered friends! We can't promise colored eggs but we can guarantee an 18% protein level! Stop in and try a bag today! 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 #layinghens #hens #saukcentrecountrystore #eastereggs #layingmash

3 days ago

Nothing going on here 👀 Just your typical day at 5 Arrows Farm

3 days ago

Our friends & family think we're crazy for adding chickens to our farm, and I was hesitant too... but, here's the thing; Fresh eggs are a huge bonus to being self sustainable, but the big picture is we know what they eat & what goes into their fresh eggs. We all know hens lay eggs.... but if you have never seen the difference of store bought vs farm fresh, find out! Do you REALLY know what you're eating? It's been less than 2 weeks & our son is already catching on to go outside with me and collect fresh eggs in the nesting boxes. I want him to know where our food comes from, thank the hens for their eggs and help raise them. What a fabulous lesson in respecting the animals who provide us with food. Beyond fresh eggs they also help keep down the insects & nasty bugs we hate. We can now say goodbye to those harsh pesticides, and herbicides, the chickens also keep the weeds down! No more need for fertilizer, chicken manure is great fertilizer & once composted will go into the garden, be spread on our fields etc. These hens have easily become valuable to us, and our farm. at Lacombe County

6 days ago

Bert’s face pretty much sums up the chicken’s relationship with the piglets 👀 5 Arrows Farm has two registered kune kune piglets looking for their forever homes!! They’ll be weaned and ready to go in about 4 weeks. We have one male and one female. Both ginger with black spots and double waddled. If anyone is interested, send me a DM! 🐽 at Moravian Falls, North Carolina