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11 days ago

the artist has his/her own explanation of his/her work. meanwhile, everyone else appreciates works of art differently. when I see a sculpture or painting, sometimes my interpretation deviates from the original quite significantly. but that's my "reality". #subjecttointerpretation #wheniseethisisee the brain and spinal cord. #imsimple at Centre Pompidou

12 days ago

Can I just brag for one second about how amazing and charismatic and loving my husband is?!?! He bought me a BEAUTIFUL jean jacket as an early Mother’s Day present along with a new pair of sandals that I needed. Just last weekend I was looking at some different jean jackets when we were in Miami. I’ve wanted a light colored jean jacket FOR YEARS... don’t ask why 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s just been one of those things... and I couldn’t have picked out a better one myself. Tomorrow I get an evening at the spa to get a massage and facial. (I’ve never had a facial... anyone who has can you prepare me for how good they are ✌🏻) it will be so nice to have a little me time although of course I’ll miss my babies while I’m out that’s what motherhood is all about 😂

12 days ago

I treated myself for Mother’s Day with a mani. An I loved every bit of it. I usually get anxiety going into place because there so disorganized, but TROVE was so clean and organized. Staff was friendly greeted me the second you walked in. It is also hard to find people who are gentle with my cuticles. I am sharing my new favorite place for a manicure in hopes you will all love the experience as much as I did. They also offer a wide range of other services. If your in the Santa Fe area go see the amazing ladies at TROVE. Thanks @lovelysa5m hopefully next time I can book you. It be nice to catch up. #trove #santafe #mani #imsimple #mothersday #loved

15 days ago

Even better the second time around 💯💯

19 days ago

Don't for one second think that in order to be beautiful you need to have watermelon boobs, glutes as round and big as balloons, make up as thick as clay, and lips that are about to pop. In a society where the beauty standard is set by the Kardashians/Jenner's dare to not be one. None of that is real, I'm not saying it's wrong to get work done, do what you want with your body, it's yours. But here I am posting mirror selfies for those who are okay with what was given to us, and for those who are okay fixing our imperfections naturally ❤ P.s. I got this amazing knit cardigan from EarthBound Trading CO. And I LOVE IT. It's one of my favorites now.❤ oh, and my top is from Walmart, scored a mega deal!! 1 dollar!!! 😱 #natural #nofilter #naturalbeauty #latina #brunette #women #speakmymind #naturalmakeup #byekardashians #beyou #earthboundtrading #simplegal #simplemakeup #naturalblackhair #texas #realistic #funandfree #fyourbeautystandards #beauty #freeSpirit #boho #imbeautiful #imsimple #earthboundtradingco #shopsmart #fashionsmart #shopwithaconcience #choker #90schoker #rosas at Applebee's Grill + Bar

23 days ago

Okay total girly weirdo post... I’m finishing up “Every Breath” by Nicolas Sparks (Shut up! I’m a girl and know this is not deep but I love it!!!) and now I want to visit the Kindred Spirit mailbox on Bird Island in North Carolina. I mean I have never been to NC but I ADORE South Carolina and took my kids there almost 10 summers in a row to stay in the same villa right on the beach. So when I fall in love with someone worthy of a love letter, I’m going to go there and put my own love letter in the mailbox! #kindredspirit #birdisland #northcarolina #loveletters #love #bucketlist #ImSimple #girlpost #nicolassparks #audible #everybreath

28 days ago

Duvido alguem ficar triste do lado dela! Não troco a simplicidade da nossa vida FELIZ DE VERDADE, por nenhuma "abundancia" de mesa farta de falsidade! Eu quero DISTANCIA de falsidade. 🌞 💗 DominicA narrando a sua queda na pracinha! Eu adoro ouvir as historia dela... Contada por ela! Dois anos e meio, e ja me superou em TUDO! 💗💗💗 #bomdia #dominica #linda #engraçada #doisanos #fofa #socute #cute #videooftheday #kids #humorista #simple #lifestyle #imsimple #lovestyle #teamofilha

29 days ago

Sometimes, actually most of the time we portray our lives as SO awesome. We only highlight the good and it’s easy to find yourself feeling like you have failed or not doing enough. It’s a freakin hard time to raise kids and to be kids and raised around seeing everyone’s lives so great and not thinking you’re enough because you didn’t get many “likes”. We are very fortunate with advances in technology but I wish so bad we lived in a simpler day!! Anyone else!? #imsimple #keepitsimple #itsthelittlethingsinlife #simplerdays

1 month ago

My labradorite is heart smiling back at me! 😉💜Do you have any labradorite? I can get lost in it for hours. So many cool things to see. #labradorite #heartsmiley #feldspar

1 month ago

🎂🎉🎊🎁I was asked all week what I’m doing for my birthday and it’s still idk nothing major. I had a child round my birthday time so planning his birthday is more important. Aries vs Taurus #happybirthdaytomeee #imsimple at Happy Birthday To Me!!

1 month ago

I'm my own #WomanCrushWednesday 🥰. ______ I'm not impressed by your Gucci, Louis, Benz, Burberry, Bentley or the Cost of your ring. _______ Show me how to handle business. Show me how you handle your Finances. Put me onto how many rental properties you have. Show me how many people you have actually helped in realizing their potential and getting their own. _______ Show me other ways to create generational wealth. Show me how to save. Show me how you lead, and I will follow. #Entrepreneurship #GoGetta #BlackWoman #BusinessWoman #JamaicanQueen #ImSimple 🥴🤓💋🌻

2 months ago

What M O N E Y❗️ means and it’s P O W E R❗️ can do for me. #imSimple

2 months ago

What M O N E Y❗️ means and it’s P O W E R❗️ can do for me. #imSimple

2 months ago

I dnt wanna hear from a nigga who got respect from the family... i want the conversation of the nigga that got the family respect... #IMSIMPLE #PULLUP

2 months ago

Being inside a prism still didn’t make me fully understand Annihilation #imsimple #theshimmer