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who likes pasta?

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• summer vibes • at SARDEGNA

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Hindusim and snake (Please check all pics, I didn't have good camera but I managed) hope you will like it. These pics I took last year, I scared with this reptile but if camera in hands no fear. A snake is also very sensitive to certain energies. Shiva has the snake around his throat. It is not just symbolic. There is a whole lot of science behind it. There are 114 chakras in the energy body. Out of these 114, people are usually talking about the seven fundamental chakras in the system. Among these seven fundamental ones, the vishuddhi chakra is located in the pit of your throat. This particular chakra is very strongly associated with the snake. The vishuddhi is about stopping poison, and a snake carries poison. All these things are connected. The word vishuddhi literally means “filter.” If your vishuddhi becomes powerful, you have the ability to filter everything that enters you. Shiva’s center is supposed to be vishuddhi, and he is also known as Vishakantha or Neelakantha because he filters all the poison. He doesn’t allow it to enter his system. Poisons are not necessarily that which you may consume through food. Poisons can enter you in so many ways: a wrong thought, a wrong emotion, a wrong idea, a wrong energy or a wrong impulse can poison your life. If your vishuddhi is active, it filters everything. It saves you from all these influences. In other words, once vishuddhi is very active, that person is so powerful within himself that whatever is around him does not influence him anymore. He is established within himself. He tends to become a very powerful being. #me  #graphicdesign  #iphonesia  #tagsblender #tweegram  #artista #colour  #artists #art  #instagood  #photooftheday   #graphic #artwork  #science #love  #picoftheday  #myart #illustration  #tagblender  #tbt  #dibujo  #instamood #arte  #photography   #artist #snake #snaketattoo #snakes #shiva at Qatar

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Red Sky ... È il momento che preferisco dei tramonti, il sole bacia il Mare prima di scomparire del tutto. at Al Tramonto

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Riccia vs grotte