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3 months ago

"Ok I'm sick Not the kind of sick that lands you in the doctor Not the kind that makes you weak and then heals you stronger It's the kind of sick that turns your legs into spaghetti It’s the kind of sick that makes your blood burn and your bones heavy The kind of sick that makes an atheist pray for Jesus The kind of sickness that turns your power into weakness I’m sick of being sick for this whole fucking place to witness And I'm living a sick life that most people call privilege And they’re kinda right but I'm still sicker than I can cope with" X ana X, Badflower

8 months ago

This is how I feel sometimes when I keep fighting to maintain my boundaries. It’s exhausting. I’m so tired of it. But, I know it’s getting better and easier too, which is important to remember. And I know that I deserve my boundaries. It’s so important, even if it’s exhausting. • #mentalhealth #mentalillness #settingboundaries #boundaries #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #imworkinghard #imtryingreallyhard #imtryingsohard #overandover #overandoverandoveragain #exhausted #domesticviolence #childabuse #survivor #warrior #keepgoing

9 months ago

It's no diet Coke but it will have to do. 14 days pop free! Not noticing a difference in my weight but noticing that I don't feel so sluggish at night. The norm would be for me to have 1 when I got home from work at 5pm and one while watching TV at 10pm 😬. Here's to small changes! #iloveyoudietcoke #thisbreakupsucks #keto #imtryingreallyhard

1 year ago

We’ve gone (almost) all @nyxcosmetics_uk today... just wanted to play around with the #UltimateBrightsPalette, and I keep being drawn to the yellows and pinks... am I just ready for summer? I know I suck at #blending but I’m trying 😭 Face: #totalcontroldropfoundation in ‘Natural’, HD Blush in ‘Amber’, Matte Bronzer in ‘Deep’, Strobe of Genius Highlight Palette. Eyes: Ultimate Brights, @urbandecaycosmetics 24/7 Glide-on Pencil in ‘Junkie’. Lips: #LipLingerie in ‘Coy’

1 year ago

Trying to teach myself how to paint so I can do landscapes in the mountains during the summer. Anyone wanna donate an easel? #ImTryingReallyHard

1 year ago

These are my animatronics for my game that I'm gonna try to make. Also don't mind that black streak i FREAKEN SPILLED A LITTLE WATER ON IT AND NOW I'M A LITTLE MAD THAT IT'S MESSED UP A LITTLE. Mr.Mystery the Detective Dog Ash Fun Bear Lollie the Fun Ram Jeffery the Wolf It took awhile to draw them again Becasue i had to remember what they look like😥 But i did it and now I'm gonna try to focus on my game and if any of you guys have any suggestions and can tell me how to make a five nights a freddy's game tell me please I'm trying really hard to make this game #fnaf #imtryingtomakeagame #myownanimatronics #imtryingreallyhard #suggestions #emosheepsocs