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•2019 ICCA countdown is on• • • • • #herewecome

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Hello TriQuest!!! I have some exciting news to share with you as plans are being made for TriQuest Summer Camp '19! We have our TriQuest speaker for this summer. His name is Jeff Williamson! Here is a quick bio on Jeff Williamson! Jeff has been on staff at Union Avenue Baptist Church, Memphis, TN for 28 years and Sr. Pastor for the past 2yrs. Jeff is passionate about sharing the truth of the gospel and helping individuals know they have a true friend in Jesus Christ. Along with service in the local church, Jeff has also directed student youth camps for 20yrs. Jeff and his wife, Mary, have been married 23 years and have three children, Grant, Sara & Allan. Pastor Jeff loves Titan’s football, Predators Hockey, Legos and outdoor activities. #triquest2019 #herewecome #whosready #triquestsummercamp #triquestisthebest #countdowntocamp at Tennessee

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Welcome to Hartford Giuseppe! #herewecome

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NEWS: The Vancouver Whitecaps have acquired Spanish Central Midfielder Jon Erice and Guinean Winger Lass Bangoura. Erice arrives from La Liga 2 Club Albacate. The 32 year old has made over 200 appearances in La Liga 2. Bangoura comes on loan from La Liga side Rayo Vallecano with an option to buy. The 26 year old is known for his explosive pace and dribbling. Were these good moves for Vancouver? Leave a comment below!⬇️ ——————————————————— 🔵 @thecapstimes ⚪️ ——————————————————— #WhitecapsFC #Whitecaps #Soccer #MLS #USA #Canada #OurAllOurHonour #HereWeCome #BCplace #Vancouver #BC #VWFC

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✨Wishing our fierce babe💕 @samvperry a happy birthday week as he intrepidly marches forth into his 29th year. His vision and unrelenting commitment to his artistry are a thing to behold. As Jack White says: “I have so much music inside me I'm just trying to stay afloat. I don't tend to write for a particular band - you have to just write the songs and then let God into the room and let the music tell you what to do.” NEVER CEASE THE PURSUIT OF WHAT YOU LOVE. You are the collaborator of our dreams—the sweetest soul—the kindest heart—the most caring cat father—best friend—the QUEEN of Old Flame. We can’t wait for 2019. Here’s to many more, sweet dawggins. . . . . #youngandindebt #happybirthday #dreamtown #makeyourart #nevercease #indieartist #herewecome #2019 #weloveyou #birthdaygirl #birthdaycat #dawggins #roaddog #dreamer (photo taken @thornesmarketplace photo booth outside of @jacksonandconnor ) at Happy Birthday to You

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We’ve been so busy wrapping up our album we blew past 1000 likes on FB and we didn’t even give a shout out??!! Well, we are awarding our 1000 fan with a T-shirt. And the winner is... Jack Barton!!! Can you message me your address and size and we will ship off a rad shirt to you? Thank you to all the fans and followers, we appreciate you!! We heart you❤️❤️🎧🎸🤟

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What a year it's been full of all the ups and downs that life throws at us - it was my biggest year of growth and also one of the most difficult years I've had to face. And yet, no matter what happens I just try to find a way to smile and keep going 😊 I didn't really realize how much happened this year until I took some time to look back. I lived in another city for the first time, I had one of my songs reach a million plays, I put out a new EP that helped land me the opportunity to work with an incredible new producer in 2019, I played my first sold out show, traveled the world for music and tennis, and even got to serenade my best friends at their wedding. I have so much to be grateful for, and so many wonderful people in my life. I can't wait to continue growing and evolving in 2019 with you all #reflect #grateful #whatayear #ontothenextone #2019 #herewecome 📸: shervinfoto

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In case you haven't seen our (Naturally Neub) YouTube video, I lost 6.8 lbs during week 1 of dieting! Yes, yes, I know..."water weight". Haha. BUTTTT, a loss is a loss no matter what! Especially when you're starting out with 155 lbs to lose! Only another 148.8 lbs to 170! 😜 (Actually a little less, now. Stayed turned for weigh-in #2! I'll post that once the new YouTube vid goes up! #NaturallyNeubYouTube JOINT IG: @naturally_neub JOEL: @neublife #WeightLoss #WeightLossJourney #WeightLossMotivation #WeightLossTransformation #TransformationInProgress #CouplesWeightLoss #Diet #CalorieRestriction #CalorieCounting #LowCalorie #150PoundWeightLoss #225PoundWeightLoss #MensWeightLossJourney #WomensWeightLossJourney #ReadyForChange #Beginners #Neubs #Vloggers #HereWeCome #Accountability

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Next trip is almost BOOKED .... . Shhhhhh - don’t tell the kids - it’s a SURPISE and I’m pretty freaking excited!! . Guess where we are going?!?

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And here you'll find one of the most flattering photos you may see all day! Truthfully, though, you are seeing the surface of something so much more. When I look at this photo (and I have several times over, believe me), I see how badly I have let myself go. I see years of abuse to my body. Not to justify my actions, but to stop continually beating myself up over it, I also have to force myself to remember that a lot of this weight was put on through not just a couple of pregnancies, but also about 2 years of fighting to breathe and not being active due to an asthma diagnosis that I refused to get (I'll share that story another time). In this photo, I see the start of me taking myself and my overall health back under my control. I see an incredibly loving and supportive husband, the man who grounds my soul, standing together with me through this journey. Never once have I considered him unattractive or fat, but I know that we've not been healthy...and we are going to get there - TOGETHER! We are going to lose these 380 pounds combined, and countless inches along with it! Keep up with us on YouTube each week, and here on IG! #NaturallyNeubYouTube @operation_alli @neublife #WeightLoss #WeightLossJourney #WeightLossMotivation #WeightLossTransformation #TransformationInProgress #CouplesWeightLoss #Diet #CalorieRestriction #CalorieCounting #LowCalorie #150PoundWeightLoss #225PoundWeightLoss #MensWeightLossJourney #WomensWeightLossJourney #ReadyForChange #Beginners #Neubs #Vloggers #HereWeCome #Accountability

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Our beginning measurements, and "2 week in" photos (if you watch our next YouTube video, you will know what happened to our first sets of photos). :'( By the end of this journey, we're hoping to have lost 1/2 of these dang inches from (nearly all over) our bodies, and 380 pounds combined!!! We can do this!!! Dare to start!!! #NaturallyNeubYouTube @operation_alli @neublife #WeightLoss #WeightLossJourney #WeightLossMotivation #WeightLossTransformation #TransformationInProgress #CouplesWeightLoss #Diet #CalorieRestriction #CalorieCounting #LowCalorie #150PoundWeightLoss #225PoundWeightLoss #MensWeightLossJourney #WomensWeightLossJourney #ReadyForChange #Beginners #Neubs #Vloggers #HereWeCome #Accountability #NewYearsResolution

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Mateo is a bit under the weather lately, so we made a basic breakfast he always enjoys: avocado, strawberries, hummus & cucumber 💚 at The Pearl Qatar

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We are upping the ante in February (as you may have noticed) throwing some killer supper clubs... if you are around Bristol check out our link in bio and come join us for some next level food and vibes #watchoutbristol #herewecome

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Ada kalimat yang sering aku dengar ketika keinginan melanjutkan kuliah terlontar: "semakin tinggi tingkat pendidikan perempuan, semakin susah dapat jodoh." Tidak sedikit perempuan yang menyetujui pernyataan ini. Lalu apakah perempuan harus berhenti menjadi dirinya? Mengejar impiannya? Apakah artinya perempuan itu tidak ingin menikah alias single aja selamanya hanya karena ingin sekolah lagi? Perempuan haruslah tetap menjadi perempuan dengan melakukan apa yang paling membahagiakannya, jikapun karena alasan pendidikan para lelaki menjauh, maka laki-laki itu bukan yang terbaik untuknya. Mari mengejar mimpi @nonaanggie Yang lain pasti akan mengejar kita kemudian #PeDe #😉😀 #SedangMengejarMimpi # #AustraliaAwards # #HereWeCome #

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Så kan jeg endelig snart lukke kufferten ! 👏🏻 (har kun været klar en uge) 🤪 Vi kører på fredag til Østrig i en uge 🙏🏻 jeg er hjemme igen til telepatiskolen d 2 og 3 (indsæt trommehvirvel) hvor jeg får min eksamen i Holistisk Master Telepati og Clairvoyance 🎉 ville være en underdrivelse at sige jeg glæder mig 😉 til begge dele !! ☃️⛷🧘‍♀️🥇 #ski #ferie #lækkert #glædermig #wagrain #herewecome at Hillerød