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[ last post ] Hi it’s me. Uhm i really can’t say how many people of you will read this until the end but i guess I’m gonna start now. I’ve been supporting Justin my whole life, i was 8 when i first find out about him on YouTube. I’ve always stalked him. Now I’m almost 20. I’m grown up, like Justin. He’s a married man now can y’all believe that? My dream always was to be his wife or his one less lonely girl. How stupid was it of me to think that he would fall in love with me one day? Now when i think about it, i can just laugh. I’ve had so many discussions with everyone of my family, my school, my friends just because of supporting someone. They always told me that it’ll be just a “phase” but as you can see 10 years later i’m still here and i’ll always be here no matter what but the last few years in my life taught me that being a fangirl starts getting harder the more you grow up, the more you work, the more you try to focus on your OWN life. My life was shit, still is - not because of the people around me i mean yeah they’re a part of it but mostly cuz of myself. I’m honest, i don’t like or love myself. I hate my body, my voice, my face everything. Ofc im thankful for this life, ofc im thankful for being able to walk, talk and do everything some people can’t do but once you start hating yourself it’s not easy to start loving yourself. I always tried to lose weight over the past years but I was and am fucking lazy, my life on social media was more important to me than my own mental health or the world around me. Justin was the only thing on my mind. I woke up thinking about him, i never stopped thinking about what he’s doing, i always needed to be up to date. This stopped a few months ago. I still love Justin, I’ll always love Justin. I’ll always support him. He’ll always be a part of my life and my heart. I’ve really had so much fun creating this page, reposting all of you amazing people in his merchandise, I’ve loved the bond we had, we all had with Justin. But I’m 100% sure that im not the only one who thinks that everything has changed a lot. Our bond with or to Justin isn’t the same, i mean tbh is there even still a bond? He’s married now. [comments]

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#भगवान_से_डरो पूर्ण परमात्मा जब धरती पर आता है तो उसके परवरिश की लीला कुंवारी गाय के दूध से होती है और वह छोटे से बालक का रूप धारण करके किसी तालाब में कमल के फूल पर विराजमान होता है जानने के लिए देखें साधना टीवी शाम 7:30 बजे और पढ़ें ज्ञान गंगा पुस्तक #9 #6 #8 #7 #4 #2 #1 #kamisamahajimemashita #jbcxpurposemerch #nv #bj #spiritualsaintrampalji #KabirIsAlmightyGod at Haryana

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«Sí, me di cuenta demasiado tarde, se que ya no puedo remediarlo... aprendí a sacarle jugo a mis defectos y me va mejor desde que deje de odiarlo.» . . . . . #tinta #tattoos #oldschooltattoo #iphone #tattooed #tatuajes #love #smile #tattoos #tattoostyle #anchor #hellosailor #mermaid #diamond #estudio #iloveink #ink #photography #photooftheday #tattoomodel #tattoostyle #selfie #reebok #reebokclassic #instagram #instagood #justinbieber #jbcxpurposemerch #london #londontattoo #lyrics #frases