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There are days that my illnesses give me a break; Days I feel almost like the old me. And my first order of business on those days is to go outside and enjoy a hike through beautiful nature! I found this guy on a particularly gorgeous hike through Flat Top in #anchorage AK. And I thought it would be a perfect addition to the photo entry collection to celebrate @natgeo hitting 100 million likes!! Congrats. #interstitialcystitis #bladderproblems #iclife #endometriosis #endowarrior #fibromyalgia #pelvicfloordysfunction #chronicillness #chronicpain #spoonielife #naturephotography #nature #bird #hike #outdoors #nationalgeographic #alaska #flattop #getoutthere #goodday

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“When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen.” -A.A. Milnie Memulai tantangan dan petualangan baru bersama @hikenrun (Alam Sutra) On first Review and test : 1. Fire Maple Stove FMS 125 2. Fire Maple Cookware Feast 2 3. Hotpotato shoes T7 (Approach) Tunggu hasil reviewnya ya.. #hike&run #gearreview #testalat #alatmendaki #kompormendaki #firemaplestove #firemaple #firemaplecookware #infopendaki #infopetualang #alatpetualang #hotpotatoshoes #sepatuhiking #hikingshoes #sharing at Vintage Vibes

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Venturing into the UNKNOWN. _____________________________ This has to be one of my all time favorite photographs from mount Marcy. It perfectly depicts the situation and tension at hand. _____________________________ Walking in the abyss...navigating through clouds, low visibility and strong winds. Out of all useless gear we took that day, snow goggles actually came in handy to help us see where we were headed. _____________________________ The peak was not too far out. (Over 6 hours in at this point) Maybe half a mile longer and we would be on top. However, we had no idea what waited and lurked Before us, it was going to get way harder before it got any better. We had no other choice... One foot in front of the other...almost.. 📷: @vitaly___z

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Exclusive, never all inclusive. at Puerto Rico

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Don't forget tonight is the Snow moon again last chance to see it. at Pumpkin Rock

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( #ad) - It was a slippery hike through rain drenched trails to reach Tinago Falls in the tropical Guam forest, but very worth sliding my way across mud and traversing ropes to make it to this waterfall. Fortunately, my rainbow flag was kept clean in my backpack, and the load was a little lighter than normal thanks to my new @nikonusa #D3500 – a super lightweight DSLR. Capturing rainbow flag photos usually takes 100-200 frames to get one where the flag isn't flying in my face and my eyes are open when it decides to cooperate. Fortunately, my Guam travel companion @southerlysweet had an easy time helping me capture the pics thanks to the D3500’s built-in Guide Mode that - even though it was her first time using it, made it easy for a beginner photographer to easily capture a great pic. The trail to the waterfall isn't posted publicly, but if you make it to Inarajan in the less-inhabited southeastern portion of the island, ask a local how to get to Tinago Falls and it's a clear route once you start the path. #D3500 #Nikon #NIKKOR #NikonNoFilter at Inarajan, Guam

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A sharp mid sized axe is my number 1 camp tool. Paired with a quality knife you are well prepared 😀 This vintage lakeside has my geometry on it but with a slightly shorter head length it actually splits fairly well. This is a 2.25lb head......if it was 2.5 it would be perfect. Get outside! #americanmade #axejunkies #leatherworks #vintage #dailyinsta at Sydney, Australia

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Our first newsletter edited by the wonderful writer Vicki Graham, who contributed thoughtful and lovely nature-inspired poems to our blog, is now available to read on our website. Spotlighted are multiple organizations like Amigos Bravos and the Wild River Lands Trust, who are hard at work protecting beauty in their backyards and the politically refreshing Green New Deal proposal. LINK IN BIO! Can’t get enough of beauty? Follow our Facebook page for lots of beauty news updates by John de Graaf and scroll to the bottom of our website to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to see it every month! #andbeautyforall 🌿

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“Darling,don’t ever be too shy to dance your heart out”✨ • (Sorry for the bad picture quality😬) • • • • #dance #beauty #dancer #stillearning #dancetoexpress #dancer #danceverywhere #danceoftheday #hike #lagunabeach #topoftheworldlagunabeach #danceofig #danceislove #danceismylife #danceismypassion #art #danceisart #sports #danceisasport #dancephoto #dancelikenooneswatching #dancerlife #topoftheworld at Laguna Beach, California

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The poetry of earth is never dead. 👣🏞️🌏 . . . . . . #latachemperoh #zen #mountain #gunungnuang #nature #landscape #beautifulwaterfall #hikingphotography #instapendaki #hikingadventures #naturephotography #exploretocreate #adventurenthusiasts ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○● #earth_official #longexposure #hike #justgoshoot #slowshutter #zammg #hiking #longexposure_shots #longexposureoftheday #hiker #earthpix #longexposhots #naturelovers at Gunung Nuang

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Nike ACG boot, right shoe was not recovered🥾❌

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Every little boy wants to be a superhero when they grow up. And every good superhero has an original story. This is how mine started: I grew up a straight A student in a house where success was everything. Anything less was considered trash. I remember crying when I got my first B and hiding my report card because I didn't want to get in trouble. My mom said study and you'll get a good job. Dad said study so you become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. As I was borderline failing engineer school at 145lbs and a very frail frame. It happened. Someone said, hey let's go to the gym. They gave me some weird drink. I drank, I lifted, and I wasn't sore the next day. I went again. And again. And again. I went so often that I thought, why do I love this so much? What pushes me to lift? Then it hit me. The drive. The drive of being able to defeat one of the best competitors I know. The drive to beat the strongest opponent an opponent that forces me to break my limits, be more than who I am, and take a step into the unknown. The drive to overcome myself. And here we go...tbc Happy Valentine's day guys! ♥️ PC: @ruelas_photography at Provo Canyon

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