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"but then again..." Share if you relate. Share it to the one's who'd relate.🍻 0.

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Who says 'one to one' conversations are always boring? All of us need 1 to 1 conversations to simplify this complex life. The only necessary condition for these conversations to be useful is that communication should be HOT; honest, open and two sided! Wish everybody HOT communication with their loved ones! Picture Description - Zara and me in our lift lobby area. I need to go out and this is how she is expressing her emotions. A lot to learn from her on the front of unconditional love! #communication #simplelife #conversation #loved ones

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what's up my bro?

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Hello, there #peacefull_warriors! What a wonderful morning to let the sunshine in!😊 Let us #open our #hearts, develop courage and stamina but first stand really #strong and well #grounded: one leg back, one leg forward, hips facing forward, and chest lifted. This powerful stance can help you gain inner strength and courage, letting you open up to yourself and others.❤ Regular practice of  #Warrior #Virabhadrasana increases flexibility in the hips and strengthens and tones the legs, ankles and feet. Working on Warrior I will improve all standing poses as well as hip openers. In this pose we get a twist for the spine, while the opening of the shoulders and side body prepares us for backbends. Because of many different elements Warrior I is a complex pose with a lot of different alignment cues to learn. Keeping all these in mind while staying with the breath can feel a bit like a juggling act. But this is Warrior Pose after all - named after the fierce warrior Virabhadra, who is said to symbolize our inner ability to overcome ego and ignorance. The warriors challenge and test us but in doing so bring us #strength, #focus and #confidence. Also they bring courage, willpower and determination to do what needs to be done. At the same time they can help you to shift your awareness and its practice expands the way you experience and perceive yourself. You will become more open, #authentic, no longer being afraid to be #honest, to yourself and others. Practice, and experience for yourself how it can bring along physical, mental, emotional and spiritual #transformation and #growth. #yogapractice #yogagirl #yogateacher #yogaeveryday #yogaeverywhere #loveandsunshine #winterpractice #belgradeparks #beyourself #enjoy #celebratelife #justpracticeandalliscoming #guerillayoga at Hajd Park

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Whilst I agree with this, over the past few months I have realised that both can be abused. I used both as a way to form some control in my life, the food I ate was healthy yes, but was not enough too sustain the extreme amounts of exercise i was putting myself through on a daily basis. I craved the endorphins I felt because my life was falling apart. Many people didnt notice but those closest to me did and warned me to slow down but I kept pushing. Around October of last year i started eating more of the right foods but carried on pushing and I'm now i'm at a point where I'm not allowed to do what I love for a couple of weeks with orders to rest and have a few antibiotics to take. When I go back to exercise I have to go back light (eurgh) and I will because I have to. Plus side is I have slept more in 2 weeks that I have in 9 months 😴😴 Exercise is an amazing therapy just don't abuse it. I am in a much better place in my head now and my body is catching up ❤ #exerciseistherapy #dontabuseyourbody #eatwell #eatright #eatenough #fuelyourbody #exerciseisgood #lessonlearnt #honest #thetruthofit #dontgiveup #istillgotthis #justresting #timeout #eatallfoodgroups #everythinginmoderation #fitness #exercise #diet

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Are you ready to deepen your #connection to your #intuition, to your #soulwisdom, and to the #energies around you that can guide and support you in life? ⭐️ Do you feel disconnected, emotionally or spiritually isolated, lonely, uncertain, scattered or ungrounded? ☀️ This bundle will help you to find your way back to a sense of connection and #belonging. ⭐️ Do you feel #outofflow, too hurried and not where you need to be? ☀️ This bundle will help you to #slowdown and #moveback into alignment with your soul's deeper #truth. ⭐️ Do you feel as if there is a calling for you, or something you are meant to be doing with your life? ☀️ This bundle will help you #reconnect to your talents, gifts and unique qualities that you brought to this life to work with and build upon. The material in the Stardust Connection Meditation Bundle can be used at any time over the next four years, and beyond. My intention with this bundle is to help you become #confident in your direction, your intuition, and your contribution to the unfolding history of the world and humanity. Do this work with hope in your heart. What we think about, focus on and give attention, multiplies. Be #honest, be #brave, and #trust that you are here right now, in this life, to make a difference starting right where you are. #Youmatter. What you do matters. Your life matters. More than you might know. Thank you for the work you will do now, and the #positiveenergy you will be adding back into the world at a time when she needs your illumination and love. Click the link in our bio @cauldronsandcupcakes to read more about this bundle

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...just say saying ya know = at first the ambient sound that is in the atmosphere begins to break up into pulses, then the pulses form into their individual lengths ,they curate and define themselves ,the curves of sounds take shape and one hears voices ....lol...but it's just a saying for the idea of a connection to others ......... #film #y tvoutube #pubg  #hiking #honest #pubgmobile #noisycrickets #lighthouseempire #noisycricketss #videogames #movies #cinematography  #cinema #action #thoughts #battleroyale #mobilegaming #mobilepubg #videocamera #featurefilm #gaming #woods #youtube #youtuber