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2 days ago

It’d be rude not to throw up a tacky Valentines post today, wouldn’t it? Well, I thought because it’s a #tbt why not reminisce about one of our favourite food adventures to a New York treasure @katzsdeli. Easily one of our highlights of our trip to the states late last year! I just remember seeing true joy in the eye of my fiancé when she took that first bite, giggling like a schoolgirl with a moment of pure bliss. I knew right then and there she was a keeper and I’d spend the rest of my life with her, well, maybe 4 days before when I proposed to her on Venice Beach in L.A, BUT STILL I knew at that exact moment that we both loved Katz hot deli sandwiches after a night on the cocktails, and would cherish that moment forever. x . . . . . I had the classic Katz's Pastrami Hot Sandwich with mustard on rye. And Emily chose the Reuben Hot Sandwich with Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese, Russian and a Sauerkraut combo also on rye. W/ a plate of sweet and sour pickles for good measure 😎 . . . . . . . #savedtheday #katzdelicatessen #hotsandwich #foodporn #foodofinstagram #loversoffood #lovers #cocktailcouple #theotherhalf #loveofmylife #hangoverfood #heavenly #thatwasagoodday #happyvalentinesday #alexandemily #liddlemiss #nohatletsplay

2 days ago

It’s been 131 years since the Kosher-style Katz Deli, founded by the Iceland Brothers in partnership with the Russian-Jewish Katz Family, opened its doors. Here are Three Fun Facts about Katz Deli: (1) The imitation orgasm scene in “When Harry Met Sally” was filed at Katz Deli in 1988; since then, the scene is reenacted a dozen times a week. (2) Each week Katz sells 27,000 lb of meat. 3) Katz gained nationwide recognition in 1940 during the height of WW2 when they launched a campaign with the slogan, “Send a salami to your boy in the army” encouraging families to send food to the troops. Bonus fact - In 1988 the the Katz family sold the deli to the Dell family who privately own and operate it today. . . . . #katzdelicatessen #newyork #realestate #sellingnewyork #lowereastside #history at Katz's Delicatessen

3 days ago

Il Pastrami è estratto ancora fumante dal forno e affettato con maestria ipnotica. Così umido e tenero che bisogna riconoscere la bravura del "tagliatore" nel non spappolarlo. Con un movimento preciso, impila la carne rossa tra due fette di pane di segale. . La recensione completa sul panino di @katzsdeli è in bio . #LaRicercadelGusto continua su Facebook ed Instagram : vi aspettiamo! . #katzdelicatessen #katsdeli #newyorkfoodie #pastrami at Katz's Delicatessen

3 days ago

A snowy day in New York City 😍❄️🥶...walked through Greenwich Village, Soho, TriBeCa, Chinatown, Little Italy & the rest...was quiet in the Public Library, saw Ground Zero, ate the best pastrami in the world, lolled at the Book of Mormon & tried to look cool at the hotel bar . . . #walk #newyork #greenwichvillage #soho #tribeca #chinatown #littleitaly #katzdelicatessen #pastrami #reubensandwich #pickles #jewishfood #snow #showtime #thebookofmormon #elderprice #cabsav #nyfw

4 days ago

I make no apologies...this is me!

4 days ago

There’s till time to get your Valentines cards in time for the big day. Last year, I gave Mr. Pickle to the ‘Bearded Runner’ because nothing says ‘I love you’ than a romantic pickle. If you wondering what the hell I’m on about, it’s because we had our honeymoon in New York and tried pickles for the first time in @katzsdeli you know the famous deli from the film ‘When Harry met Sally’. The pastrami sandwiches there are amazing and now we have pickles on all our sarnies. And if you’re wondering... No, I didn’t do a Sally! 🥒💕

5 days ago