Kissagingerday2018 Photos & Videos

1 month ago

🧡🧡🧡 Its National Kiss a Ginger Day! Sending all of my gingerlicious furriends lots of sandpaper kisses 💋Harvey (And Tequila too - she has some ginge!) 💋Scoop 💋Winks 💋Malcom (And Momo too!) 💋Puffy 💋Tetley 💋Toby & Teddy 💋Missy & Thomas (And Fluff and Nana🌈) 💋BenBen 💋Buggy . . . #nationalkissagingerday #kissagingerday2018 #kissagingerday #cats_of_instagram

3 months ago

Parce que hier 5 novembre c’était le #loveyourgingerhairday littéralement le jour ou on aime ses cheveux roux ou encore #kissagingerday2018 (journée embrasse un roux). Je voulais parler de mes cheveux. . Petite je n’avais pas conscience de ma différence, j’étais rousse. Les autres enfants se moquaient de moi tout le temps “poule rousse”, “les roux ca pue” , “t’as bronzé a travers une passoire?”. Ces mots me blessaient beaucoup et je ne comprenais pas pourquoi ce roussisme. Je rentrais souvent en pleurs et ma mère me consolait en me disant que mes cheveux étaient magnifiques et que les autres étaient juste jaloux de ne pas avoir les mêmes. Je les ai cachés pensant longtemps. C’est juste vers 18 ans que ’ai commencé a arrêter les expérimentations de couleur capillaire . Et avec la force de l’âge, j’ai compris comment mes cheveux étaient beaux et originaux. J’ai appris a les assumer, a les aimer et a me trouver belle car oui cela joue sur la confiance en soit de tout le temps etre ramener a sa couleur de cheveux en permanence. . Maintenant du haut de ma trentaine je les aime j’en suis fière et je ne changerai pour rien au monde. (Pssssst taches de rousseurs je vous aime aussi). . Avant d’aimer quelqu’un commence par t’aimer toi même c’est le plus important. Le chemin est encore long mais j’y travaille un jour a la fois. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #assumestoi #jesuisvalable #lovemygingerhair #gingerhairdontcare #nomadine #beyourselfothersarealreadytaken👍 #soistoimêmelesautressontdéjàpris #vivelesrousses #alerterousse #happycurvyhealthy #journeeembrasseunerousse #curlyhairdontcare💁 at Greater Montreal

1 year ago

#GPRepost, #reposter, #notetag @kukulkan_whitebutt via @RepostApp ======> @kukulkan_whitebutt:Still in time for #kissagingerday! Or rather ginger kissing ginger day? It has to be made official 😂 P.S. Don't worry, that's Kukulkan's happy face 🙃 (OK, he got tired of taking pictures and started to fall asleep but he got treats and personal space very soon ♥️) • Еще успеваем на #kissagingerday! Тот день, когда на вопрос "Это потому что я рыжий?" можно справедливо ответить да 😂 P.S. Кулек просто странно выражает свое счастье 🙃 (Окей, я его достала и он почти уснул, но быстро был отпущен с вкусняшкой ♥️) • #kukulkan_whitebutt #kissagingerday2018 #зоопаблик #animaladdicts #dogsofinstagram #doggosof #dogslife #cutedog #dogsloversclub #ginger #gingerdog #gingerpom #pomeranian #thedailypompom at Europe/Moscow

1 year ago

Heard it was #kissagingerday2018 recently. Well here is my favourite ginger that I wish I could cuddle and kiss right now #mine #love

1 year ago

Happy #kissagingerday ! While I’ve never personally kissed a ginger, I’m married to a man who does frequently. 😍 • Show some love to the gingers in your life!

1 year ago

I've spent the day with my beautiful Lexie as we are celebrating her sister Nala's wedding 💍❤ . Congratulations Nala @nala.lion_lexie.bear and Moo @mythicalunifluff We wish you many years of happiness😚😚 . #mooandnalaswedding I heard it's also #kissagingerday2018 so I'm taking every kiss💋 and sending many to my ginger furriends😽 . Thanks for letting me know @creamsicle_cats @miezekatze3 @imalovelytigercat #Nougat #BambouBiscotteNougatTricotVanille #chat #cat #catlover #catstagram #catsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #ilovemycat #instacat #cute #frenchcat #Reims #catoftheday #lokesfriends #coicommunity #meow #mycat #bestmeow #catlife #cutecat #gingercat #gingercatsofinstagram #orangecat #orangetabby @bamboubiscottenougattricotvan

1 year ago

Apparently yesterday was "kiss a ginger day" and I missed my opportunity to post pics of me smooching my fave ginger kitty! Luckily (or maybe not) for Pimento, every day is kiss a ginger day in our house! #caturday #gingercat #kissagingerday2018 #pimentocat

1 year ago

Yesterday was Kiss a Ginger Day...I missed it. Took advantage today and even took a little ginger home with me! #kissagingerday2018 #choosehappy

1 year ago

Thanks to all our sweet furriends for reminding us that it’s national #kissagingerday2018 and we want to share some kisses with all our ginger besties! Thanks for the tags Calvin @julesbeatle Big Mac and Groot @fortheloveoforange Walter @sirwalterhambone Ted @tedcats Scoop @gingerscoop22 Ronald @ronaldotuxedo Biff @_thebiffster_ Bailey @kiki_and_the_boys and @3gingerfurbabies ~ gonna tag a few more ginger cuties too ~ love to all the gingers 🙌🏻😽🧡💋💋💋💋💋. . . #nationalkissagingerday #kissagingerday2018 #lovemyginger #gingerlicous #gingerlicousness #catsofinstagram #gingercatsofinstagram #baileythegingercat at Belchertown, Massachusetts

1 year ago

Happy Friyay, everypawdy! Happy #fridaynightboxpawty hosted by @_thecattery_ 📦Can you see the look of horror in my eyes? It’s because of my annoying brofurs. They are chewing on my box 📦😱. My box is full of holes 😱😱. Hopefully, the holes are big enough to throw acorns to the deer 🦌. What do you think, my pawsome buddy @herr_cashy_bear? Will it work? 🐾 🐾 Sending lots of kisses 💋 to my ginger furriends #kissagingerday2018 and a very very big kiss 💋 to my special buddy @thomastheginger 💕💕 at Astoria (Astoria, New York)

1 year ago

What a purrfect time to do the #extremecloseupchallenge - on #kissagingerday2018!!! Pucker up and give me a smooch! 💋💋💋 Thanks for the tag @_thebiffster_ @khancats @creamsicle_cats. Sending a kiss out to all of my beautiful ginger furriends! 💕 • Going out tonight to @princess_hockey_kitten's #fridaynightboxpawty! Bringing my best gal Ali @princess_ali_cat 😻 We'll be joining some of my best furriends @jack_thecat_kerouac @nugget1808 @peanut_appelt there! Everypawdy is welcome! @theycallmedodge will be bartending and mixing the best tunatinis you'll ever drink! 🍸🍸🍸 • Then I'll be joining the boys @khancats for @herr_cashy_bear's #acornthrowingafterpawty #fridaynightacornbonanza 🌰🌰🌰 • Hope everypawdy had a great #Friyay! ❤

1 year ago

happy #kissagingerday! even though I don’t need a special day for it; I can do it anytime I want. 😘

1 year ago

13/1/2018 Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I didn't have a free moment after surf school! Today we set up camp for the Whananaki Trek, which @my_bay_potato and @theresaharvey8246 are riding out tomorrow on. I'm coming aswell, even though Aspen isn't in a fit shape to be ridden. I'll post before we leave tomorrow explaining what's going on over the next week. Enjoy this nice photo of me giving my ginger girl a smooch for #kissagingerday2018 ! at Kauri, New Zealand