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⤸ ᴍғ ᴅᴜᴏ 😤 𝙖𝙘 ➢ 𝙚𝙙𝙞𝙩.𝙗𝙖𝙘𝙠𝙨 𝙙𝙩 ➢ 𝙠𝙚𝙤, 𝙙𝙚𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙚𝙮

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Goal Kick Technique - The goal kick is something that a goalkeeper has to perform multiple times in every single game, therefore it’s an area you need to be strong in. Today I will touch on the long distance goal kick which is something that young goalkeepers in particular struggle with as well as some older goalkeepers. The most common misconception about taking a good goal kick is that you need to put all your power into the kick and “kill it”. In fact the opposite is actually required for a clean/accurate goal kick. For anyone who hasn’t yet mastered striking the ball cleanly you should be avoiding adding extra power to your strikes. You must first learn to strike through the ball cleanly and use technique and the momentum of your body to drive the distance of your kick. With a clean full strike technically you should carry the ball 30-50 yards (depending on age and size) without adding any power to your kicking motion. Once you master your ball striking technique you can then start to add more power into your kicking motion. This will start to increase your distance. 🔑 kicking technical points - - Make sure you strike the ball with the laces on your boots - Eye contact must remain on the ball during the run up and when striking. After the ball is struck eyes should remain where the ball was (Refer to 3rd, 5th and 6th photo) this helps to ensure a good contact with the ball. - Planting foot must have adequate distance from the ball in order to strike through the middle of it. If you plant too close you will strike around the ball and curl it. (Refer to 4th photo) - Try to think about finishing the strike with your foot high after the strike, this will encourage you to have struck through the ball. Don’t stab at the ball as this will decrease distance (Refer to 3rd photo) Striking the ball cleanly takes a lot of practice. We recommend kicking 40 balls per week in practice as a starting point. Understand it will take time to develop and see a noticeable improvement! #jwgoalkeeping #goalkeepertraining #goalkeeper #kicking #hopesolo #degea #goalkeeping #goalkick

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I’m back 🤪 ~dts are tagged

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"Creo que cada atleta tiene su ventana de oportunidad, y sólo hay que saltar sobre ella. Nunca se sabe cuando puede terminar. Así que estoy tratando de vivir a lo grande, mientras que tengo la oportunidad" -Hope Solo • • • #sky_collection #world #planetas #future #world_ #amazing_shotz #worldofdance #livetpålandet #sueña #vive #crea #hopesolo #lucha #costarica #mundo #world_ #uswnt #amazingworld #universe #mountain #sinlimites #stkilda #photography #follow #followxfollow #photographer #photog #likeforlikes#likeforlike👍 #reighfc #solo

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Hope Solo was a goalkeeper for the United States women's national soccer team, and is considered one of the greatest ever soccer players. In 2014, she had drunken dispute with her half-sister and 17-year-old nephew. After a heated argument, he grabbed his hair and repeatedly punched him in the face. Then she got on top of him and bashed his head into the cement floor over and over. Her half-sister, Teresa Obert, managed to pull her off, but Solo began beating on her. After calling the cops, the nephew tried to defend himself and his mother with a broom handle. By the time the cops showed up, Obert had a bruised face and a large scratch mark on the side of her neck, and had trouble standing. The nephew had a bloody cut on the bottom of his ear, as well as scratch marks on his arms and redness around his nose and jawbone. While trying to book her, the police had to wrestle Hope Solo to the ground. All the while, she insulted them. She yelled to one cop, "You're such a bitch. You're scared of me because you know that if the handcuffs were off, I'd kick your ass." When asked to take off her necklace, she told the cop that it was worth more than he makes in a year. You won't believe how severely Solo was punished for her behavior. For the rest of the article, please visit the following website: www.phenomenalact.com/single-post/idolize-abusive-women _____________________________________________ #phenoMENalAct #MGTOW #mengoingtheirownway #MRA #maleissues #mensrights #mensrightsactivist #mensrightsactivism #letstalkaboutmen #redpill #theredpill #sexism #misandry #sexist #gynocentrism #misandrist #domesticviolence #domesticabuse #abusivewomen #metoomovement #doublestandards #femaleprivilege #pussypass #hopesolo #rondarousey #metoo #femalerolemodels #amberheard #johnnydepp

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Halo penghuni mistar gawang! Apa rencanamu sore ini?? Latihan atau ada pertandingan? Apapun acaramu, tetap semangat ya! Buat nambah semangat nih mimin kasih video salah satu kiper tercantik di dunia namanya @hopesolo . Dia bukan berasal dari solo lho... tapi dari amerika. Tetap semangat dan jaga kehormatan gawangmu! #penghunimistargawang #kiper #kipercantik #hopesolo #latihankiper #sparing #sparingbola #penjagagawang #goalkeeper #amateurgoalkeeper #profesionalgoalkeeper #sundayleague #indonesiansundayleague #tarkam #tarkambola at Amerika Bagian Wetan

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I wanna thank @tobinheath for being a HUGE inspiration to all the girls out there especially me. She’s always been out there doing her best with the national team and the thorns to inspire girls to not give up on their dreams. @tobinheath is a huge role model because she practices so hard to get better and to increase her skills and is THE best player in the world in my opinion. @tobinheath has inspired me to fight for what I want for example women equality and so far I have been fighting for what I want. I love to make Uswnt designed art especially about Tobin because one day I want to be like her. My dad got me a ticket for the Wnt vs Belgium game so I could try and get a chance to meet her and I did get some USA stuff for my birthday and I really wanted one of my birthday presents to be @tobinheath so hopefully one day I’ll have the chance and GO BRING BACK THE WORLD CUP @tobinheath 🧡 (Tag @tobinheath in the comments hopefully she’ll see this!!) #uswnt #usa #Soccer #roster #2018 #2019 #2019worldcup #worldcup #womenequality #alexmorgan #carlilloyd #tobinheath #mallorypugh #jillellis #tobinheath #17 #hopesolo

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•EYES ON THE PRIZE 🎁👀 Keep your eyes on your goals! If you lose focus, you wont get your prize..🤔 Tag your GK friend ⤵️ Follow our page @gksmotivation 💯 #hopesolo