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You want to be Financially free or financially secure? May be you are expecting financial freedom but doing efforts like you just want to be financially secure ..or may be you don't know the difference between them . Think about it.. . . . . . . . . . . . #personaldevelopment #motivation #success #inspiration #entrepreneur #mindset #personalgrowth #inspirationalquotes #lifecoach #entrepreneurship #goals #motivationalquotes #business #indianvlogger #happiness #growth #love #motivationmonday #coaching #hustle #leadership #youtuber #mindfulness #selfdevelopment #indianeducation #financialfreedom #mentor #life #financialfreedom #school

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10 years ago we were sitting in class playing 10-years-down-the-line and wondering who will be the first one out of us to get married! And now that #EkPalKaJoshi is around the corner, all I want to do is go back and change my answer, lol. . Girlies, I like to think I can write but when it comes down to describing what a pleasure it has been growing up with you, i’m always at a loss for words. None of us would be the people we are today without each other’s companionship and our friendship holds the most special place in my heart. . We have made it through ugly crushes, glass roses, poop jokes, acne, first heartbreaks, lots of existentialism and mindless giggling... to be here... together again to get our little pally married! . I’m all sorts of overjoyed and overwhelmed and just wanted to say thank you for coming into my life. And thank you for always finding your way back to each other. Together we are a puzzle that makes perfect sense! . #home at New Delhi

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#Repost @dg_the_wanderer with @make_repost ・・・ Happy Valentine's day to all of you...Single or double sabhi ko😛 I am alive and Exploring our beautiful India and neighbouring countries. Accha lage to you are most welcome to share this dream as yours👍👍 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Follow my journey @dg_the_wanderer and videos on YouTube channel Xtreme Moto Adventure. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #valentines #valentineday #love #motorcycle #mountains #nature #indiaclicks #riders #bikelife #vlogger #youtuber #adventuretime #motorcyclejourneys #travelindia #travel #loveinstagramm #twowheels #bikersofinstagram #bikefam #gazab #traveldiary #roadtrip #exploreindia #indianvlogger #india_everyday #letsexplore #rideordie

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What's up guys, Meet young and dynamic couple, Kiran & Sachin.. FOLLOW: . . 📸PC: @wroom_with_kiran_sachin . Don't forget to subscribe their YouTube channel Wroom with Kiran Sachin. . . Use #iamvlogger to connect with us. . . . #indianvlogger #indianyoutuber #travelvlogger #youtubeindia #vloggers #familyvloggers #vloggersinmumbai #indianvloggers #youtubers #indiatravelvlogger #youtubechannel #indiayoutuber #india #youtuberfan #subscriber #subscribe #travelvlogger #indianyoutuber at India

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The first time ever I saw a sunset near a lake and this was how it looked like. Everyone must watch sunset having food near the lake once in their life. . . . . . . . . . . . . 📸❤️ . . . . Follow @nexplorer_nachiket for more awesome content. . . . . . #Nexplorer #Indianvlogger #Indianyoutuber #Pune #Indianblogger #skyporn #sunsetsniper #skylovers #sunrise_and_sunsets #sunsets #sunset_hub #sunsetlovers #instasunsets #all_sunsets #sunsethunter #sunset_madness #sunset_stream #sunsetporn #irox_skyline #sunset_pics #scenicsunset #world_bestsky #sunset_lovee #sky_perfection #twilightscapes #awesome_earthpix #sunset_universe #welivetoexplore at Bhandardara Lake Camping

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Hey Guys! The first challenge is “No Sugar Challenge” let’s do this 💪 Also, let me know in the comments below how you are dealing with your cravings in the comments section below! 🤗 - - - - - - - - - #nosugarchallenge #igtvchallenges #nosugar #igtvcommunity #healthyliving #healthy #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #igtv #healthylife #wellness #healthychoices #positiveliving #motivation #healthyeating #instahealth #igtvchannel #igtvcreator #igtvdaily #gethealthy #indianblogger #indianvlogger #indianyoutuber #healthtalk #goalsetting #mindbodysoul #wellnessjourney #nontoxicliving #inspiration #healthiswealth

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I think I recognize this one thing about myself: when I don't work as much as I should and am spending my time on leisure, I don't feel as happy. There's something missing, which is the work. + #HealthyEating Day 14 Completed. My longest streak here yet. + #AajKiBaat : Woke up at 10:15 AM. Had decided I'll sleep in today, so from tomorrow I can get back on my routine. Perhaps a bad choice for me. I was unfocused and didn't feel like working. Read thinking fast and slow, drank water, watched talks. Then Youthoob. Lunch at 1 PM with @b3z3rk_irl . No bhature. Back to room, entertainment. Youthoob. Snacks at 5:45 PM with @akshit.sarin and then a walk and talk. Then back to room at 7 PM. YouTube, entertainment. + Now typing this at 9:04 PM. Will wake up at 3 AM tomorrow and get anonymous Bhaiyya work done for the day and prepare a schedule for the week, so to speak. + Wish you all the very best ji and never forget you can be awesome! at NIIT University

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डोंगरांची रांग होती, पाखरांचे गाण होते ! त्या तिथे पलीकडे दूर माझे गाव होते 🏝️🏘️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #jeevankadamvlogs #jkv #discover_maharashtra #maharashtra #marathivlogger #indianyoutuber #indianvlogger #model #mumbai #tajhotel #mumbai_uncensored #mumbaifashionblogger #sahyadri_clickers #maharashtra_desha #westernghats #trekking #incredibleindia #sahyadri_clickers #maharashtra #sahyadri #westernghats #mountain #satara #hometown #personal #life #lifestyle at राजधानी सातारा

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We are now 600 strong 💪 fam, Thank you so much for your hearts 💚 keep supporting and loving ❤ And yeah new vlog coming soon 🔜 fam, stay tuned, do support ( #sskarmy) Much love to all my fam❤❤ . . . . . #fambruh #fashionformen #fashionated #fashionforlife #followforfollowback #fambruharmy #shades #lifestyleblogger #youtuber #indianvlogger #indianmodel #modelswanted #modelagencies #danielwellington #badboy #likeforlikes #instafashion #instamodel #hastadge #swag #swaggersouls #keeploveing #fashionblogger #fashioninfluencers #styleup #moveinstyle #jawlinefiller #jawlinemen #instainfluencer

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70% Content, 25% Delivery, 5% Aesthetics - Episode 63 - #OneMinuteShow . So many of you first-time content creators are paying so much attention to aesthetics, sound quality, your background, the clothes you are wearing and all that. All these things matter as much as 5% in your content growth. . 70% of this game is your content. What are you saying? Is it adding value in people’s lives? Is it actionable? Is it smart? . You can do whatever you wanna do with aesthetics, but if your content is average, or it is serving you instead of serving the viewer, you are not gonna crack it. . Rest of the 25% is how you deliver it to people. Your energy, enthusiasm, and tonality. Don’t be boring and monotonous. Be excited about your own content before you want others to be excited about your content. . Delivery also means putting it in front of people. No one has time to search you. Post in groups, answer questions on Quora, or even run ads (like I do) to put your content in front of people. If you content adds value in people’s lives, you should own it and put it in front of people. . So what’s the recipe mix again: 70% Content + 25% Delivery + 5% Everything Else. . SHARE with others so they can benefit from it as well 😊👊

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From laughing at the ad, "Sunday ho ya Monday Roz Khao Ande" to doing just that. + If I continue this for 3,5,10 years I should be able to get a great physique. + The best investments are the one you make in yourself. at NIIT University

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Cheers to a learning attitude and thanks to @knowkrutarth for suggesting me this. + A gym bro told me that "zyada soya nhi khana chahiye because it increases estrogen levels, causing hormonal imbalance" and me (of 10th class) somehow understood not to take soya. I didn't know zyada Kitna hota h (it's above 50 grams soya i.e. 26 grams protein per day). There's a correction to be made here - 53 grams per 💯 gm is the protein content of soya instead of 43 as mentioned in the chat. + I would've went on believing that but no more. + I've been able to put a question mark on my beliefs and that's nice to know how far I've come vale perspective se. at NIIT University

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#StoryPost . + I wanna eat chicken biryani and watch movies and drink cold drinks and then eat from pizza tape. But I can't. I made a commitment to myself. At least for February I can be disciplined. My word means something. But I too am like you, I have urges, food cravings. So before (and if) you judge me so mechanically for not eating healthy, take a look at yourself. + But it's not about them it's about me. So tab tk Roz Khao Ande I guess. at NIIT University

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Reverse order mein #MorningRoutine in the form of a #StoryPost . + Technically, my morning routine consists of doing oil pulling immediately after getting up (or after making my bed) while watching talks. Then brush my teeth and then drinking water. Study for 2 hrs (4-6 AM) and then gym from 6-7 AM. Then bath and breakfast. Then do I connect my phone to the internet. + Idk but this may be a billion dollar morning routine. According to the trend of the way I've seen some videos titled as million dollar morning routines. + Why? Because oil pulling has various health benefits (I learnt from Sandeep Maheshwari sir) just Google it once. Then watching educational content just after getting up is such a good way to start your day. Your mind gets in a focused state (something I learnt from @mensutra ). Then study (or work) 2 hrs allows you to get it done before the day starts. Gymming is important, everyone knows and then so is breakfast and a bath to cleanse your body. In 5 hrs you've been so damn productive. Boom! + Maybe people will look back at this if and when I'm successful. at NIIT University

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#HealthyEating Day 6 Completed. + #AajKiBaat : Woke up at 9:30 AM after repeatedly turning off my alarm, choosing sleep over gymming too. This does not make for a great story now does it. Made my bed, read thinking fast and slow. Got ready, boiled eggs and ate them. YouTube videos on fitness education. At 12:45 PM went for lunch with @akshit.sarin then library at 1:20 PM. Studied CAO. First a brief reading of all the slides then from neso academy on YouTube. Snacks at 5 PM with Akshit, @adisr9999 @b3z3rk_irl . Then a walk while listening to songs and back to library by 6 PM. Wrote 2 answers on quora. Stood outside library to complete it. Then to room, changed my clothes and to mess for dinner with Akshit, Ranka. Then a walk and talk with Akshit. Back to room, posted on insta. + Now typing this at 10:03 PM. If I get up at 4 it should be good. + Wish you all the best and never forget you can be awesome. at NIIT University

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#StoryPost part 2. + I'm sleeping in a while because I know my lifestyle and I must get up early tomorrow. at NIIT University

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So I wrote an answer on quora yet again, but this time from my Apun ki journey account. + Please tell me how it was and how can I improve if you do decide to give it a read. + I'm thinking of writing many more NIIT related answers on quora because I remember how much those written by the students of NU helped me get some idea of this university. I remember being confused and not having any idea about how the life would be. + There are many answers written in hate (or maybe it was the truth back then but not now) and they confuse the reader even more and are misguiding in my opinion. + So I want to give them a true, good idea of the life here and answer any question I might be able to. After all, I'm a part of @niituniv am I not? It's my responsibility partly to do some good for the college. I think I've already done more than most have, but there's no comparison and secondly, I'm not doing this for them. I'm doing this just because I feel it is the right thing and doing the right thing is always the right thing. + So that above reason is the primary reason and another reason is I'll make this account more visible in the eyes of potential students. + I've already made vlogs regarding the college and what use is it if they're not viewed by those who need it? + Followers isn't the goal but might as well try at NIIT University

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#StoryPost : When I got up in the morning I had no idea that this is what today is gonna go like. You never do but still it was new, unexpected and fresh. Just the way life actually is. + Every moment is new. Nothing ever happens exactly the same way in the same manner in life. Everything, every waking moment is new. + This I learnt from a Sandeep Maheshwari video of a similar title. at NIIT University

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As I said before, friendship is a privilege. And as @leonardodicaprio said in his Oscar speech, "I do not take tonight for granted" at NIIT University

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Couldn't fill my protein requirement up today. Got 1000 likes on a post today. Had a nice time with friends. Didn't study anything on my own. + #HealthyEating Day 5 Completed. + #AajKiBaat : Woke up at 4:30 AM. Sat on my bed for a minute to be grateful that my loved ones are still alive, that I'm alive. Even though my mobile data was off and I couldn't know if they were alive or not, I kinda knew. Then it was cold so rajai odh li and thought I'll lay for 10-15 minutes then get up. Slept. Woke up at 7:10 AM then. Went to collect the book launch book. Then made my bed, read the book, took a bath and got ready for the day. Went to lab at 8:30 AM. Went well. A brief chat with @shrushh_ @b3z3rk_irl on my way to room. Back to room at 10:40 AM. Social media, reading the book launch book, laying in bed and then went to the book launch event at 11:45 AM at the listening tree. Found @neelakshi._.talukdar @_pratik.v @saini.tanishq @rachitasharma40 sitting there, took a pic with them (couldn't make vlog since teachers were right in front of us and many other people would be recorded without their consent). The book launch went well, I gathered some courage and asked the author, Mr. Kiran Karnik for a picture and took it. Smiled widely while going back. Thanked Vamsi Bhaiyya (can't seem to tag him) and Neelakshi for asking me for this book launch thing way back in Jan. Then lunch in mess with Pratik, Saini, @vaibhav_goel379 @_revanshi_ . Then to room and posted on insta. Then studied for TOC test with @vikrant036 from Nikhil. 3:30 PM tutorial. At 4:30 PM made vlogs with @the_sarcastic_shayar (which got 1000 likes) and Day update. Sat in bowl area with him then to room, packed and gave laundry and snacks with Akshit, Aryaman. After snacks noticed 192 likes at 6:15 PM. Then Kaafi excitement as they kept on increasing rapidly. Then to ug 1 and finished talking with Aryaman Akshit and Ranka. Back to room, a very brief chat with @guruu_v.i.s.h.n.u then checked my likes which were almost 1000. Akshit texted me as well. We met and then in the excitement and happiness I thought this is a reason to celebrate. *Continued in comments* at NIIT University

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*No. Of likes with timestamps to kinda show why I was so excited* + The journey of a thousand likes starts with a single like. Now I know I've always said and still do that I'm not doing this for likes or followers. But ain't no harm in getting excited when you get 1000 likes instead of the average 35 likes. + Now I'm pretty sure they're bots but it's still exciting. + For the first time, I was wondering what if this is true and that I've no idea what to do if I get famous. Playing the scenarios in My head of how people will react differently and those who didn't use to care will start caring now. Kind a bubble but it's not like I want it. If I get big on insta, that's ok but that's not what I'm aiming for. + Yes I put hashtags in my posts and that's because I think if my account is public and I'm posting so much original content everyday then why not try for it anyways. + Again, I don't care about the number of likes but this was truly unexpected and exciting for me. You can't understand how it feels when for almost a year every day you've been posting consistently and ignoring other people's opinion and the negative voice in your head and then thinking maybe something could happen in 3,5 or 10 years and then this happens out of nowhere. + This thing that is happening and you've no idea why. Maybe the post just went viral (haha long shot). You can't possibly know it went viral in that moment. But I can document it and document I did. + If you still judge me I don't care. If you don't I still don't care but it's better that way at NIIT University

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#Vlog by the one and only Shashwat! + So we were conversing and Shashwat said ki he thinks he cannot make #vlogs or rather he doesn't know how to and so I said try one right now and I think he did pretty well for a first timer. + If you think he did good please comment down and appreciate his effort. Not everyone has the courage to do things they're not comfortable with. He did that. So don't hold back on your appreciation for him. + Bye. at NIIT University

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Grateful for this interaction with the former president of #NASSCOM on his new book, "eVolution Decoding India's Disruptive Tech Stories" + For those who do not know about sir, he has received the Padma Shri award and is "currently serving as a director in central board of directors of Reserve Bank of India. He is also the chairman, board of directors, of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-Delhi). " He is also former Managing Director of @Discovery Networks, India. Information from Wikipedia. + Grateful to have got this opportunity and then for this picture taken with such a personality. at NIIT University

10 days ago

So after Mr. Kiran Karnik sir explained us about his new book, "eVolution: Decoding India's disruptive tech story", we had s QnA session in which I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to ask this question: "Can technology be so advanced as to transfer the part of us (or rather "us") which makes us, us? If we are able to transfer our brains, so to speak, in some machinery then can we say that it is "me" ?" Sir, the author, gave the answer as in the video. I can't claim to speak for such a grand personality so please watch the video itself for the answer. + My gratitude to @_pratik.v for agreeing to and recording this video. Thank you. + P.S : Apologies for the sound. I record only with my phone so don't have good equipment. Yet. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Truth be told, just before asking the question when I gave the mobile to Pratik and asked him to record this, my heart started beating faster and palms sweaty. Reminded me of @eminem song "Lose yourself" from 8 Mile. These were the symptoms of nervousness. But they are also the symptoms of excitement. So I told myself I'm excited to ask this question and it helped. Just a tidbit. at NIIT University

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At the book launch event. + I do apologize for the camera quality tho. at NIIT University

10 days ago

Oh the beauty of the nature and this campus! + Windows XP feels. at NIIT University

10 days ago

#DayUpdate : Focused in all classes except algorithms one. + In fact I got a very good (non verbal) response from TOC sir when he saw me focusing again. at NIIT University

11 days ago

#HealthyEating Day 3 Completed. + If I don't get up on time tomorrow then everything is wasted. + #AajKiBaat : Woke up at 8:10 AM. So late. Made my bed, read thinking fast and slow and then got dressed and went to lab at 8:35 AM. Back to room by 11:45 AM. Tried to boil eggs in microwave but couldn't. Then ultimately boiled eggs by 12:40 PM. Ate them, and then entertainment for like 10 minutes. Then class at 1:30 PM. Free at 3:30 PM. Then collected laundry, was going to room when came across and had a heated argument with the person who forwarded the message saying junk food is healthy (more or less). Then to my room. Posted on insta, did social media and YouTube and then snacks mein drank milk with @akshit.sarin @aryan_171 @adisr9999 . Then back to room by 6 PM and lay on bed and slept for about an hour. Woke up at 7:10 PM. Then social media and then watched Sandeep Maheshwari's latest video "How to stay young forever (mentally)" . Then entertainment. Now typing this at 9:06 PM. + I must get up at 3 tomorrow. I have set a single alarm only. If I don't get up at that time it all goes to shit. + Mid sems are coming. Wish you all the best and never forget you can be awesome. at NIIT University