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A great weekend is coming to an end 👋🏻 Did we enjoy the actual last day of the summer today? 🤔☀️ We will see and look forward to the beginning of autumn tomorrow...🍁 . . Lovely capture through the mass of houses in #Leipzig by @michaelmuellerphotography 👏🏻📸 . . Ein aufregendes Wochenende geht für uns zu Ende... 😬 den offiziell letzten Tag des Sommers haben wir mit dem bestmöglichen Wetter abgeschlossen 🌞 Da bleibt uns eigentlich nichts anderes übrig, als morgen erwartungsvoll dem Herbstanfang entgegenzusehen 🤗🍂 Wir sind gespannt! #leipzigtravel #lieblingsleipzig . . #saxony #germanytourism #topgermanyphoto #deutschlandkarte #houseoftones #vanishingpoint #citykillerz #ig_deutschland #archdaily #archilovers #weroamgermany #kings_villages #urbanandstreet at Leipzig, Germany

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All of this feels like hot wheels 🔥

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Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it. Remember to “zoom out”. Know your shit. Be of service to others. . That’s just some of the knowledge laid out at yesterday’s #prettythingtour . I was blown away by the women I met, listened to, and had discussions with yesterday. All of them using space and taking it up. Thank you @prettythingla especially founders @myahhollis & @_sarah_hawkins for being grown guiding lights especially for #womeninfilm . It was an honor to see you shine #IRL after all these years of admiring you from afar. If you’re in LA , check out their next stop in November! #feelinginspired 🥰🌟 . 📸 by the incredible @annasham_ /✨ 💋 by the awesome @beyond_theportrait @iliabeauty at New York, New York

27 minutes ago

“The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters.” – Conrad Anker at Seceda-2500m

29 minutes ago

Morning mood on Velika Planina 😍 at Velika Planina

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Once I got asked what the worse kind of pain was that I felt in the entirety of my life, and before I could even think I blurted, “APART FROM HEARTBREAK probably my appendicitis!” ... . And I forgot I wasn’t on tumblr and I said that in real life to colleagues and I was like kmn. Like now now. 🙂 . Happy Sunday Everyone. x . Awein baithay baithay yaad aagayi, aur dobara sharam say doobnay ka dil chaaha tou socha dunya say zara share karloon. :) . Hashtag Sanna and her stupid mouth. at Howth

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Congratulations!! ✨🌹 Photo by: @giulianograniglia Selection by: @zendz35_ . Make sure to go check their wonderful gallery out!! ____________________________________ . . Follow and tag @editvisual or use #editvisual for a chance to get a feature!! ____________________________________ The Family: @fxcreatives @thecreatart ____________________________________ . . . . . . #visualambassadors #artofvisuals #moodygrams #eclectic_shotz #editvisual #agameoftones #way2ill #createcommune #aov #enter_imagination #digitallyart #thegraphicspr0ject #theuniversalart #creative_globe #bestvisualz #manipulationclan #photomanipulation #houseoftones #visualsoflife #peoplescreatives #gramslayers #shotzdelight #launchdsigns #creativegrammer #creative_ace #Visual_Creatorz #welivetoexplore #edit_grams #moodygrams #fxcreatives at Virginia Beach, Virginia

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pnw x bnw ••• One of my favorite views of the city. Had to bring the homie visiting, @marz26 to this spot.

50 minutes ago

🎶"you could never let me down- Northcote" at Santorini

1 hour ago

Do not be afraid to just do something spontaneously. Three weeks ago I got a text from @johnparkerbach asking if I wanted to go to Hawaii and I booked my ticket the next day. How I thought about it was that if I did not go, I would have been kicking myself the entire time that I should have been there. Sometimes you have to not worry about the money and just accept an opportunity. Now I have some of the most insane content after shooting for 4 days straight and some memories that will last a lifetime. . . 📸: @johnparkerbach at Oahu

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Are you guys ready for autumn? at Slovenia

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Hozenji Yokocho. An alley full of restaurants, occupied with salary men, clouds of smoke, and many bottles of sake. . . . . #35mmstreetphotography at Osaka

1 hour ago

WE WANT TO RIDE OUR BICYCLE ! ⁣ This is how we started our weekend. Ready to explore Nuenen, Den Bossch, Heusden and Drunen. 🔥 And how to do this better than by bike? Typically Dutch!🇳🇱 ⁣ •⁣ •⁣ Ps: The legend says, we’ll share this adventure on YouTube in 2 weeks.😏⁣ •⁣ #VisitBrabant @visitbrabant #brabantisopen #spon #hetisdemerckxinthenetherlands at Nuenen

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Geometric shapes

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Hey look a butterfly! Oh’s a shell

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Поездка в Петербург почти окончена. • Это был как «глоток свежего воздуха». Спасибо Питер, надеюсь я вернусь. • Возвращаюсь в рутину. Я уже знаю,что по приезду будет ужасное чувство внутри и как с этим бороться неизвестно. • (Ну и немного сухого текста с гугла) двор восьмиугольной формы свидетельствует об увеличении плотности застройки в XX веке. Здание, которое создает причудливый двор – это доходный дом Занина, построенный в 1916 году. В то время земля резко начала дорожать, вынудив тем самым архитекторов искать пути экономии пространства. При этом некоторые считают, что подобная форма двора-колодца связана с восьмиугольной мальтийской звездой. #saintpetersburg at Saint Petersburg, Russia

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For the love of all bandos, we as explorers have come to know that where there lies risk there lies reward. We put danger on a grand scale, access, understand and pursue it anyway. We are most definitely qualified badasses and that's pretty cool. So, always give yourselves a pat on the back for being all around urbex baddies. Give yourselves the bravery badges you deserve and keep in mind the feeling of accomplishment no matter how insanely/mildly bad the experience may have been. This jarring rollercoaster ride of a lifestyle sure as hell isn't for everyone, but it sure as hell is for you and me. Be safe. Be fierce. Be proud. Love what you do and remember: No trespassing? Who is she? I don't know her. ~ ~ ~ PS. New video upload today! We went to an abandoned factory. Check it out! Link in bio.

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Haben uns gestern nach der Wanderung auf den Schoberstein noch einen Sonnenuntergang am See gegönnt ♡ at Sunset