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19 minutes ago

loving bobby unconditionally 🧡

3 hours ago

I can't explain how fcking much I love this man like I love EVERYTHING about him, those eyes,nose,lips,cheeks! He's soooo.... Ethereal I can't believe 😭😢 . Follow @jiminsfeeds_ *me* for more Backup account: @btsfeeds.daily

3 hours ago

멋남의 새로운 브랜드 MUTM 850g 헤비한 원단이라 쫀쫀하고 단단한 아보카도 맨투맨 🥑 @mutm_official

3 hours ago

so many people on this app be so damn TOXIC might as well just mind my business and post about bobby

3 hours ago

He just backhugged like that :'( soulmate culture still on Top! . Follow @jiminsfeeds_ *me* for more Backup account: @btsfeeds.daily

3 hours ago

i miss my baby

5 hours ago

No aguanto *insert meme niño tirándose por la ventana*. . . . . ¿Podrías hacerme un gran favor? Comparte esto con tus amigos de la forma que quieras💜. . Y no te olvides de seguirme, y así poder ser amigxs UwU 💜

6 hours ago

taehyungs jewelry update ... a novel

6 hours ago

Monsta X is really coming for my wallet right now. 😭 There's only two colors so I have to buy multiples of the same thing to get all the photocards or choose. Thankfully Wonho and Kihyun are different colors. The red is sugar lemon and the white is milk. × × × × #monstax #monbebe #shownu #wonho #minhyuk #kihyun #hyungwon #jooheon #changkyun #몬스타엑스 #셔누 #원호 #민혁 #기현 #형원 #주헌 #아이엠 #MX2ndAlbum #monstagram #kpop #wearehere #korean #korea #koreanboys #alligator #alligator1stwin #alligator2ndwin #alligator3rdwin #alligator4thwin

6 hours ago

Qotd;;how are you ?🖤💓

6 hours ago

the way i just be sittin thinking about random bobby verses from different songs 🥺 i’m going thru it

8 hours ago

12 hours ago

Jiminy back hugging Namjoon and then kookie just punching at his butt and then vhoope coming like- I can't take this much in the same time mom-😢 . |Ashy| Follow @btsfeeds.daily *me* for more Backup account: @jiminsfeeds_