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7 months ago

Don't bury your brother. "IM NOT!" Supposed to be over 100° for the rest of the week! We will be at home in the pool & eating fruit from the orchard. Blessed to have always had a pool but if I didnt I guarantee I'd dig a hole and make my own. Swimming has always been everything to me; swim team, lifegaurding. And now as a stay at home mom I dont know how I'd get through the day without water as entertainment. <3 #itsapoolthing #lifegaurdlife #swimteam #waterislife #poollife #whatsimportant #alifeyoudontneedavacationfrom #family #orchard #fruit #mom #loveyourlife

12 months ago

Happy Texas Independence Day! How are you celebrating?

1 year ago

How cool do you want your next getaway to be?

2 years ago

It's always a good time down by the slides! 😎💦 #portroyalresort

2 years ago

Only the coolest kids come to Port Royal! Photo by: Rose M.

2 years ago

This family is doing it right! 🏖😎

6 years ago

Red Light Yellow Light Green Light GOOOOOO!! Traffic Light party #SPLASHSUNDAYS 12-7pm Renaissance Hotel Woodbridge NJ. Come Get Wet With Me!! #ItsAPoolThing Hit me up for more info..

6 years ago

Lets Go!! Come Get wet #SPLASHSUNDAYS 12-7pm renaissance hotel Woodbridge NJ. Hottest Sunday Pool Party!!