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13 days ago

Here's a perfect example of some bullshit conditioning society would have you believe. You better look around, people want what you want just as much as you want it. Your job, your girl, your money, your get it. Your Competition is EVERYWHERE!!! Work everyday to improve and stay ahead. Surround yourself with people that are ahead of you and are where you want to be. Stay vigilant men....πŸ’ͺ #redpill #bealpha #killthebeta #improve #grow #become #compete #ifyouwantittakeit #grind

29 days ago

8 months ago

Gentlemen, you better kill your inner Beta before he kills you. Unfortunately, it's already late for Kurt Cobain, but we can all learn from his mistake. And be very careful with the type of woman you decide to have a relationship with. Learn to recognize dangerous personalities in women, especially those within Cluster B Personality Disorders (Histrionics, Narcissists, Borderline and Antisocial) and avoid relationships with them. Specially, avoid any type of relationships with the Borderlines, because they can destroy your life and break you completely as a man. #BetaTells #Borderline #DangerousWomen #KillTheBeta #HypergamyDoesntCare #MaleSuicidePrevention #ToxicWomen