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2 days ago

All I want to tell people young, old, over weight, under weight ext is that your not going to be anything in life unless you learn to commit to a goal. You have to reach deep within yourself to see if you are willing to make the changes and sacrifices to achieve what you always wanted. Take it from me i know the struggles of being over weight or the pain of having my life crash and burn. Im not going to lie i wanted to give up but something inside myself said no. I made myself push through the hurt the angry of not feeling good enough, I made myself keep going when all was falling apart. Time after time my life took twists and turns, but here I am still standing! So believe me, I've learned the hardest way possible that life can be anything I want it to be as long as I kept fighting for everything they said i could never have. I stand tall today a healthy independent strong women who commited to her goals and dreams. Im far from perfect and still got a long way to go but if you knew who i was and who i am now its clear to see im not an average women. So please dont be afraid to start your journey trust me its worth it! #livelifedontletitliveyou #committedtotheend #thickfittattooedandhappy #positivehealthlychanges #fighter #warrior #surviver #selflove #selfmade #buthadhelpalongtheway🙏 #herestoabetterfuture #herestothebestmeicanbe

11 days ago

#startitfromthebottom Hello! Well I've decided to finally make a page were I can post what I love to do. My hubby @poler90 & my love @the_glorious__one__ have been pushing me to get on IG and post my work, i m not going to lie as I type this my heart is pounding it's beating above average lol. I'm scared but at the same type I feel at peace and happy. So here we are lets give this a shot see were it takes me since I love it so much. I am self taught, I'm not 100% good or the best but each day I get better 🤗. So far I only know how to do simple braids as the ones I'll be posting, but I will be learning how to do a lot more. #herestoabetterfuture #vegasbraider #braids #selftaughtbraider #braidsbybreezybear #breezybear

3 months ago

Never get comfortable where you are in life just because it's good for the moment,Not every blessing is permanent and God will take it away if you loose sight of what's real... #KeepItMovin #HeresToABetterFuture

4 months ago

I should have realized this earlier, but better late than never, right? . Punya pribadi ga enakan dan takut dengan judgement orang lain akhirnya bikin saya selalu 'mengalah' dan lebih memprioritaskan kepentingan orang lain. But then i came at a point where i realized, hey mau sampai kapan nyenengin orang lain? I'm getting older, i should love myself more 😂 . #thoughts #selflove #selfcare #pinterest #girlpower #ladyboss #herestoabetterfuture #heyreea 📷 Cr. Pinterest

4 months ago

🛑 STOP AND READ 🛑. . As you 📜 scroll past this post your sitting there 🤔thinking to yourself you either want to try these products or this 👧 girl post a lot about this company and these products, well this is a 👩‍💼👨‍💼business I 🏃‍♀️ run and earn an extra monthly💰income for me and my 👪 family to better our lives and future.. If you would like to purchase any of the products I offer or maybe you would love to earn an extra monthly💰income. Message me today to ask me how. . . . . . #FinancialFreedom #HeresToABetterFuture #FirstPaycheck #MovingOnUp #PathToSuccess #DM #Success #ItWorksDistributor #ItWorksWraps #Adventure #AllNatural #NaturalProducts #Love #Happy #Business #Income #Earn #Money #Influencer #SocialNetworking #Networking #BossBabe #MyJourney #BeYourOwnBoss #WorkHard #WAHM #MakeMoneyOnline #SAHM #MoneyTeam #WorkFromYourPhone

5 months ago

This is home ❤️ I forgot to post these on Wednesday. My life has been stressful the past few weeks adjusting to working full time and going to school full time but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I enjoy being back in school and I absolutely love the views on campus as well. I may not post a lot in the next few weeks as I want to focus more on school, but I’ll keep in touch with the ones that matter. #radforduniversity #thisishome #grinding #herestoabetterfuture #rustudent #radford

5 months ago

I'm so 👍 glad I decided to take my leap of faith and start my ItWorks 💚 journey, I'm starting to get out of my 🐚 shell and out of my 🗣️ head and just do me which isn't 😌 easy some days I still feel stuck but I still push myself to become better each day. I can't believe I woke up this morning to my first paycheck ✔️ from my company I'm 🤩 excited to see where this journey will take me. . . . . . #FinancialFreedom #PayingOffStudentLoan #HeresToABetterFuture #FirstPaycheck #MovingOnUp #PathToSuccess #DM #Success #BeYou #ItWorksForMe #ItWorksDistributor #ItWorksWraps #ItWorksGlobal #ItWorksLife #ItWorksFamily #ItWorksAdventure #SocialNetworking #Networking #BossBabe #MyJourney #BeYourOwnBoss #WorkHard #ChangingLives #WAHM #FamilyFirst #BecauseOfItWorks #MakeMoneyOnline #SAHM #MoneyTeam #WorkFromYourPhone

6 months ago

2 weeks off in preparation for college.(pack,move,organize and prepare) Im not sure if Im ready totally but i know I'm going to try my best and do it. I think I'm ready as I'll ever be and now I'm working the gym into my schedule of classes and homework. #neverthoughtillsaythat Missed the "battle scars" of a good hard workout and the feeling I get when I'm in the zone #priceless #herestoabetterfuture #herestobiggerbetterthings #collegegymratstudent #proudofhowfarivecome #neverexpectedillgethere #gladimdoingit #onlylookbacktoseehowfaryouvecome #thickfittattooedcollegechick😘 #thickfitstrong #thickfitarmy #thickinkedbeauty #tatttooedarmy #cantwaittoseewhatanotheryearbrings

7 months ago

After a unhealthy relationship I made a decision to get back to the gym and live the life I want! I was tired of hearing you’re fat and disgusting. My body set sucks so I have to consistently work harder and harder watch what I eat and not settle for less then above average I dnt like showing myself cause it’s embarrassing but this is what a few months does! Here’s to more to come and going at it when I have many obstacles that try to stop me #gym #doingme #slowworkinprogress #lafitness #build #cut #gains #yeahboi #herestoabetterfuture

9 months ago

ITS OFFICIAL!!!! The kids and I will be moving to Tucson this summer!!! It's been a long and rough road out here but I am so excited to finally have all of that change for the better!!! They have been unhappy here for far too long! It's time for us to be closer to family and surrounded with the love and support that they deserve!! #herestonewbeginnings #newlife #familyjourney #imcominghome #herestoabetterfuture

10 months ago

Happy #EarthDay y’all!! You know I love my #MotherEarth with her endless magical sunsets and miraculous sites to see. Especially here in the beautiful Southwest.... if you do not KNOW, then you really have no idea. Every day here on this Earth is a gift from the Creator and we all must remind ourselves daily to try to stay in the #present. Focus on what we can do now to make our Mother Earth a better place for our children, and our children’s children! ♥️🌍♥️🌏♥️🌎 #HeresToABetterFuture #earth #love #gratitude #gratitudedaily #TheNext7Generations #WeAreTheSeventhGeneration #WakeUp #stayWoke

11 months ago

My anxiety has been starting to get to me so I'm going to try and combat it by focusing on the positive things for the next few days/posts. . . . When I moved out 5 years ago I started gaining a shit ton of weight from not eating well and only drink soda. But the past two months I've been cutting soda out of my diet and focused on drinking a lot of water. I also started cutting out bad food (now I try to indulge in moderation). . . . I can really start to see the difference!! These jeans used to be ungodly tight on my waist in December and now they fit loosely. The yellow shirt I bought in December fit perfectly and now it looks two sizes too big. I've had so much more energy this last month and I'm really starting to feel good and want to push myself more! . . . Body positivity!! #anxiety #anxietypost #weightgain #weightloss #body #bodypositive #feelinggood #nomoresoda #datbootydoe #energy #morewater #water #healthy #herestoabetterfuture #health

11 months ago

Living my best life! Growing as person everyday! Nothing but positive things in my future!

1 year ago

I know its late but Happy New Year!!! 😄🙌❤ I moved on the 1st and this year is already starting to feel better than the past. ^^ I seriously hope 2018 is not the trash fire that 2017 was and that everyone finds more love and beauty in the new year! 😊 (I'm also going to try to post wayyyy more poetry and photograph this year and not be a lazy bum. 😅😝😙) #2018 #newyear #hopeful #yay #moving #moved #peace #love #newbeginnings #happiness #herestoabetterfuture #newyearsameme #workselfie #selfie #altgirl #hipster #alternative #sameweirdo #poet #writer

1 year ago

This year was full of mkre personal growth than any year I have been alive. I became better in every area of my life that I wanted to. I like the person who is walking through into this new and upcoming year. My band Mome Wrath played a wonderful farewell to 2017 tonight, on this stage I built with a buddy. I couldnt love my lofe more today. #grateful #momewrath #music #changes #becomingbetter #herestoabetterfuture

1 year ago

Nu vänder jag blad på det här skit året, med stora förhoppningar om ett bättre 2018. Tar inte med mej mycket positivt av det gågna året förutom att jag har en fantastisk partner, han som bär mej när jag inte orkar, han som finns där när allt annat faller. 😘❤❤❤ @patrickhedberg. Mitt enda nyårslöfte inför nästa år att jag ska vara snällare mot mej själv 👍 #herestoabetterfuture Fotograf @brandwold

1 year ago

Today was bitter sweet. My husband sold his dream car for me, so that I can quit my job and chase after my dreams in my new career. He always says he's selfish yet here's another thing he has given up for us! Life is all about taking risks being strong enough to risk anything and everything without being afraid! Most importantly believing in yourself! It's amazing how much he supports my visions he believes in me, he sees my passion and knows I will not fail! I love you @el_chico_del_apartamento_512_ thank you for this sacrifice you made without me even asking. I promise you we will have a better future! ❤️😘 #NoRoomForFailure #ChaseAfterYourDreams #SupportYourPartnersDreams #HeresToABetterFuture 🥂

1 year ago

The last few weeks have been such a huge transition for our family, between my husband getting his promotion, me landing my new, full-time customer service position with the same company he works for and having a great friend who’s willing to watch our son during the week so we both can work. I’ve been waiting so long for full-time work that I started to lose hope. Lose hope that we will always live pay check to pay check and always suffer. I can happily say, things are finally turning around for the better. May the blessings continue to fall upon us. We are so very grateful for everything and everyone who’s helped us along the way. We have been praying for this break we needed and we finally got it. 🙌🏼💞😍😌 @xbox1hero • • • #blessed #happy #lifeisgood #newbeginnings #grateful #herestoabetterfuture

1 year ago

Tomorrow is the day......this time tomorrow, I’ll be in surgery..... . . . . To say I’m anxious is an understatement. I’ve been waiting on this day for 11 months. Being diagnosed with Gastroparesis and having to live with it for this long has literally been exhausting, painful, overwhelming and frustrating. I can’t even imagine having to live with this longer than I have, like some I have met with the same illness. This surgery is literally a life altering one. When I wake up tomorrow after surgery, my life will be forever changed. So I remember the 3 C’s: CHOICE, CHANCE & CHANGE- you must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything in your life to change. I don’t have to have this surgery, I can continue to live this sick life and try other options but no, my choice is this because I am willing to take the chance of a major operation so that my life can change for the better. This wasn’t an easy choice knowing all the things that could go wrong and the complications I could have afterwards. However, I’m thinking positive and I know that this is completely out of my hands and placed in His hands. Tomorrow I will wake up a new, updated and better version of me. . . . . #tomorrowisthebigday #gastricbypass #surgeryday #longtimecoming #thinkingpositive #beyourownself #bebolderthanthedarkness #bebolder #liveblissfully #instagood #instabeauty #herestoabetterfuture #effyourhealthstandards #healthylivingagain #diabetessux #anxietyoverload #cancerfighter🎀 #gastroparesisfighter💚 #spreadtheword #bringingawareness #followalong #mylifestory #myjourney #findacure

1 year ago

When did it all become so difficult to just befriend one another. 2 perfect examples of complete strangers coming together to have fun not thinking about race, religion ,sex citizenship. All that stuff that builds hate and keeps up separated. Why can't we all just see eachother for who we are on the inside and not on the outside, a world without judgement. Remember hate is taught, your not born with it. #lovenothate #enoughisenough #nodiscrmination #nojudgement #herestoabetterfuture #ourfuture #kids #innocence

2 years ago

So a little back story behind my life. About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with early stages of rheumatoid arthritis and was told that any meds to help with the pain and stiffness would actually cause worse side effects so I decided against it. Now I am not always in pain or have stiffness but there are sure days when I feel so bad I don't want to get out of bed- now as a mom of 2 and a full time student that is not always an option for me. I started to look into things that might be able to help with my RA and I found in my research that in some people gluten can exacerbate it (which I already figured out some foods make it worse just never really was able to pinpoint the cause). I reached out to someone I follow for tips on how to go this route with an autoimmune disease and she suggested I read this book! Thank you so much for this suggestion!!! I got in it and I can't wait to read it and give this a try! Here's to hoping going gluten free will help with not just my RA but also maybe even my raynauds (circulation condition that cause my hands and feet to always be cold and painful) #notfitnessrelated #liferelated #truthfulthursday #letsbehonest #rheumatoidarthritis #raynaudssyndrome #tootoungtofeelthisdamnold #autoimmunedisease #glutenfreechallenge #maybethiswillhelp #momlife #nursingstudent #alwaystryingtolearnmore #noteven30yet #grandmastatus #herestoabetterfuture #makingbigchanges

2 years ago

Today I mourn for this girl. The girl who was SO uncomfortable taking this photo because she felt so fat. The girl who spent the entire morning trying to find something that would make her feel pretty, and still failing. This girl right here had a lot on her mind. She was a senior in high school, she was ready to be done. Ready to leave this town that was so full of people who made her feel worthless. I mourn because she was SO worthy of being loved. And she deserved to love herself. She shouldn't have felt like she was being pushed out of her own home by other people. She should have looked into that mirror and smiled because she was beautiful. She just wanted to be someone. But all she could see was a fat, good for nothing, depressed, emotional little kid who would never get to grown up and feel good about herself. Today I mourn for her, but I also smile. Because today that girl is learning to love herself. Learning to accept herself the way she is in order to better herself for the future. She's a girl who's no longer afraid of what people think. And even though she was terrified only two months ago to run into ANYONE from school for the fear that they would call her fat and disgusting and she chooses love over hate. Of everybody including herself. So if your the girl in this picture. Smile. Because it will get better. It won't be easy. But it'll be worth it. Start today. So you don't have to wait 3.5 years like I did #bopo #bopowarrior #selflove #selflovejourney #loveyourself #edrecovery #depressionrecovery #learningtolovemyself #loveoverhate #herestoabetterfuture #love #strength #power #believeinyourself #scarrednotscared #youarenotalone #tbt

2 years ago

This is a book everyone should read. I thought I knew how to apologize but I did not! I learned so much from this book I am amazed. It teaches you how to apologize but also how to communicate, listen and parent. I now feel empowered and also like I need a redo on some apologies. To truly apologize shows strength not weakness. To apologize should not be a case for your defense or it's not actually an apology. I'm so grateful for what I learned. Now I must buy it. #whywontyouapologize #imsorryididntknowhow #herestoabetterfuture

2 years ago

Much needed Prosecco, what a shit 8 weeks it's been. Here's to the future, it can only get better! 🥂