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I want the Leblanc genes plz and thank you🤠

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She looks great like yesss werk queen 😛

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Sorry for being inactive because i haven’t time to post but i’m back!

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so im extra extra happy because my dad told me that he will get me tickets tommorow for john's concert in New York city . Hes comming to New York in 17 days and theres still a few tickets available. if ur going to the New York show dm me!!

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I made this when this video came out but ANYWYAHSHS

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they own coachella 💅🤸‍♂️ #annieleblanc

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ouh 💘

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Part 4 It seemed like forever until midnight rolled around. There was a mirror by my door I stopped to make sure my hair was looking good as it had this morning and put a little lipgloss on so they’ll be some colour on my face Mom is pretty strict about saving make up we only used it when we absolutely had to but I sometimes snuck it on nights like this.As quickly as I could I crept into the kitchen I grabbed my leftovers some bread that was expiring and an apple and put it all in my purse it was too painful to walk back to my room slowly now that it was late if I done earlier I would’ve been quick Open my window and looked at our little patch in the backyard there wasn’t much of a moon outside so I had to let my eyes adjust before I moved across the lawn the tree started barely in the night when we were younger are you we used to play on it a lot but now since were older we don’t other than Ruby she’s told us I look around all the neighbouring houses are dark no one‘s watching I get out of my window carefully are you scrubber is it across my stomach for doing it the wrong way but now it gets easier since I do it every once in a while I didn’t wanna mess up any of the food so I did it slowly as I could I heard through the lawn in my cute pyjamas I climbed a tree house up to the tiny basket that was my escape I knew I was in alone in the far corner someone was hiding the night my breath through quicker I couldn’t help it I set my phone aside and squinted the person shifted lightning all out but it was enough to see his face I smile smile came across my face (?) hello gorgeous #Jenzie #jenziefanfics #fanfics #fanfiction #jenzie #johnnyorlando #kenzieziegler

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(DONT REPOST) i’ve never edited before, so ik it’s not that good. but this is my first ever hannie edit made by myself. kenzie just posted a makeup video with hayden, instantly i remembered how hayden and annie did the same thing last year. give opinions in the comment ❤️ #annie #hayden #hannie #haydenandannie #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #hanniecomeback #riphannie #hannieedits #ziegler #leblanc #orlando #summerall #youtube #nickelodeon #bratayley #hayleyleblanc #katiedonnelly #jaydenbartel #kenzie #maddieziegler #johnnyorlando #laurenorlando #f4f #l4l #follow4follow #like4like #stan #fandom

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Chapter 5- Annies POV- It’s been two weeks since I’ve talked to Asher. He’s tried to call me and all but I was not having it. Plus it was spring break and if he wanted to apologize he could do it in person not over phone. Today is our day back at school and I wasn’t excited... I’m almost three months pregnant... I go to school without Hayley because she’s sick but once I get to my locker I hear Asher call my name, I turn around and see him walking my way. “Annie I’m sorry....” he say once he gets to me. I look at him “I wasn’t thinking and I’m really sorry I ever thought you cheated... I’m going to help you with everything I can... but please forgive me...” he looks at me waiting for an answer. — MIC *more in comments*👇👇👇

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don’t kill my vibe 😡

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Sorry a lot of my friends have asked for edits recently so im posting a cover of Annie's cover to stay active sorry I'm it's bad but I'm not gonna be inactive - (Tag her pleaseee) - - - - - #annieleblanc #kenzieziegler #hannie #bratayley #haydensummerall #hayleyleblanc #johnnyorlando #jenzie #maddieziegler #ashannie #laurenorlando #like #brat #asherangel #mackenzieziegler #carsonlueders #chickengirls #annie #jaydenbartels #annieleblancedit #kenzie #l #f #follow #calebleblanc #annieleblancedits #kayden #leblanc #dancemoms #bhfyp

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Day 1 or day 2?

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me: annie and kenzie’s coachella outfits were kinda basic i was expecting more but kenzie’s were REALLY basic haha annie stans: OMG STOP FIGHTING AND BEING RUDE TO ANNIE!! STOP SAYING KENZIE IS BETTER!! LEAVE!!! REPORT!!

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almost forgot to post but i love him 🥰

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Sorry for not being active anymore in this account i just cant find the time to post here anymore i reached 1k followers and it has git down to 900+ and i totally get that, i guess im leaving this account for now maybe i will check in from time to time but i will surely not leave the fandom!! I'll always support Annie and Hayley and the rest of the LeBlanc family im just taking a time off because i cant manage this account anymore mixed with my personal life/account, school and everything 🖤 I hope y'all have an amazing day/night. 💗 - - #kenzieziegler #annieleblanc #johnnyorlando #haydensummerall #jenzie #hannie @kenzie @annieleblanc @haydensummerall @johnnyorlando Tag them? ♡