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4 hours ago

Happy 1st Birthday to my handsome nephew Emiliano. May your birthday and everyday be filled with the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, and the feeling of love. I can’t believe it’s been a year since you made your grand entrance. It’s been a blessing and a joy watching you grow. You have brought so much happiness in my life. Tia Vero loves you 💙 #1stbirthday #nephew #itsacelebration #family #iphone

6 hours ago

I used to be someone who’d try to control everything and everyone around me. It was the only way I felt like I had a grip on my life, but it was also the quickest way to self-induce anxiety and label myself as a control-freak. Since launching a business, I've experienced how stressful and toxic it can be to hold the reins so tightly. I've learned that in order to grow personally and professionally, I need to let go of everything I can't control. That’s not easy for someone with type-A personality and perfectionism, but it is possible. I wouldn’t know this if it weren’t for my friends, therapist and a bit of self-awareness ❤️ Seeing a therapist has made me a better listener. I've learned to ask questions that help someone think for themselves, rather than projecting my thoughts and opinions. I used to listen with the intent to reply, now I simply listen. When it comes to friendships, I have a group of women I’ve been friends with for 10 years. We’ve gone through life's highs and lows together, and we've even had breaks in our friendship when we needed some air. But we always found our way back to each other once we learned our lessons, shared our apologies, and shifted our perspectives to see each other more clearly. We've truly created a judgment-free zone that allows us to be ourselves and speak our mind without ridicule. And isn't that the best thing we can do for somebody? Provide a safe space to let them be themselves? We share a lot similarities but our personalities and quirks are quite different. This used to be something that I would judge or try to control, but now it's something that I celebrate because I see how much I benefit from being around women with their own experiences, values, and beliefs. I've learned that being right isn't always the right thing to be. I took this photo on Saturday while spending the weekend with a few of my best friends. I wanted to capture how I feel when I'm my best self and not worrying about what's happening on social media. And my friends always bring out my best self. Thank you all for the lessons you've taught and shared with me over all the years. I'm so grateful for a life with you in it 😍✨ at Kitchener, Ontario

7 hours ago

Ça semble si simple vu de l’extérieur, mais ça l’est tellement moins à l’intérieur. Ne plus savoir qui on est, est bien la pire chose qui puisse arriver. Le pire, même si c’est rare, c’est lorsque l’on perd goût à la vie. Lorsqu’on ne rigole plus aux blagues, et, pire encore, que l’on ne n’en fasse plus du tout. Même se forcer à rigoler est devenu ennuyant. Alors on tente de se raisonner, de se dire qu'on a de la chance d'être en vie. Mais rien de tout cela ne nous importe finalement. Trop de choses ont changées. Et on se sent tellement vide, tellement tout au fond du trou qu'on ne se sent plus capable de tout pouvoir réparer. Je ne sais pas comment expliquer cette douleur en moi, qui me paraît insurmontable. Alors on reste là, on espère, on attend quelque chose, un miracle, quelque chose qui rende tout à coup ce monde plus beau, tout en sachant que cela n'arrivera sans doute jamais. 💭 #photography #photographer #picture #photographyblackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #iphoneportrait #instagram #followforfollowback #instablackandwhite #instagood #instacool #instamoment #instaliberty #instamemories #undercutdesign #hairstylemen #solitaire #forget #lost #reflection #staystrong #carpe #diem #carpediem #warrior

8 hours ago

i used to fight it but everything is autobiographical — every photo every word every fucking Thing

13 hours ago

This just the intro, let me not get ahead of myself.