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Some girl asked me for an autograph and I asked her why, she said because she admires me. I said she should see a shrink. Then she started crying and I started laughing.”

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This is what happens when you try to pose when you never did before hahahaha 😅😅 Yes.. to me the most natural is to jump or have a huge smile in the pictures but I really have to say that this day I had so much fun, and I learnt (just a bit) about some other angles.. and poses haha. . #LosAngeles #La #streetart #modelforaday #model #calilove #grafitti #pose #girlwhotravels #socali #lovecali #lagrammers #lalovers #solotraveller #ootd #shooting #colours #traveladdict #traveladdiction

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“Playin’ With Fire...and Smoke...”. Had to stop myself from editing any more pictures. Otherwise I wouldn’t get any sleep! So much fun! Got to some some new people, including Marquis from @shvtterclick. Thx so much for putting this together! Please let me know who the fire breathing woman is in the comments. I brought a 55mm lens, but it was a little too close for these tight spaces. Next time it’s a 35mm. Thx to @mayhemstudios for sharing his EXIF data for the 🔥shots. Very helpful! 👍🏽🙏🏽📸. In Frame: @angelawo07 & @iamjustcause ** ** ** ** ** #firebreathing #smokegrenades #OldLAZoo #pyrophotography #photomeetup #Conquer_LA #LAGrammers #megameet @shvtterclick @brutalmasks #shvtterclick #brutalmasks #urbex #abandonedplaces #LAHistory #GetOutside #playingwithfire🔥 #🔥 at Los Angeles Old Zoo Ruins

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I have a lot of fingers. at Hollywood

7 hours ago

“I am Queens Boulevard.” -Vinny Chase at Hollywood

11 hours ago

@wes_alex set me up for this release. I appreciate your waiting so long. it’s in the inter webs and will be released as soon as it passes inspection. thank you again and I can’t wait for you to commute to my music for you.

12 hours ago

Wings and Baseball? 🤤⚾😍 Sounds like the perfect night! Come to Koreatown's newest Sports Bar featuring the latest Interactive Virtual Screen Baseball. Great for all ages and skill levels! With enough practice, you'll be hitting Home Runs and you can enjoy some delicious crispy Chicken Wings while you're waiting too 🙃 #StrikeZon at StrikeZon Los Angeles

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ZZ Plant. Araceae. Air purifier. Low-high light. Low-med water. Hard to kill. Doesn’t need much attention. Good for beginners! Too lazy to dust so giving the bbs a shower. Catch me with a forest in my apartment by the end of summer 🌱🌱 at Los Angeles, California

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Just “hanging” in a really pretty place 🌿 at Hollywood Hills

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The Fam