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Capitulo 7. Apreciación y suicidio. Una de las cosas más bellas antes de morir es apreciar lo mas hermosas de la capital, una y otra vez, y después quizás se te olvide todo por un rato. at Palacio de Bellas Artes

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Not everything in Pisa is leaning at Pisa, Italy

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. . . 🏢 No.464 . .

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Lessons from a #workfromhomemom with a chronic case of overdressing: Wear the pants to rock the baby. Put on the hat that seems a bit extra. Zip up your favorite dress to go to the grocery store. Put lipstick on to answer emails. Wear leggings for half the day and your favorite button down for the other half. Get dressed because your outfit helps you feel like you, not because you need an occasion to wear your favorite clothes. Amen. #inspiringsimplicity at Winter Park, Colorado

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Hello everyone! Today is 6.18. Get to see two post for today, I think this is my first time doing it after a long time! Thanks to 618. Nothing special about it for some places but in China, there's a big sale. I remind people including myself to buy what you need and be careful on what to get. Having a sale or bazaar in your place is really dangerous. In the future, some things might just be thrown in the trash can 😂 今天是618。在一天我发布2次的可能性特别少, 谢618吧。其实也没什么,也许在别的地方这个数字或日期并不代表什么但是在中国今天在淘宝,京东,天猫,不同的网购app都有很多折扣。 注意你要买什么,在这里我提醒大家要买你需要的。这些东西就是在吸引你勾引你(我想买镜头 😥),特别危险。以后有可能这些就会被你妈当成垃圾对待。如果特别有钱,那就别把我说的话当回事儿 😂

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On a scale from zero to want-to-escape-right-now, how much do you need holidays? at Summer Time