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Deep morning conversations or telling someone not to eat the states off the wall?

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You didn't think we forgot #ValentinesDay? Its coming fast and we have something special for ya'll...... 80 seats total; buy ur ticket at @akadipdx or ONLINE and get ready for a romantic evening with the legendary @jchameleon. We have @itssifter & @izzy_baba_melo performing and @rasroni in the 1's & 2's.....PARTY STARTS @ 7pm..... Tix include: A BUFFETT, MEET & GREET, & THE SHOW....... . . . #JoseChameleon #TanzanianSingingSensation #DJPIZ #SifterSifter #IZZY #VALENTINEDAYCONCERT #pdxnightlife #pdxlifestyle #PDXNIGHT #PDXCONCERT #makeitagoodone👌 #TURNUP # #LIITTTT🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Dom Out With Chai & Alberto - January 23, 2019.

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So spiderverse.... Dilo M. Parker I’m a regular occurrence in Chicago, my species Is the dilophosaurus and for 6 months. I’ve been the one and only spidersaurus. I was bitten by a giant spider from the Cretaceous Period spliced with other normal spiders. After that something terrible happened my best friend Peter Micmarker, died to a Trex attack in a back street mugging. Ever since I have protected the ones closest to me and anyone that needs help. #spiderverse #spidersona #spider #dinosaur #dilophosaurus #dilo #cool #doodle #anatomy #anatomydrawing #art #spiderman #spiderart #dinoart #chicago #wip #workinprogress #izzypancakes #izzy #pancakes #cool

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WEEK 38 - Technical: 50mm. Learn to sneaker zoom! Shoot an image using only the 50mm Focal Length. Either use a fixed 50mm lens or set your zoom lens to 50mm. Since this is the advanced challenge make sure the image is compelling. . Izzy got a haircut, so this was the perfect excuse to bust out my nifty fifty for a portrait shot. This was done over at my parents' house in the kitchen / back living area. I used some LED tree decor as my background bokeh, and held up a trendy jar lamp with LEDs inside to create the foreground bokeh effect on the left. The rest of the lighting is natural room light (hence the higher ISO). The 2nd photo is from my pixel phone, showing how much shallow depth of field (and focal length) can change your image. . Shot at 50mm, f1.8, ISO2000, 1/80sec

13 hours ago

[important message below] as much as i love having this account and being able to interact with the most positive people in our fandom, i’m also very tired of how toxic many people are. like if you are an extreme will stan, it doesn’t mean you get to attack other ships or anything that doesn’t have to do with will. same thing goes if you’re a toxic jem stan, tessa stan, freaking church stan for all i care, you have no right to attack people. if this continues on my account (dms, comments, etc) i’m going to change my account into a different fandom account or deactivate it. please let this be enjoyable for everyone. thank you. credits julianblackthornh1

13 hours ago

i, too, relate to will because i, too, would flirt with jem at any possible chance😔💛 credits cressarose

13 hours ago

if you cried when jem “died” put your hands up 🙌 credits incorrecttdaquotes

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.Throwback - First Table Read. 📷 - @mcgfilm

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A full year of #isabel! #happybirthday to the absolute best thing that’s happened to our family. You are beautiful, sweet, and amazing. I couldn’t imagine life without you. It’s hard to believe it was a year ago that you came stubbornly into our world after being forcefully evicted from the uterus. After being induced at 41 weeks and 6 days, you made your grand entrance after 34 hours of labor. I don’t know what life was before you. Keep being a firecracker kid, I can’t wait to see what you continue to become. #isabel #isabelolive #izzy #birthdaygirl #blessed

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Come OUT && GET LIT YOU ALREADY KNOW ITS GOING BE A MOVIE IF YBLM COME OUT ☔️☔️☔️☔️ NO LOSSES ☔️☔️☔️☔️ @freebandztest @bandhunta_izzy @creekboyz111 @n.f.e.presents @officialbmorewrapreview ITS DEFF REY BE A MOVIEEEE THE WHOLE CITY OUT ‼️‼️‼️ PULL UP FRIDAY LITTTTY Jan 25th #lookalivecharmcitybaltimore #charmcity #nfe #officialbmorewrapreview #test #izzy #creekboyz #manydopeartist #bmore #jan25th COP UP SHOP UP GET THESE TICKETS ‼️‼️‼️ GOING FAST