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20 minutes ago

Waiting for Aurora Borealis. Got this beautiful night sky instead 😊 It's a composite of two images, one taken in dusk, one later in the night. at Iceland

42 minutes ago

We are back! Thank you to everyone that has supported my brand over the years! Sickness and Homelessness caused me to pause operations of my business. Today, making steps to bring back all the creative fun! Enjoy, Support & Follow! at Toronto, Ontario

59 minutes ago

Observar "isso" da janela de um quartinho simples, faz parecer ainda mais bonito. 😊😍 20:00 ⏲️ #coimbra at Coimbra, Portugal

1 hour ago

We only eat at Paladars in Cuba which are privately owned restaurants. Not only is this a way to contribute to local, privately owners businesses but the food is delicious! #Cuba at Havana, Cuba

2 hours ago

This feels priceless !! Sunrise and Nick in a tree🤟 . Living at the beautiful spot in the world with my little family 💓... it makes my heart sing! . Do you dream big ? Because if not ... you should 🤗 . Can you imagine how your mornings in your kids - school - holidays would look like, when you would own your life ? Having the time freedom and freedom of choice WHEN to work and being able to choose the location ? . No daycare - witness all their milestones - living a life doing what you love most 🙂 . I’m asking you because creating this reality, started with my big dreams to escape my daily Rat Race, back in the Netherlands. . I dreamed about seeing my kids growing up surrounded by wildlife, and greenery, and here we are today 😊 ... living in Costa Rica. This is our youngest - Nick - hanging in the tree lol, early morning, sunrise. . We have no joblife to rush into, neither a “holding us at the spot brick and mortar business”. How?? . We work online 100%. . And I feel so increadible grateful for today’s internet age possibilities!! Being able to reach and help people all around the world. . Who would have thought that a social worker typing with 2 fingers would be running her online affiliate marketing and coaching business and living in Costa Rica ?? . Dhuuuuuuuuuûhhh !!! I would have laughed out loud 5 years ago, 😂 when you would have told me it would be me today 🌞 living in Costa Rica, Job Free, restaurant free and our kids hanging in trees in school holidays!!! . People ask us how we managed to turn our passions into profits online, sharing them on social media? . Don’t worry if you are clueless about what to sell or even feel afraid about the word “selling”. I can help you with that. How to sell without awkward conversations with friends - family - strangers?? . Would you like to know ? How I did it ? Why this ain’t just working for Muriel Dijkema ? But why I KNOW you can do this too? . ▶️ Click my bio link and follow the next step - teaching you the exact steps I took. . - FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY - this is no push button business okay ?

2 hours ago

What is your favourite food in spring season?🌸 Let us know in the comments below, please👇🏼⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ activebreaker🗺 unknown⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Top 2 amazing places to visit in spring✌🏼⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ - Tulip Festival, Netherlands⁣🇳🇱⁣⠀ The country that produces the most tulips in the world becomes covered in colourful striped fields of the blossoming flowers in spring🌷⁣⠀ - Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan🇯🇵⁣⠀ The most important spring celebration takes over the country from late March to the middle of May☀️ Sakura begin to bloom in the south and then move northwards🍃⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ ➡️Use #activebreak to get featured⁣⬅️

6 hours ago

Captions:"The time⌛ you spend 🕴 alone with God 💙will transform your 😇character and increase your 😍devotion. Then your integrity 🌐 and godly 😘 behavior in an unbelieving 🌏 world will make others long to know the🌌 Lord." _ _ _ _ _ #agameoftones #artofvisuals #createcommune #fatal.frames #fstoppers #folkgood #gallery_legit #globalcapture #igpodium #igshotz #illgrammers #justgoshoot #livefolk #moodygrams #mobilemag #portrait_perfection #posepatch #thecreatorclass #theimaged #thevisualcollective #weekly_feature #visualambassadors at தஞ்சாவூர்

11 hours ago

Built in 1767 and is one of the oldest churches in Beirut. Partly destroyed In 1970s civil war, and unearthing a Byzantine church, now open as a museum. The church was rebuilt after the war; some frescoes still bear bullet holes left behind as a reminder of the war. Breathless beauty ❤️ . . . #igworldclub #living_destinations #cool_universe #igpodium #colors_of_day #picturetokeep_nature #roses #superhubs #ig_shotz #igglobalclub #spring #visual_heaven #zamanidurdur #globalcapture #special_shots #ig_mood #jaw_dropping_shots #photoag_it #f4f #l4l #exklusive_shot #ig_myshots #ig_lebanon #photographer #photocinematica #beirut #architecturephotography #hello_worldpics #cbviews #ig_myshots #world_photography_hub at Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral