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This is the Ikon Gallery, Oozells Street, Birmingham. It’s just a few steps away from Brindleyplace and the canal basin. Originally, it was Oozells Street School, built in 1877 and it continued as a school until the late 1960’s. The architect was John Henry Chamberlain, who also designed the fabulous Birmingham School of Art building and the ornate Free Library building in Hockley. Although it started life as a gallery in 1998, I remember it as the Vehicle Tax Office in a dark, dingy, run down area near the stinking cesspit of a canal. Wow... times have changed. #canalisking #birmingham #ilovebrum #igersbirmingham #thisisbham #brum #bbcmidlands #brummie_gems #birminghamphotos #igerswarwickshire #weallshootphotos #westmidlandsphotocollective #photoart #cityscape #citylife #cityview #architecture #architecturelovers #architecturephotography #archidaily #ikongallerybirmingham #ikongallery at Oozells Square

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Project without end, "Brummagem Substitute."⁣ Brummagem: adjective - cheap, showy, or counterfeit.⁣ "a vile Brummagem substitute for the genuine article"⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #brumsub #brummagemprojet #birminghamproject #mycity #birmingham #birminghamstreetphotography #igersbirmingham #filmisnotdead #35mm #deathB4digital #streetphotography #canpubphoto #filmphotography #ourstreets #lensonstreets #life_is_street #SPiCollective #filmphotomag #heyfsc #in_public_collective #everybodystreet #eyeshotmag at Birmingham, United Kingdom

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💜💗🧡💛WHAT SHOULD WE CALL THIS COLOR? 💛🧡💗💜 Few women will risk dyeing their hair in bright head-turning shades. But if you are bold enough, wear such colors proudly! 🦄Assiduously choose your clothing and make-up, always be stylish because you are a star 🌟 who was born to shine bright! 💫- - If you are ready for some #hairlove 👀check out @stephaniehairart bio and click to ☎️call to make an appointment with our color expert #hairartiststephanie @stephaniehairart at Beauty for Ashes Salon and Color bar

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Run free through the field at Digbeth

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Bye bye Box color! The dangers of box dye @camouflageandbalayage because I’ve had to say no to several new guests as of late because of this. It absolutely breaks my heart when I hear clients say they colored their hair with henna, boxed dye or Ion color (yes even a Demi) while henna can be removed (but not always) with a ton of effort using castor oil and possibly 8-10 hours of work the other 2 options can not. These poor clients are devastated when they find out their hair will melt. I’ve done many test strands with the same end result. Metallic salts and textile dyes are no joke. You as the buyer literally have no idea what you just put in your hair. maybe it was pretty to start with (if you were one of the lucky ones) but it’s generally when you want to change your color the reality sets in. These dyes melt hair when Lightener is introduced. Often they can’t be removed using dye removers and bleach generally doesn’t do anything to change the color. Hairdressers aren’t being snobby about boxed dyes. The reality is, we’ve spent hours trying to fix these and often clients are unhappy with the end result. They don’t understand that we can only do what your hair allows us too. I, honestly wish they wouldn’t sell it for a multitude of reasons but the biggest reason is that you most likely just signed yourself up for thousands of dollars IF it can be fixed at all and generally a 2 year sentence with hair you hate. While there are many who get lucky and color their hair successfully at home the fact is many don’t. It’s a gamble. The consumer sees a pretty picture on the box and assumes it’s going to come out like that and is safe 🤦🏼‍♀️ @malibucpro crystal gel #themoreyouknow@camouflageandbalayage at Beauty for Ashes Salon and Color bar

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I do enjoy shooting various reflective compositions, the possibilities are endless at Digbeth

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In Digbeth at Digbeth

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A gentle stroll around Digbeth at Digbeth

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PHOTO OF THE DAY!! We love this hectic street shot by @nj_wilkinson taken on Livery Street!! Hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend! #igersbirmingham #birmingham ============================== • T E A M • @BethAstington @ocuk @frasermcgeefoto ============================== #uk_greatshots #england🇬🇧 #igersengland #visitbritain #visitbirmingham #britains_talent #england🇬🇧 #uk🇬🇧 #uk_shooters #gloriousbritain #capturingbritain #bbcmidlands at Birmingham, United Kingdom