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7 hours ago

Caught this tree just in time to see it’s beautiful transition from green to yellow. 🍃🍂 at Kubota Garden

5 days ago

“The patience of trees • content to be what they are • sets my soul at ease • haiku by Jim Griffin ~ 📝: “borrowed view” from Maple Woods (2015 new growth area of @kubotagarden) at Kubota Garden

7 days ago

Комплект вкладышей Kubota V1505 Достаточно часто при ремонте двигателя растачивают вал коленчатый и для этого важно знать размеры вкладышей. Вкладыши шатунные бывают ремонтных размеров: +0.2, +0,25, +0,4 +0,5. Максимальный ремонт на двигателях Kubota это 0.5. Основная проблема при расточки вала коленчатого не всегда удается найти вкладыши ремонтные по наличию. На складе большой выбор вкладышей. У нас можно купить оригинальные и не оригинальные вкладыши. #kubota #kubotav1505 #kubota2203 #kubotatractor #kubotaparts #partskubota #kubotad1105 #kubotagarden #yanmar #parts @promavtoholod ✅ at Chernivtsi

7 days ago

📝: Kubota Garden is located near the Rainier Beach neighborhood in Seattle. * It’s the brainchild of Fujitaro Kubota, who was born in Kochi Prefecture in 1879 and emigrated to the USA in 1907. His labor of love required many years of dedication and sweat equity before it opened in the 1930’s. * The Heart Bridge (pictured here) is a traditional red bridge similar to those from Shikoku Island (his hometown). *It’s one of two red bridges in Kubota Gardens. *Drawing inspiration from NHK TV programs depicting winter train rides to snowy resort destinations, I took a “day trip”, walking from my house to the nearest Light Rail Station 🚉, then walking the last mile from the Rainier Beach Station. * The next few shots will be presented as a tribute to Fujitaro Kubota’s beloved gift to future generations. #doublepostdontcare #kubotagarden #sonya6000 at Kubota Garden

11 days ago

Be kind, see Kubota ✌🏼🏯🐲🎋🌲🌳🌺🌸✌🏼 at Kubota Garden

19 days ago

many paths along the way | Kubota Gardens. . “You never get tired of traveling on the path you love!” -Mehmet Murat ildan. . 📷: 17 January 2019 at Kubota Garden

22 days ago

A wedding I planned and helped design was published today! Beyond grateful @zola! Check the link in my bio for the full spread 💁🏻 at Kubota Gardens

22 days ago

Sunbreak sunbath! Gotta get that Vitamin D when we can! Happy FurFriday!⁣ ⁣ ———⁣ We are back after a long vacation - the longest Theo has been without his parents ever! (it was hard for us too! 😭) His Auntie’s took good care of him while we were away and he’s been super lovey with us since we got back. He let us know how unacceptable it was to go on adventures without him so we’ve been trying to make up for it! 😂⁣ ⁣ ———⁣ #furfriday #sunbathıng #sunbathingcat #seattlesun #seattlecats #kubotagarden #instacat #adventurecat #catonaleash

29 days ago

"Pain is part of life, it is what makes us human; it shapes us the same as love and laughter. You don't have to forget, but you cannot let it destroy you. Conquer the pain, don't let it conquer you." By wisdomlifequotes 📷: @awkward_vertices 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 #Kubota #photography #Fashion #clothes #quotes #Japanese #Japanesegarden #garden #modeling #model #modelingforfun #fun #life #lifequotes #wisdom #photo #photoshoot #shoot #Seattle #thighhighs #kubotagarden

30 days ago

We can get creative in your family session! I love to challenge myself when I am working with families to give each one something that is just a little bit different. Something that captures your family in a unique way. These are the kinds of images that are really fun to hang on the wall, because really, what is more beautiful to look at everyday than your family! #seattlefamilyphotography #seattlefamilyphotographer #shannongarbacciophotography.com #lifestylefamilyphotography #pnwkids #dearphotographer #letthekids #therebelliousstoryteller #pixelkids #kubotagarden

1 month ago

Another shot from Kubota Garden ❤️ Kubota Garden is a 20-acre Japanese garden in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. A public park since 1987, it was started in 1927 by Fujitaro Kubota, a Japanese emigrant. Today, it is maintained as a public park by the Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Kubota Garden Foundation (Wikipedia) @seattleparksandrec @kubotagarden #michelleamylia at Kubota Garden

1 month ago

So yesterday I was walking in Kubota Garden and noticed these cut white roses lying on the ground. A few feet ahead on the side of the trail was a magical bird. Like a peacock had decided to steal feathers from a maccaw and a pheasant and parrot them as if they invented a new look (sorry, couldn’t resist a corny bird pun). As soon as it saw me it disappeared through a little opening leading into a thicket if brambly bushes and I hesitated for a minute feeling like Alice upon seeing the white rabbit and then ducked through the opening myself, following it back into the bushes. It felt like such a surreal encounter I was almost surprised to catch another glimpse of it and simultaneously paradoxically surprised to not find myself in a Narnia-like world (yes, I know Alice/Narnia = different stories, but it felt like a hybrid). Ultimately it had gone further into the thicket than I could manage to follow so I exited the bushes and continued back onto the path, hoping I might happen upon it later. I didn’t, but I the rest of my walk was filled with little magical moments—a huge patch of chanterelle-looking mushrooms in my favorite mystical grove (prob were chanterelles but they looked past their optimal picking date so I let them be); some intoxicating jasmine-esque fragrance filling the air with no identifiable flowers or buds that I could find; a fine mist catching the late afternoon sun and lending everything a magical luminosity. I never did capture a photo of the bird but I later i.d.’d it as a golden pheasant. Wild. Definitely felt like a good omen as we approach this Leo full moon and eclipse. #signs #symbols #omens #magic #birds #pheasant #goldenpheasant #redgoldenpheasant #kubotagarden #roses #whiteroses #mushrooms #fungi #chanterelles #jasmine #eclipseportal #eclipseseason at Kubota Garden