Ilardelizaprintaday Photos & Videos

10 months ago

thank you, friends and followers and likers! it’s been 6 years since i started my #ilardelizaprintaday series. while i enjoy creating the collages, i wonder if you enjoy seeing it on your feed. there was a time i stopped for 3 months because i thought it might be boring and passé na, but people actually started telling me they missed it. so i continued. tell me what you like! ❤️ #ootd #outfitoftheday #walangkokontra #walangbasaganngtrip

11 months ago

this way to zu! 😆 attending makati shangri-la’s 25th anniversary tonight. requested attire: come in your most colorful 90s attire. well, i’ve been through them all the first time around, but not the denim-on-denim look. added random 90s trends like a crop top, choker, mules (sari-sari store had them in all colors!), the once-ubiquitous kili-kili bag, and i popped my collar. #mango jacket and mules, #uniqlo denim trousers, #penshoppe crop top, #paulsmith bag, #hermes spaghetti twilly turned choker. #ilardelizaprintaday #ootd #outfitoftheday #makatishangxxv

12 months ago

i’m at the solaire VIP lounge waiting to have dinner in the sky! i was advised by people who had been up there to not wear a skirt or dress, use flat shoes, tie your hair, and bring sunglasses (for the 530pm batch, which is me). and since it’s 33°C i’m dressed for heat. ☀️😎 #marimekko x #uniqlo top, #bench culottes, #fitflop sandals, #lindafarrow sunglasses. #ilardelizaprintaday #ootd #outfitoftheday

1 year ago

i’m at bench café for the launch of the face shop, now available at beauty MNL! requested attire: come in your most stylish lounge wear. iow, glammed-up pambahay or pantulog. so i wore a daster-ish dress 😂 (it’s actually perfect for this weather!) ☀️ dress from #bali, #saltwater sandals, bag from #bosniaandherzegovina. #ilardelizaprintaday #ootd #outfitoftheday