Hydroponicgrown Photos & Videos

4 months ago

Our lovely new tenants are working on something really special. 🌱 . The Growcer saw how the high cost of fresh, healthy food was hurting Canadians in the north so they took action. . They’ve created a food system solution and over the past 3 years have worked closely with communities across Canada to collectivity determine how to grow food locally. 🥬 . Welcome to our growing family, @Growcer! at Makerspace North

1 year ago

More tomatoes are ripening! Really looking forward to eating homegrown tomatoes later this month. at Fort Collins, Colorado

1 year ago

The sight of these ripening tomatoes does my heart good. I just can't believe that we will be eating homegrown tomatoes in April. Hydroponics is pretty amazing. at Fort Collins, Colorado

1 year ago

I spy with my little eye...a ripening tomato!

1 year ago

Reminder to harvest basil before it gets too close to the lights... otherwise the leaves will get scorched. at Fort Collins, Colorado

1 year ago

The tomatoes are getting bigger. They are about the size of a table grape.

1 year ago

Why hello you lovely little tomato cluster.

5 years ago

Working at the Sarasota Saturday Market for my family's farm! So much fun. The strawberries are soooo delicious!! at Sarasota Farmers Market