Humpbackwhales Photos & Videos

16 minutes ago

dreamy swim with humpback whales off the coast of Rurutu πŸ’™πŸ‹βœ¨

42 minutes ago

Swimming amongst 6 adult humpback whales during a heat run.. what an incredible moment! Leaves me speechless..

1 hour ago

Sharing some airtime with an energetic Humpback at dawn this morning near the Inian Islands. This enthusiast breached continuously for at least an hour as the sunlight appeared between layers of fog. Photo @richardsidey with @galaxiid_creative @seabourncruise @allenmarinetoursak @canonusa #whales #humpbackwhales #loveocean #breachingwhale #inianislands #naturealaska #naturepic #wildalaska #wildnorth #wildocean #oceanphotography #wildlifephotography #mycanon #venturesbyseabourn #seabourncruise #seabournsojourn

2 hours ago

Last day in paradise before heading to NZ, feeling completely blessed and somewhat emotional to have had this unbelievable experience and to have met so many awesome people

2 hours ago

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3 hours ago

Can't even put into words how incredible my Saturday morning was! What was supposed to be kayaking with dolphins (there were none) ended with us being joined by 3 humpback whales! 2 adults & their calve travelling back down south but coming for a rest in the bay! Counting myself lucky for such an amazing experience πŸ’•πŸ‹ & yes I cried #byronbay #capebyronkayaks #humpbackwhales

4 hours ago

Such an incredible day - chance encounter with multiple humpback whales and calfs whilst cruising in between snorkel spots. Nature at it's finest in the Galapagos. I bloody love whales! πŸ˜πŸ‹πŸ³πŸ˜

9 hours ago

The best way to identify a humpback whale is the tiny little fin, sitting on a clearly visible hump on the back. There is no other whale with a fin like that. When diving, the whale is clearly bending it's back to a triangle - so, this is the typical look of a humpback as you will see it from the boat. And the bigger the bend, the more likely the whale will lift it's fluke. #greenland #ilovegreenland #greenlandpioneer #visitgreenland #greenlandtravel #arctic #arcticcircle #diskobay #ilulissat #ice #iceberg #icebergs #icefjord #whale #whales #humpback #humpbacks #humpbackwhale #humpbackwhales #whalesafari #whalewatching #whaletrips_greenland #whaletrips | πŸ“· Oliver Dirr / whaletrips

10 hours ago

Vom Anblick eines Wals bin ich immer wieder überwÀltigt 😳😍Wir haben hier in Vancouver zwar keine Orcas gesehen, dafür aber einige Buckelwale 🐳🐳

12 hours ago

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15 hours ago

Aid for sat cay :) it’s a start :) let’s hope #britishairways will provide me with some free extra luggage allowance :)

16 hours ago

Whales and dolphins have horizontal tales coz they evolved from land mammals that walked with flexible spines so their muscles evolved for the up-down motion. Not like fish which evolved from the earliest invertebrates that slithered side-to-side along the seabed. Cooler still are these little jellyfish who are the oldest multi-organ animal on the planet - their clan has been around about 500 million years and they about to get the ride of their lives from the whale tail 🀣🀣🀣 #jellyfish #whaletails #swimmingwithwhales #vavau

16 hours ago

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17 hours ago

Responsible whale watching is an absolute priority for us at @northsailing & @northsailingnorway. That's why we have a Code of Conduct where we approach the whale on its terms, minimising the disturbance. As you can see, the whales appreciate it when they're in control! #northsailing

18 hours ago

{ T O F U A ' A } Wow. We've been utterly spoilt all week w so many swims. Heat runs, a singer, escorts, little crew of four, these guys from a few days ago just lolling about doing tail & fin slaps... Today though. Goodness. Mum, bub & escort. The calf was so playful swimming right up to us, swishing her tail against some of the crew, almost bumping noses and there was one moment where she & I were just swimming alongside one another looking straight at each other!!! That was truly incredible. Allllllll my whale swim dreams have come true but the passion has not been assuaged. If anything it's deepened & I've absolutely developed a lifelong love. #thankyoutangaroa #whalesaremyspiritanimal #whaleswims #spiritdownunder #kingdomoftonga #vavau #southseas #pacificparadise #humpbackwhales #swimmingwithgiants #livingthedream #myheartismadeofoceans

20 hours ago

Tonga welcomed us today with most challenging encounter: a hit run! These males known as "bulls" fight for the female and she will pick the strongest one ... πŸ™„ so they slap each other, push each other, make super strong noises and that can go for long periods of time! 😱 when the female finally chooses the "left behind males" start chilling out and actually celebrate each other, get playful and pretty much accept their loss. πŸ’™ Bless them! These guys were fighting so much and we saw them for only 20" that felt like 2"! Day 1 in paradise with a bunch of awesome humans πŸ’™