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5 days ago

Happy Monday friends! We kicked the week off with a 36 week Dr appointment for me + baby & then 7 busy errands. 😳 Thank goodness for a mom close by to help watch 4 boys that despise errands. • Mommy + Baby checked out great! Thankful & blessed. Only a few more days until we will meet this new one. And YES! I’m at the point of counting days not weeks now. 😬 • I had to go back last night because my mind started wondering...Carter arrived at 37.3 weeks, Wyatt at 37.2 weeks, Jude at 38.3 weeks, & Noah at 37.1 weeks. Anxiously awaiting to see when this one will decide to make HIS/HER appearance! • So we will be having a guessing contest soon along with a few fun prizes for the closest to delivery date, weight, & gender. Keep your eyes open! . . . . #5thpregnancy #pregnancylife #36weekspregnant #herewego #almostthere #genderunknown #monday #errands #momof4 #soontobe5 #kimbrelladventures #boymom #countingthedays #guessingcontest

15 days ago

I NEVER 😳 imagined myself a 🐶 mom! If you know understand! But when I became a 💙 mom x4 I knew it was inevitably going to happen! • So here we are...almost 2.5 years in. Tracker is still a member if the family. Chris & I may not be 🐕 people, but he has survived. Barely. 🤣 • Today was his annual exam & I only had 1 kid to tag along instead of 4! Noah weighed in at 34 lbs & Tracker at 80 lbs. He’s come a long way from his 2 lbs at birth! 😬 . . . . #boxersofinstagram #boxerlife #hawkcreekboxers #noahwells #kimbrelladventures #boymom #boxermoments #thattonguetho

28 days ago

1️⃣ • It’s Saturday! 😎 We only have ONE more week of school 🙌🏻 and FIVE more weeks until the newbie arrives 💗💙 2️⃣ • I have an AMAZING offer on the supplements my family has thrived on for 2+ years now! Want to try the pink drink at MY cost? 🥰 Want to try my favorite combo cheaper than I can even it get myself? 🤩 How about I help you save over $80 on your first order? 🤑 3️⃣ • Why now? 🏖Feel better before summer 👊🏼Find the energy you’ve been missing 💃🏻Lose those few extra lbs that won’t budge 💪🏼Boost your immune system 👋🏻Wave goodbye to those cravings • Message me, Text me, Call me! • Only 48 hours left and limited spots! . . . . #itstime #greatdeal #almostsummer #feelbetter #guthealth #save #dealdealsdeals #boymom #kimbrelladventures #kimbrellboys

2 months ago

It’s that time of the year again! 🤧 Yellow is Everywhere!!! • Wyatt used to struggle so bad 🙈, to the point of daily nose bleeds, sneezes like you’ve never seen before 👀, constant watery itchy eyes 😭, & daily Claritin & Zyrtec & Benadryl. • Thanks to healing his gut and inflammation he no longer struggles like he used to!! 🙌🏻 Inflammation IS the root of just about every thing. The Triplex combo we’ve used for 2+ years now reduces inflammation on a cellular level!! Right where you need it.👊🏼 • Think about it... 😷Asthma is INFLAMMATION of the bronchial tubes. 🤧Allergies are INFLAMMATION of the sinuses. • My favorite combos are $40 off. 🥰 So if you have been wondering if this could be for you... Let me tell you something: you don’t know until you try. I have a code just for you. . . . . #allergies #pollen #seasonalallergies #yellowstuff #inflammation #gettotheroot #fixthecause #ourjourney #kimbrelladventures

2 months ago

Yesterday marked 26 weeks for me & this sweet jumping bean 👶🏼 I’m in my 6th month!! That means only 3 months left until the newbie arrives 🥰 And to top it all off MY favorite supplements are $40 off for a limited time. 😱 Would a probiotic really help your anxiety? 😬 Would an omega really make your hair and skin look and feel younger? 💁🏻‍♀️Would a drink actually destroy your sugar cravings? 🍭 Let me tell you something don’t know until you try. So, I have a special code just for you 🙌🏻 and I’m going to go ahead and guarantee you that if you give this wellness regimen a try you’re going to love it as much as I do. 😘 (And if you don’t - you get your money back!) . . . . #26weekspregnant #pregnancylife #5thpregnancy #genderunknown #boymom #kimbrelladventures #holistichealth #guthealth #itstime #takeyourchance #findanswers #results #natural #supplements

3 months ago

Someone isn’t feeling the best tonight! Mommy kept him and little brother home from church this evening to rest up. • This use to be a frequent occurrence for him. Around 2 years of age, he started with terrible allergies, constant nose bleeds, irritating & painful skin rashes. The puffy face, the watery eyes, blood stained pillows & sheets, tears from painful broken down bleeding skin, & sleepless nights from scratching & itching were wearisome for him and me. • Little did I know if I simply addressed his gut so many of those annoyances & life disturbances would dissipate! Not only did this momma see a huge change, but it was so apparent for this little guy that at the age of 6 he would remind me to not forget his supplements every day. • Thankful for answers & thankful for others sharing! Because we all know when one of our babies isn’t feeling well it weighs heavy on a mommas heart. . . . . #kimbrelladventures #guthealth #guthealthmatters #allergies #skinirritation #nosebleeds #sinusproblems #healthegut #sharingiscaring #boymom #findinganswers #relief #thankful

4 months ago

9.5 years. 5 pregnancies. We’ve never found out the gender until the day the baby arrives. It adds a fun twist! Seriously. The best surprise to wait anxiously on for 9 months. . My husband is the strong one. Otherwise I might just cave. Once I make it past the 20 week anatomy scan it gets a lot easier. And there is always a 50% chance your guess will be right. . Four times now we have been surprised with a little boy on delivery day. Three out of four I’ve deep down though BOY. . Every pregnancy I have bought one bow or headband to take to the hospital. Just in case a little girl makes an appearance. This time I bought 3! It was a really good sale. 😂 . So come June I will have 7 little bows/headbands packed up in my hospital bag. Maybe they will get used OR maybe they will become a fun baby shower gift for a friend. Either way we are counting down the next 18 weeks to meet this little boy or girl God has given us. . . . . #surprise #genderreveal #5thpregnancy #boyorgirl #kimbrelladventures #boymom #boymomx4 #bows #godisgoodallthetime #guessinggame

4 months ago

19 weeks & 3 days. This week we had the wonderful blessing of being able to see the sweet baby God has placed within me. • We made it through the ultrasound without finding out if we will have a boy or a girl (although the ultrasound technician now knows what we will be adding come June). We were able to see the baby kick, wave it’s tiny arms, turn it’s head from side to side. Two healthy kidneys, one beautiful heart, the tiny little brain, fingers & toes which already have nails growing on them, the lips & nose & eyes. A little human being. • In the majority of states you would still be able to abort this baby that I feel kicking and moving inside of me. The holocaust of our generation is abortion. Gods Word tells us He knew us BEFORE we were in the womb. He had a plan for each of us BEFORE He uniquely knit us together. • May God have mercy on us as a nation and bring a true revival. . . . . #19weeks #kimbrelladventures #prolife #godisgoodallthetime #godbemerciful #life #beginsatconception #beautiful #wonderfullymade #boyorgirl

4 months ago

He might be getting pretty close to surpassing me in height (which I tell him isn’t a HUGE feat 😂) but he’s still my little boy & made this momma super proud last night when he sat in front of over 60 people to play his hymn arrangement. And he didn’t even act nervous! 4 months of piano study, loves to practice, and is already talking about what hymn he wants to learn for next year’s festival. Praying God will be glorified through this talent He’s blessed him with. • I have to admit my stomach tightened up and I felt all the nerves as I walked into the sanctuary remembering how I felt those 7 years I played in the hymn festival 20 years ago. . . . . #youngpianist #hymnfestival #praisingGod #pianofestival #carterglynn #kimbrelladventures #boymom #pianomom #nofear #mylittleboy #growingup

4 months ago

Many days it’s hard to believe my baby is 3 years old! He still likes to climb into my bed many mornings around 3 A.M. He still likes momma to rock him and will take a killer nap every couple of days. But he’s growing up so fast. I want to remember all these little moments that many times I missed with his brothers at this age because they already had a younger sibling stealing my attention too. In 4 short months he will be the big brother. But today, he is my youngest baby! . . . . #babyofthefamily #noahwells #kimbrelladventures #4thboy #boymom #boymomlife #boymomx4 #mississippimom #nursemom #familylife #forevermybaby #toddlerlife #mommasboy #sillyboy #foreveryoung

4 months ago

Do we look like we are freezing to you? ❄️ We were. ☃️ And somehow we walked out of the house with 2 kids not having a jacket. 🤷🏻‍♀️ That’s just typical mom life for you. We would not miss this special event we enjoy going to every single year. I remember attending this as a young child with my parents and thankfully 🙌🏻 we have been able to continue that tradition with my family for the 10+ years. A candlelight vigil at the State Capital for the Unborn. We gather with fellow believers to pray for the end of abortion. May God have mercy and hear the prayers and pleas of His people. “All praise to Him Who reigns in love Who guides the galaxies above Yet bends to hear our every prayer With sovereign pow’r and tender care” . . . . #allpraisetohim #sovereigngracemusic #kimbrelladventures #candlelightvigil #prayingfortheunborn #endabortion #prolife #godisable

4 months ago

It’s almost midnight. On a Monday. I’m a mom of 4 boys. I am sitting here alone. In a quiet house. Reading and reflecting on the day. #momlife So many things on my Monday checklist didn’t get done. While that was super aggravating to me around 6 pm tonight. Now I sit here counting my blessings. And reminiscing over things that did happen. Like getting to have an early morning toddler conversation with Noah. Starting school super late because I sat on the floor trying to get a toy drill to work for Jude. Playing a time game with Wyatt to make school just a little more “fun” after a rough start last week. Sitting at the piano with Carter to critique his hand placement and movement. All 6 of us sitting in the den for Bible time listening to daddy explain the roles of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit in the work of salvation. It’s precious to me, this time freedom. I never want to lose the awe and wonder of it all! ❤️ . . . . #mississippimom #boymom #boymomlife #boymomx4 #momlife #mondaythoughts #godisgoodallthetime #sahm #entrepreneurlife #blessings #countyourblessings #itsthesmallthings #timefreedom #kimbrelladventures

5 months ago

• Christmas has come and gone • every year it seems to go just a little bit quicker • every year gets just a little sweeter and sweeter • so very grateful and thankful for the grace, mercy, and love God has lavished upon us this year • may we reflect His glory & love to others • . . . . #kimbrelladventures #christmasmemories #godisgoodallthetime

5 months ago

We always enjoy a fun family Christmas outing to see the guy in the red suit 🎅🏼 The boys enjoyed filling out their Christmas wish list 🖊, telling him the one 🎁 they really want this year, & getting the prized candy cane at the end ❤️ I think Noah loved the Nutcracker more than Santa 🎅🏼 #christmasmemories #kimbrelladventures #notears #santamemories #nutcrackerobsession

5 months ago

Sunday #flashback when these 4 boys went with their friends from church to sing 🎶 Christmas carols at a local nursing home. 🎄 Every time we go I’m reminded how we don’t go enough. What a #blessing it is to be able to minister to those who are unable to get out and about and enjoy all the small things in life. How it fills my soul to see their sweet smiles, their love to give you a hug longer than 1 second & squeeze your hand as if they never want to let go, the way they could talk to you forever even though they just met you, and the joy on their faces as you hand them a card or just listen to them intently. May we never cease caring for the elderly & showing them the love of Christ. ❤️ . . . . #nursinghome #christmascaroling #kimbrelladventures #boymomlife #caringforothers #ministry

7 months ago

#careerday at #thefridayprogram Carter wants to be a comic book writer/illustrator ✏️ when he grows up. He took his first manuscript he’s been hard at work on the last few months to show his class. Wyatt couldn’t decide between a police officer or a missionary. Finally he said “well I could be both! A police officer can tell people about Jesus too. And he gets donuts!” 💙 🍩 #kimbrellboys #kimbrelladventures #carterglynn #wyattthomas #boymom #boymomlife #boymomx4 #nursemom #homeschoolmom #mississippimom #fridayfunday

7 months ago

#familynight at the fair! It’s #birthdayweek for Carter. This year we are doing combined parties. When you have 4 boys and their birthdays fall September, October, November, December. You have to tweak the parties every so often. On the years we do combined parties we let each kid pick a special place to go the week of their actual birthday. It just so happened the #yazoocountyfair was in town and Carter quickly chose it as his special outing. We laughed a lot, ate too much, and have memories to last a lifetime. 💙 #kimbrelladventures #kimbrellboys #fairnight #mississippifall #countyfair #boymom #boymomlife #boymomx4 #nursemom #mississippimom #lateschoolnight #energeticboys #cottoncandy #funnelcakes #biocleanseforthewin #probio5totherescue #2pinkdrinkday

8 months ago

One of the things that drew us to this house 9 years ago was the open floor plan. This is our #gatheringplace. The kitchen, dining room, & living room all open up to each other. It’s where we all six spend the majority of our time together. So many renovation & remodeling dreams for this wide open space. #daveramsey & our #sidegig will help us get there one day. For now we will enjoy it just like this & being able to have a space we can all relax in. #homesweethome #renovationproject #openfloorplan #home #dreamproject #family #kimbrelladventures #boymom

8 months ago

Lots of #memories in this old fort! We moved it from my parents house to our house & we are in the process of rebuilding it for the boys. I love that they will be able to #creatememories just like I have. I remember when my dad first built it & we all took our sleeping bags outside to camp out in it. He upgraded it for my brother years later with sides & a roof. Lots of time spent in this old wooden fort! #fortdays #kimbrellboys #kimbrelladventures #boymom #boymomlife #boymomx4 #mississippimom #homeschoolmom #makingmemories #workinprogress

8 months ago

#trackertheboxer This girl has never been a #dogperson. But look what #4boys does to you. Being a #boymom has definitely made me swallow my own words. But Tracker has kind of edged his way into my heart a bit. Despite all the holes in the yard, missing bushes, piles of you know what all over the place, & muddy footprints on the door. These boys sure love their dog! Which tugs pretty good at their mommas heart. #boxerlife #boymomlife #boymomx4 #homeschoolmom #mississippimom #nursemom #stillapuppy #thattongue #mypooryard #aboyandhisdog #kimbrelladventures

9 months ago

Today we started our 5th year of #homeschooling. How did that happen? #timeslowdown Each year we pray for God to grant us with the grace & mercy needed to persevere & conquer the year. It’s never easy (but what in life is easy?), there are tears & laughter. One thing is sure, & that is one day I know I will cherish these precious memories God is blessing me with. Here’s to #3rdgrade, #1stgrade, & #4K ! Excited for what lies ahead!!! 💙 #kimbrellboys #kimbrelladventures #boymom #boymomlife #boymomx4 #missisippimom #homeschoolmom #abekahomeschool #sonlightcurriculum #mathusee #easygrammar #homeschoollife #kimbrellacademy #backtoschool #carterglynn #wyattthomas #judelawson #noahwells #herewego