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15 hours ago

➡️➡️ ➡️➡️ Freebie Friday....⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️ I thought it would be fun to do a Free Friday giveaway..... I've never done one before... I'm giving away a variety of my goat milk soaps... they are pure, natural, free of chemicals and fragrances and scented with essential oil. Here's what you do to enter.... * like this post and follow me * comment if you'd like to be entered to win * tag 3 friends too I'd love to see hundreds of entries...I'm also doing a giveaway on Instagram, follow me there too and enter naturallovinmomma... Love the skin you are in...let's do this !!!

7 days ago

Toes in the water, Ass in the sand, something cold in his hand... life is good. @zacbrownband could be proud. ... . . We threw caution to the wind a went on a couples trip. We had 2 kids when We graduated college, then lived in 3 states in a year, started a business, built a house, had another baby, got a new job, then chaos with my health for about a decade, had a couple more kids and another new job and then bought a fixer upper hobby farm. Life doesn’t show signs of stopping but I’m healthy and his job is stable. So despite the chaos that life will always be, we stole away for 6 days. . Grateful to my sister for watching my boys and to my girls for taking care of each other and the house so we could go. .. Dave Ramsey would not be proud, but I’ve learned recently that life is for living ... . . . . #couplestrip #couplesretreat #sanjosedelcabo #toesinthewater #toes #lifeisgood #anniversary #hobbyfarmers #gingerinparadise #spf50 #vacation #❤️myhusband ... . . . Also! Playing along with @camoandfeathers & @the_red_barn_farm for #❤️myfarm because the theme is #valentine and he’s been my valentine for 18 years

9 days ago

I hated all my stuff "floating" around in my pocket so I requested (and #1 made) an organizer that I've carried in my left pocket EVERY DAY for the last 3 years. It was originally made from cloth, but after a few holes it got a coating of duct tape...and later another layer was added. Today she made me an upgrade and then wax coated it. (pen, comb, stylus, and #skeeterhollow lip balm) #loveit . . #everydaycarry #edcgear #hobbyfarmers #pocketorganizer #handmadecrafts #homemadeisthebest #smallfarmers #minifarm #waxcoating #backyardfarmer #getorganized

11 days ago

For 3 years I have gone back and forth on what to do with my kitchen to “spruce” it up without breaking the bank. Well guys, today was the day. As soon as the kids were out the door I chugged my coffee and went to work. I just finally sat down and ate breakfast ( yes at 1pm 🤷‍♀️) BUT the cabinets are down, shiplap is up and half the shelves are up and styled all before my husband came home! I’m calling that a win!! Of course like any good DIY project I ran out of paint just as I was rounding the corner to the finish line. So tomorrow is another day but I can not wait to show you!! . . Sharing this little cutie collecting eggs last spring for #roosdaytuesday with @newburyfarms 🐓 🥚 . . Checkout a few posts back for your chance to win a custom painting of one your fur babies of the paw or hoof variety! ( or really anything in between ) . . . . . . . . . . . #kidsandchickens #raisethemwild #farmkids #kidsonthefarm #backtoourroots #homesteading #lifeinthecountry #countrysideandfarmlife #funonthefarm #homestead #farmgirl #farmkidslife #carharttkids #tractorsupply #chickenlady #crazychickenlady #hobbyfarmlife #hobbyfarming #hobbyfarmers #theyarejustwee #freerangekids #freerangeeggs #diynestingbox #riseandshinemothercluckers #myittybittyfarmhands #hunterandgatherer #eggapron

12 days ago

This cold weather has really taken its toll on egg production. That,mixed with the stress of moving, has left us with very few eggs. When we do find some eggs they look like this. Frozen hard as a rock. I had to buy eggs this week and that hasn’t happened in a very long time. Sure does make you appreciate those farm fresh eggs when you don’t have them. I’m so happy to see temps are rising soon and I’m hopeful to get back to normal egg production. C’mon Spring!!! at Walkersville, Maryland

19 days ago

You can tell that the severe cold is starting to take a toll on our chickens, and the worst of the polar vortex isn’t even here, so we moved them into our garage, and did a makeshift coop. The heat lamp is zip tied to the rafters, and the waterer is heated. While Cody went to get water for the waterer, they started making chicken music, pecking at the ice on the box that we set their water on. Here’s to hunkering down for the next few days. Stay safe everyone! #hobbyhollerprepares #hobbyfarmers #coldchickens #hunkerdown @cwhitechaplin

19 days ago

I constantly think about what my children will be like when they are grown. But when I really look back on it, I am not far from the child that I was. (Just a few more bills and a lot less patience 😆). I can remember rearranging my bedroom a million times and decorating with anything that was free or cheap at yard sales ( still one of my favourite things). I always loved animals. I showed calves in 4H, went to horse camp every summer. I can remember building “houses” with my brother and cousins out of stacked potato boxes. We would take my moms good steak knives outside and use them as hand saws to cut little doors and tunnels between them. If my grandparents and dad would have caught us there would have been hell to pay I’m sure lol ( sorry Dad) . I even made a fully functional cattle barn for my little brother out of popsicle sticks including a calving pen, working gates, the whole 9 yards. I definitely strayed from my passions in my teen years trying to figure out who I was I guess but in the end, ended up back where I started; hobby farming, painting and building. ❤️ . . It’s funny how life does a full a circle isn’t it? . . . Are you the same as you were as a child or much different ? . . . . . . #farmgirl #farmkidlife #littlecountrygirl #mylittlecountrygirl #raisethemwild #farmkids #kidsonthefarm #backtoourroots #homesteading #lifeinthecountry #countrysideandfarmlife #funonthefarm #farmkidslife #hobbyfarmlife #hobbyfarming #hobbyfarmers #theyarejustwee #freerangekids #freerangeeggs

20 days ago

Happy Sunday! This is my little family! Thought I’d do a quick little intro for those I haven’t “met yet”! .. .. We live in Central Oregon on our little 5 acre hobby farm. We have 2 horses, 2 cows, 29 chickens, 1 kitty and hope to add a doggie late summer (we lost our best doggie ever in May)! 🤞🏼 I began my small shop journey a little over 3 yrs ago and it has surprised and blessed me and my family to the max! I remember my hubby looking at me in the evenings and wondering why on earth I was pouring so much time, money and energy into my new “shop” when I had plenty on my plate with a 1 yr old and little farm. .. .. 3 yrs later he is definitely on board, although would like me to relax a little more occasionally, and is building this little shop a she shed! 🙌🏻 I loved my work as a school counselor, and miss it a lot, but felt like if I stayed home, I could better focus on us, especially with my hubby’s regular work travels! So that’s us in a quick nutshell! If you’ve made it this far, I’d love to know how long you’ve been doing IG or your small shop? .. .. Sweater by @therusticcoop .. #thisisus #thisisbend #makersgonnamake #smallshopjourney #etsy #mylittlefamily #hobbyfarmers #wahm #blessed

21 days ago

Doing chores solo this morning after reading the temperature gauge on the truck at -38c . I can’t imagine why the kids had no interest in helping me 😆 . . So for #❤️myfarm Saturday with @camoandfeathers and @the_red_barn_farm I am showing an oldie from a couple summers ago. My daughter loves helping me with every aspect of the farm whether it be gardening or the animals, she loves it. My son is starting to show more interest as he gets older but usually he ventures more to towards dumping the grain, or pestering the chickens or playing in the mud. But hey, boys will be boys right ? 😂. . . Play along, and show these ladies your little farm helpers! @roaringacres @ouridahoroots . . . . #kidsandchickens #raisethemwild #farmkids #kidsonthefarm #backtoourroots #homesteading #lifeinthecountry #countrysideandfarmlife #funonthefarm #homestead #farmgirl #farmkidslife #carharttkids #tractorsupply #chickenlady #crazychickenlady #hobbyfarmlife #hobbyfarming #hobbyfarmers #theyarejustwee #freerangekids #freerangeeggs #diynestingbox #riseandshinemothercluckers #myittybittyfarmhands #theyarejustwee

26 days ago

💕 Who here has had their feelings hurt? I know I have! But let’s take a moment to talk about our feelings. According to the Google dictionary, the feelings are described as, “Emotional states or reactions”. Emotional state, huh? That means it’s not permanent because it’s only a state! Happy, sad, angry, hurt, tired, grouchy, elated… none of them last. And when that can sometimes be a good thing when the feeling is negative, you also have to note that happy feelings don’t last either. No feelings last forever, that’s why we keep having new ones. Good or bad, feelings are just an emotional state we are in. They are also described as “reactions”. How we react to something is our feeling about it. Makes sense, because situations are what create feelings. That’s how we get our feelings hurt. This also means that technically, we can CHOOSE what our feelings will be. We can choose how we react to situations, right? Therefore, we can choose what feelings we have about it! WE get to decide whether or not the situation is going to hurt our feelings, or whether it’s going to be ok! Let that sink in for a second! So next time you FEEL as if your feelings were hurt, take a moment to MAKE that decision for yourself, don’t let it be made for you! And then also remember that if you DO still feel hurt, that the moment won’t last. It’s only a state. This year, don’t just follow your heart, LEAD your heart! Our feelings are like children, fleeting, always changing their minds, and never knowing quite what’s right for them. So as my devotions said, “Put them in the backseat and tell them where YOU’RE going!” 🙌🏻 . . . #dailydevotions #dailydevotionalreading #feelingshurt #dontgetyourfeelingshurt #feelingstronger #pghfitnesswithbeth #puregenuinehappiness #palife #palifestyle #physicianassistant #hobbyfarmers

27 days ago

When it’s below freezing and cloudy, alfalfa hay it is! Little miss independent Josie realized she was grazing alone and needed to get in on the action. My little love bug Red with his green snout had to come see what Mama was doing. All of the animals are enjoying this Sunday. It will be a quiet day here in the farm ❄️ #elizabethacres #farmlife #farmher #farmgirl #yogionafarm #kunekune #kunekunesofinstagram #pigsofinstagram #red #piperandjosie #icelandicsheep #sheepofinstagram #coldwinterday #vinnieandstellajune #hobbyfarmers #wool #pasturepigs #wearefarmers at Elizabeth Acres

29 days ago

My little animal lover giving her girls a pep talk 2 summer ago . 👧 🐓 🐓 🐓 . So many times in the warmer months I’ll look around to find the kids hanging out in the coop. My daughter when she was younger would try to get each hen to lay in a nesting box all at the same time . I don’t think she ever succeeded but it sure was funny to watch. Those hens sure do love her though and have become so friendly from all the time spent with them. . This was two summers ago before we did some upgrading in the coop. Can not wait to get back at it this spring ! Oh and add some more ladies to the flock 😀 . . Do you have any plans for your coop? . . . . Sharing for #farmherfriday for @camoandfeathers ! 🐔. . . . . #fluffybuttfriday #kidsandchickens #raisethemwild #farmkids #kidsonthefarm #backtoourroots #homesteading #lifeinthecountry #countrysideandfarmlife #funonthefarm #homestead #farmgirl #farmkidslife #carharttkids #carhartt #tractorsupply #chickenlady #crazychickenlady #hobbyfarmlife #hobbyfarming #hobbyfarmers #theyarejustwee #freerangekids #freerangeeggs #diynestingbox

1 month ago

Weasels can be beneficial to have around your property, especially if you garden. They keep the rodent population down! The problem is, if their natural food sources become scarce, they can and WILL turn to eating your chickens. Click the link in our bio to read how you can protect your chickens from weasels without harming any animals in the process. . . . . . #weasels #livestock #predator #weasel #chickencoop #backyardchickens #homesteading #homestead #homesteadlife #chooks #hens #roo #homesyeader #raisingchickens #farmlife #hobbyfarm #hobbyfarmers #homesteadersofinstagram

1 month ago

These boys and their daddy loaded up our two heritage-breed Red Wattlers to take them to be processed today! These guys dined on hickory nuts, black walnuts, weeds, brush, garden leftovers (soooo much okra!), kitchen scraps, and a tiny amount of old cat food (🤣 remember the story of the piggy who got stuck in our neighbor’s fox trap?). These guys were a PAIN when they were “teenagers” until we figured out how to keep them in a pasture / wooded area (hint: double fencing - physical barrier on the outside with electric on the inside, or an electric chicken wire mesh fence... also helps to have reliable electricity running out to your fence... 🙄), but they got belly scratches throughout their lives and I’m fairly certain my husband would do them again. I’m waiting to taste these bacon and ribs to tell you my verdict... 😉 Also, although I’m sure it’s different for everyone, our kids do SO well with the animals - even processing time! Though we do have one tom turkey who is now a pet / flock protector (I’m trying to get a video of him doing his protector “dance” / slapping the face of our farm dog on the other side of the fence... it’s hilarious) because our oldest loved him, other than that they’ve been completely fine understanding that we raise certain animals for the purpose of being healthy food. We involve them in all aspects of caring for them and raising them; talk about why we make certain choices (what to feed them, how to care for them, what they’ll provide others in food); and we say a prayer, thanking God for them, for their life, and for the food they’ll provide our family. This was (and still is!) our dream, and it’s incredibly sweet to see it unfold!

1 month ago

This hen is named Jason. Jason was named by my children (with great love) after my stepbrother and his 9" highschool spikes and inclination toward black clothing. This stepbrother has been vegan for nearly 2 decades (I think), so there's a bit of irony in that. He's also a drum instructor in Berkeley, so we've got expectations for this hen. . This is our first time keeping chickens. We've tended chickens and other farm birds several times. My kids have poured over the @meyer_hatchery and @cacklehatchery catalogs for months on end. We have gotten every kid-readable chicken book from the #library and kept them well past their due dates. We met @thejustinrhodesshow on his Great American Farm Tour and will got excited for "one day". But this, this is real responsibility for real lives. We didn't start small. The house conveyed with 19 hens, some older ladies, some #bantam, and an even mixed dozen that just started laying. We've lost one already to an unknown fate and I've briefly considering getting a dog. In recent years, one of our new neighbors trapped and dispatched 150 raccoons. We're told the odds are against us by all those neighbors that keep replenishing their flocks as their own hens are taken. #Farmers, even #hobbyfarmers, are determined folk, undaunted. To add to the chaos, my husband's coworker gave us his three older hens as his family moves to the UK for a couple of years. So, we're up to 21 hens. There's a lot going on out there, I mean insofar as chickens go. Thankfully, they haven't started laying in earnest yet. As former vegans ourselves, this is another kind of transition for us. We've also got a business to build and customers to acquire. That part, however, and most of the chicken care, is up to my kids. And we will call it #schoolwork. #homesteadinglife #unschooling #backyardchickens #entrepreneurkids #homeschooling #chickensofinstagram #tinyhomestead #utahhomesteading #highdeserthens #permaculture

1 month ago

Wow this year flew! Started the year with our first 8 quails and now we have 21 coturnix, three button quails, three silkie chickens aka the girls, and a green house full of veggies. We learned how to nurse a weak chick back to health, hatch our own birds, make homemade chicken treats, and built our own quail coop modeled after our home... okay that one was all my husband but I did a good job cheering him on. :) Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for us... hopefully more button quails and a bigger home for the silkie girls! 😍😍😍 #2018 🎉 🐣 🌱 🐓 . . . . . . . . . . #best9of2018 #homestead #hobbyfarm #hobbyfarmers #farmlife #newyear #reflect #quails #quailsofinstagram #chickenmom #quailmom #farmanimals #silkieofinstagram #chickensofinstagram #🐓 #silkies #silkiehen #backyardchickens #backyardquail

2 months ago

How many people does it take to round up and dock tails and nuts from sheep?? Answer: 3 Adults, 5 children, 2 dogs....couldn't have done it without you Jason N Mandy Jones Angel, Brielle and Jacko xxx #hobbyfarmers #thanksjonesfamily #alltailsandnutsdone

2 months ago

Whoa, Christmas is in 4 sleeps guys 😬😬😬 I always have a mile long list of gifts I want to make and usually get about 10% done and end up buying ones last minute. I’m happy to say this year I am at about 75% so not to shabby!! 😄 . Mind you I still haven’t gone grocery shopping for Christmas supper and I won’t be able to until Monday soooo thank goodness for grocery pick up! . Don’t forget to share your photos for #ourlittlefarmfriday !! . . . . #grateful #mylittlefamily #walkerhound #gratefulheart #thankfulforfamily #thankfulforthem #neveraperfectpicturewiththesekids #lovethem #ourhuntcamp #ourcabin #ourcabininthewoods #cabinlife #cabininthewoods #cabin #farmherfriday #hobbyfarmers #hunterandgatherer #itsafamilything

2 months ago

Monday morning meeting, at home, in my homeless outfit (check my stories) and with my little - who has been snacking the entire time. To say I’m grateful is an understatement. . Happy Monday, babes. Go kick this week’s 🍑. @brookebruce54 at Missouri

3 months ago

I grew up on a farm which gave me a deep appreciation for land & privacy. I enjoyed raising horses, sheep, turkeys, chickens, pigs, cows, and a large garden. I was organic before organic was cool. We lived off the fat of the land. Here’s a couple of opportunities for you to have your own hobby farm. It’s a great place to raise children too. Thanks for visiting me at this Instagram take over. Please visit me at www.c21al.info. #century21 #century21vista #judiolsonrealtor #equestrian #hobbyfarm #farmlife #organic #farmkids #farmfamily #hobbyfarmers #hobbyfarmlife #hobbyfarmforsale at Battle Lake, Minnesota

3 months ago

10 months ago, I wanted to hold myself more accountable for my own health and fitness journey and help a couple other people along the way. Today my team is building an empire and hitting the charts! . I am so blessed to help build this empire with my best friends and I get GOOSEBUMPS thinking about where we will be a couple months from now😘. @brookebruce54 at Missouri