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3 days ago

Double post because I’ve been off the ‘gram for too long and I never stopped being cute...which means y’all have a lot to catch up on. #word #imsovain 🐾 at New York, New York

7 days ago

Hello 👋 Instagram. Yes as you can tell my Mr & Mrs first half of the weekend was a washout as I’m spending my morning on Insta 😂 Poor Hubby is still struggling with his back and won’t be leaving the house & I will be spending the day sorting the house out after our cold spell last week. Yay #goteam 🤦🏼‍♀️cei la vie It has though, got me thinking 🤔 a bit about Insta. Up until our move I avoided it & had never experienced the “online community” that you hear people talk about but since relocating it has, some days been my only adult interaction which I have been very grateful for (oh god does that make me sound like a saddo hermit!) 🤦🏼‍♀️ I have dabbled with it, started a blog and looked at all the “options” that come with it and hashtag like my life depends on it but I don’t want to try and do it as a job or revenue stream, I want it to just be fun and a place to meet and chat to new friends. I’m doing some work on the blog at the moment and am hoping it gives me a little project to focus on and a place to talk about navigating this teen/tween stage and life in general. Most of my friends have younger children so I’m at a new stage of motherhood which is rather unknown territory and I don’t know many other people in the same boat so I’m hoping the blog will introduce me to new friends as Insta has. The thing is, that’s left me a bit stuck, I don’t know what to post. I don’t know whether to have pictures of the family and me (😬!) will that be an issue with privacy for them as older children? Will people think I’m a wannabe if my face starts popping up and will it put people off!!! Or is it easier to connect when people can actually see you and know more about you?? Also I feel a bit guilty as I’m not one or the other, I’m not a parent, interiors, fashion or anything specific insta feed, it’s just general musings- is this OK? Is it allowed? . Obviously having too much time to myself makes me overthink 😂but it would be really nice to hear other people’s thoughts on Instagram, how/ why do you post or are you like me, working it out as you go?? . . . #instaworld #instacommunity #justanormalmummy #cornishmum #mumsofinstagram at Cornwall

10 days ago

Oh, my goodness; talk about gratuitious self-promotion, can I be any more vain than turning one of my artworks into a jigsaw puzzle??! Okay, maybe vanity license plates are worse, LOL. My family loves doing jigsaw puzzles (not me!), so I took one of my favourite pieces from my Death Valley trip a few years ago and had it turned into a 1000-piece puzzle. It's kinda cute to see it be reconstituted, 1" at a time. "Car in Three Part Harmony" - it also looks super amazing on metal, which is how I usually produce it, but this is just a bit of fun. . . . #focalocity #canadianartists #imsovain #affordableart #jigsawpuzzles #deathvalley #oldcars #abandonedplaces #arttourcollective #ntgartists #originalart #artistlife #giftideas #artforsale #visualart #sillystuff

12 days ago

14 days ago

Trying to perfect my #mostinterestingpibbleintheworld pose. How did I do? #imsovain #happysaturday #graciespjpawty * * Mama is slowly catching up with my page. Please bear with her. She's joining the #boycottbowl and will have plenty of time tomorrow. The #saints were ROBBED! * * Jammies by @pbandjammies use code VIPSAMMY10 for 10%off #PBandJammies #PBJamFam #jammielover #jammies #pitbullsinjammies #jammieobsessed #thesunbathingtripawd #supersammy at Irish Channel, New Orleans

16 days ago

If your makeup looks fire, and you didn’t take a selfie, was your makeup REALLY fire?

22 days ago

I’m a believer! Successful henna hair dye 🙌🏼 It is definitely a messy job and I need to improve the application process but definitively happy with the color. #naturalhairdye #imsovain

22 days ago

New shoes make me smile! #imsovain

23 days ago

I like Norwegian Voss water with squeezed lemon 🍋 juice. It makes the PH level in my body more alkaline and help me to achieve the objective of eternal youth. #imsovain I probably think 🤔 this water is about me...

25 days ago

Excitement when this little baby turned up today. #Reinvented—a book to help you ‘find healing and wholeness’ through writing. I wrote the section on fear because I do fear really, really well. #writenation

3 months ago

I wasn’t into nail polish/nail design/nail art till about couple of years ago. Thanks to my beautiful and very talented nail artist, Jessica! Each design you made for me was a depiction of who I really am! I love them all!💗💖❤️ @nailsmadebyjessica . . . #nails #nailart #naildesigns #3dnailart #nails2inspire #gelpolish #acrylicnails #acrylicnailsdesign #coffinnails #stilettonails #nailsaddict #nailstoinspire #ilovemynails #nailsnailsnails #crazyaboutnails #imsovain #oppositeofsimple #pamperyourself #glamour #glamournails #amazing #amazingnails #loveit #loveyourself #fancy