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3 hours ago

I recently had to make peace with my old nemesis, letting go. It’s never been my strong suit, I’ll admit, despite recognizing it as an important part of life. A long time ago I came across a Buddhist quote, “and in the end, all that matters is, how well did you live, how well did you love, how well did you learn to let go.” I knew the fundamental truth in this statement but inside me something still protested, noooo! I want to keep all the things and people I love tight in my grasp, forever! But sometimes that doesn’t serve us, or them. That became apparent to me recently and I knew I had to release someone very dear to me. I told this person that while they are always welcome at my door, whether they knock is their choice and I had peace either way. I had made this decision mostly for them, but also for myself, and I will never forget the moment I decided and felt the burden lift. Despite the sadness, I knew it was the right thing to do. That same day, I came across a magnet at a gift shop that gifted me this message. Let go or be dragged. So this is letting go, I thought. What bittersweet pain. How many times have I held onto something when I needed to let go, thinking I was avoiding pain when actually I was causing myself more agony by holding on and getting dragged through the dirt over and over, finding myself scratched and bleeding at the end of every day. I would rather let go with grace. I find it interesting that I have become so infatuated with octopuses, who are masters at holding on with their incredibly strong clutches, at this time in my life when I am learning the opposite. I guess it’s helpful to remember that like most things, life is a balance of the two...an art, really, and it’s up to us to recognize when its time to use our suckers or release what we love to the sky, perhaps never to be seen again. I imagine this is wisdom that comes with age and experience...and lots of mistakes. God knows I must be ahead of the game there. ❤️

5 hours ago

Maaaaaaaaaaan Erie PA. We are here and ready to gooooooo. You may wanna be in the building tomorrow night. We are going on. #STRENGTH. #HOLDINGON.

8 hours ago

How are you Everything That I have ever Wanted? The calm and steady Flow Of the Clinch river From my childhood. Every falling star I've ever Wished upon. The girl Of my dreams And the embodiment Of strength. The taste Of mountain mist And breathless trees. You are Pure Spring water Trickling Into a real dream. The purpose That fills me With so much peace. The most beautiful Heart That I have ever seen. A brilliant mind I need to get lost in For a thousand lifetimes. A soul That feels so… comfortable, A home, I know I will never leave. You are a promise That I will always keep. The permanent scent Of Lilacs And forever sweet. I'm often astounded By the entirety Of who you are, Because I'm in love with All of you, every part. You penetrate And conquer me All-the-way deep; My mind, My soul, My heart. It's everything about you, Everything, You are so ridiculously Beautiful to me, In every way. I belong to you, So I am yours to shape However you please. . . Eric James • I Belong to You . . "Coming Home" . . #maximumeffort ( #yours ! #mine ! ) #cominghome ❤✨ . . (take me home, baby, baby, it's the only place i really wanna be). #you #me . . Hope. Faith. I hope this is enough so you can huff and puff. ❤❤ . . . . . . #poetry #poems #poets #writersofig #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #writingcommunity #spilledink #wordsmith #poetrycommunity #loveletters #poetryisnotdead #word ( #followyourheart ) #poeticjustice #intuition #forgiveness #iloveyouforever #love #trust #holdingon #helpmefindmyway #bliss #amadeuspoetry at Caption

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5:30 AM my alarm went off this morning. From the moment I opened my eyes I knew that today would be different then the last couple of days. I have zero motivation to get through the day. It’s so hard to hold on to the motivation to keep going. It’s extremely difficult to hold on to what keeps me grounded. And it’s even harder to hold on to my sanity. I’m just trying to hold on so I can get through the day. . . . . . #mentalhealthawareness #anxiety #depression #holdingon #keepongoing #bestrong #mentalhealthblog

16 hours ago

💃🏼Swinging into the bank holiday weekend💃🏼⁣ ⁣ Whatever your plans, enjoy them and live in the moment. ⁣ ⁣ We’ve got 7 more sleeps until we’re on our family vaycay... this is possibly my excited face too!? Haha 😂 😆 ⁣ ⁣ #wolfrun2019 #healthylifestyle #lifestyleblogger #wayamba #healthandwellness #fitness #holdingon #bankholiday #weekendvibes #fridayfeels #friday #familytime #enjoy #vegetarianrecipes #healthybakes #muffins #snacks #eatwell #foodfreedom #intuitiveeating #wellbeing #happiness #ditchthediet at Balsall Common

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#thoughtfulthursday ... #thoughtoftheday💭 ... If you’ve been following my storyline, the #dandelion has been a theme in my life this month- so naturally I was drawn to this. There has been sooo much talk on social media this year about #selfcare, and #selflove ... but these concepts can really only be put into place is we meditate on them daily, reminding ourselves of our intentions. These #mantras are more than words. Just like in any fitness or nutrition program... wellness can only be achieved by #doingthework ! And it is work!!! I’ll share something with you- I’m no where near at the top of my game when it comes to these concepts... but never have I worked on it more than this year. As five months of 2019 quickly passes us by- I am very aware of how much my mind has evolved, due to daily meditation, journaling, reflection, and constantly resetting and refocusing on my #intentions. #fridayfunfacts : I have been a #hoarder my entire life. Growing up a small small town #countrygirl , we hold onto everything! Every item of our lives; symbolizing a memory. We pass these treasures from generation to generation. Now with nearly 21 years in Philly, I’m becoming more aware than ever just how foreign my roots are to the lifestyles of my current peers. However, #iamwhoiam ! That said, i. my #selfwork , I’m finding myself at a crossroads in my old mindset, realizing that #holdingon can be #toxic, and keeps your mind in the past. I’m currently working on the concept of #beingpresent ... and in this, have begun to do a lot of evaluation as to what is worth holding onto, vs. what must be #letgo. I’m reminded of a Japanese philosophy on decluttering... with each item, (or person, as the case may be)? One must ask themselves... does this “something, someone, or even an old habit, hobby, or ideal” bring me joy? If the answer is no... #letitgo ! #bodymetamorphic #transformationoftheindividual #fitnessnutritionwellness

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I have and still dissect most systematic & man made rules set alongside my life's journey,more so when my path is being challenged head on,aucastrated purposely or otherwise,yet I still rise and stand firm on broader stages of a few's wishful thinking being's dreams,while solidifying the minute elite mentorship network circle,fearlessly,not bending for any passing wind that blows my way,with a never selling myself short attitude filled with patients and humanity,dipped with home basic principles from birth,carrying pending outcomes to enrich others,centered & embodied by a wealthy safe mode. #lessons #holdingon #fullcoracle #dankiejozi #keepwalking #creativeshub #parentsprayer #perseverance #snapshots_daily📷 #iphotographydesigns #nelsonmandelabridge at Johannesburg

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This is a sound listen from John C. Maxwell one of the leading experts on leadership development. You must chose to grow. If you are not moving forward, then you are moving backwards. It's impossible for us to be great at everything all at once. That is why you will have to decide on what areas in your life you want to grow in. Create a growth environment. that is surround yourself with people and things that will help you get to your goals sooner. Remember, it all starts with intention. Fair Use Act Disclaimer. Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

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Irrespective of what may or what may not be, hold on to the one, who has proven, over and over that, no matter the situation you're faced with, you're loved, you're cared for, and you're cherished. HoLD on To tHAt ONE💞💞💞 . . On what basis do you stand to decide whether or not to let go of someone? The lines above are an excerpt from my new poem. Visit link in bio to read full poem: rachealwyettey.wordpress.com . . #poetry #Rachealwyettey #poem #holdingon #writers #holdon #writer #poet #poetrylovers #blogger #friendship #love #writerscommunity #poeticjustice #excerpt #wordoftheday #relationship #mirakee #verse #mirakeeans #author #DearDamsel #instablog #blogpost #Damselsonfire #writersofinstagram #instagrammers #writersnetwork #poetrynerd

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Today make 6yrs my oldest Son pass, He was 18 yrs old when he drown swimming across inks lake. We always been a dedicated parents to our son, hell or high waters always been there since day 1, my wife and I had lil Johnny very young, we was just teenagers not knowing what way was up, but God use his birth to begin the change in my wife and I lives. So Losing him was a heartbreaking tragedy 😪.... but knowing that God is sovereign, and Father knows best, We continue to believe that He is even working our Son passing for the good. We don't have all the answers to our questions but we choose to trust our Heavenly Father day by day as we live in the honor of our beloved Son Johnny W. Mosley Jr..... Aug. 20, 1994- May 23, 2013 Will always Hold a special place in our heart..❤❤❤❤We Love and miss you dearly.... #lovewins #nevergiveup #loveneverfails #keeppressing #godswill #holdingon #gonebutnotforgotten #belovedson #loveandfamily #todieisgain #toliveischrist #familylove @kittyen_kat @joshmosley_ @jah_dai_ at Inks Lake

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Taking it second by second. Sometimes it’s just like this for some of us. Running on empty doesn’t serve anyone, we must prioritize and set short terms goals. Be gentle with yourself when trying to push through. Life is gonna show up, just make sure you don’t give up. Your worth it. If you stopped, start again!!! Push til it moves. Sometimes the smallest tweak can be all that’s needed. #throitndabag #truthheals #branding #holdingon #selfmotivate #push #business #entrepreneur #timingiseverything #instagood #barbers #salon #charity #entertainment #fashion #style #tatts #spa #dmv #nyc #atl #cali

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How many of you are willing to let things go and situations and people die? Let’s be real about this. People who don’t mean you well and situations that aren’t benefiting your cause. Today many of us will be faced to let people go as well as the situations that meant no good. The rewards might be a peace of mind and surroundings. New friends. Jobs And better opportunities to explore. While for some of us well experience more chaos from just not letting things and people be put to rest. The inability to let things go will cause us to end in the wrong place and develop a form of depression. And if that’s the case: then doesn’t the major problem lie with you? 13 = 4 in Numerology and it deals with the foundations and structures of what we know, believe, live and socialize in. It also connects to all communications #esotericknowledge #spirituality #numerology #motivationalquotes #structures #universe #rebuild #possibilities #tarotcards #tarot #tarotreading #tarottribe #death #deathcard #motivation #success #letgo #holdingon #keepingitreal #makingdecisions #positivity #positivevibes #universequotes #number4 #4

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I posted this last year on Facebook, but man... it’s so so good! I was listening to a podcast today and God spoke to me as I was looking at my ring. This ring. This ring is beautiful. My dream ring. It’s unique. There’s not another like it. I see a beautiful ring. I don’t see the fire it was put in to melt the medal. I don’t feel the pressure the rock felt to change into a diamond. I see the end result of hard work and dedication. Which gives me something beautiful and unique, it doesn’t look like everyone else’s...some of my friends are struggling. Just know you’re not seeing the beautiful end result yet... you’re simply in the fire and on the other side you’ll be beautiful and polished, unique. . . . . #polished #inthefire #makingmenew #hardwork #holdingon

2 days ago

This was me on day 3 after the start of the silence part of the meditation. . Just before this photo when we finished up our last meditation of the day a lot of emotions came up and tears began to flow. . When the music started to play (as a sign that the meditation was done), I felt there was an emotional shower pushing to come out. . So I immediately went to the beach because I didn't want to be comforted during this break out. . And believe me, there was a room full of BEAUTIFUL people ready to help. . But when someone wants to comfort me, I close myself off immediately and I didn't want to push this back down. . It was ready to come out, ready to be released. . So I took care of myself and I did what felt good and safe for me in that moment. . On the beach when I was alone (or when I thaught I was alone) and in my safe cocoon, I could let it all out and I cried like a baby. . It was hard, but the relief after a deep cry is always so liberating. . So this is also me, I am strong, but I also cry when needed and mostly by myself. . Holding myself and give myself the space for what was showing up. . The little wounded me 💖 . Thank you, dear friend for sending me this photo today. . . . . . . . . . . #perfecttiming #personalgrowth #rumi #awereness #awakenyoursoul #personalgrowth #pain #release #goodcry #meditate #meditation #silence #quote #love #lettinggo #holdingon #emotions #asilomar #makeadifference #beingreal #vulnerable #selfcare #selflove #retreat #innerchild #innerwork #growth #evolvingoutloud at Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds

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Good Morning!! This just is a real reminder God has not left and He is going THROUGH with you turning that pain, sorrow, sickness, loss, etc. into a wonderful New thing. If He has gone through the storm with you before do not look for it to be the same way this time. He is the GOD of NEW THINGS!! Old ways are in the past this time calls for new plans and strategies so do not question them or His timing because NEW THINGS can take time. Plus like Daniel's answer that took the angel 21days of battling demons of hell to get to him. We do not know the battles coming against our answers, our NEW THING!!!! Be careful You are not delaying it with your own words,{{'I know God can BUT', 'God can do anything BUT I feel sick,the Dr said..!', ' Nothing is impossible for God, BUT maybe I did not really hear Him say STAND for ...!' !!!}} I have spoken all these words at times in my life. I am learning more and more the power of my words. So today God woke me up and this was on my heart to speak. I am sharing so that one or all of you will be blessed and reminded too of the power of our words. They can bring down the favor of God into our situations or delay His NEW THING He has planned for us at His chosen TIME to be released. Speak with the FAITH of GOD today over your life! Blessings!!! #InspiredByHisLoveForUs #IGInspiration #InspireOthers #instagramTexas #HisWord #WALKINGBYFAITHNOTSIGHT #TrustingGod #PowerOfPrayer #PowerOfYourWords #Scriptures #SpiritFilledLife #Change #JESUS #LUKE137 #Isaiah5417 #Hallelujah #HoldingOn #Speak #FaithofGod #ILoveJesus

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Moafaq työskenteli ennen Irakissa häävalokuvaajana. Kun hän joutui jättämään kotinsa Mosulissa ja pakenemaan Qayaraan, ennen mittavasta kamerakokoelmasta jäi vain tämä yksi pokkarikamera ja vanha videokamera jäljelle. Moafaq ja hänen perheensä asuvat maan sisäistenpakolaisten leirillä 35 000 muun ihmisen kanssa ja odottavat päivää, jolloin kotiin voi taas palata. Miljoonat ihmiset joutuvat pakenemaan kodeistaan vuosittain. Mitä sinä ottaisit mukaan jos joutuisit lähtemään? #HoldingOn @unmigration