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11 months ago

Sometimes in life you have to let go of people that are constantly trying to hold you back & lose a grip on their negativity.. I lost a lot of people in the year since I originally posted this status but iv also gained the better half of me @jack_roachsmith ❀️ also gained a few new friends along the way and I wouldn't change a thing. Positive things happen when you have a positive mind ❀️❀️ #onthisday #ayearagotoday #tbt #lostpeople #gained #mylove #positivity #lovelife #ihaveeveryoneineed #throwback #memories #facebookmemories

5 years ago

My family is made of all my close friends. The people that are suppose to be family my blood are never there for me and are always putting me down but idgf anymore all I need is the people that care about me so thank you for those who are there for me #familysnotalwatsblood #fuckfamily #ihaveeveryoneineed #dontneedblood

6 years ago