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Urban landscape - Contrasts of French street art and brutalist architecture at Rue de Lyon

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Me, Istanbul, 2019.

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Times Square connecting flight

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Zbliżenia, człowiek, świat jego pracy i życia prywatnego, o, to lubię fotografować! Tym razem nie w Polsce, a w stoczni remontowej w Bangladeszu. ENG - closeups, humans and the world around. That’s my favourite artistic exploration area. This time in the shipyard in Dhaka, Bangladesh. #polishphotographer #fotograflodz #fotografwarszawa

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Quite walk in San Francisco... also big congrats to my friend @alan_schaller on the release of his new short film with @smugmug (follow the link in his profile to see it) that I had the privilege to work on with @antonlorimer - actually, filming that piece in NYC one weekend in October re-energized my photography and brought me back to the streets with my camera, so for me personally it’s been life changing experience. Go see it - not a better way to spend five minutes this morning. at Embarcadero, California

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Train. 03.19

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sokakların her köşesi yaşanmışlıklarla dolu.🥀 at Balçova, İzmir

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Following the great success of visits, the exhibition “HUMANITY WITHOUT BORDERS” will be extended until April 7, 2019, at @fam_gallery Agrigento. Exhibition will be open from Tuesday to Sunday, 17.00-20.00. Free entry. • The exhibition includes a selection of photos taken from my 3 years long-term reportage project at the Porto Empedocle Hotspot. Exhibition texts by photographer and editorial director @franco_carlisi, art historian GiuseppeFrazzetto, photojournalist @tonygentile64, art critic @darioorpheelamendola, journalist and writer @gaetanosavatteri . Thank you all. • “In the last years, following the exponential increase in migration flows to Italian coasts, especially Sicilian ones, I had the opportunity to be in close contact with migrant people, people not numbers, during the landings on italian coasts. From the beginning I felt the need to witness what I saw, to document it. Over time my gaze has changed, initially shaken by the tragedy declined in its most bloody forms, it has found interest in what happened next, in what the media doesn't care because it doesn't make news. So I discovered a form of serenity in the tragedy, a peace born of the awareness that nothing worse than what was past could now happen, an extraordinary humanity in living with the drama and with the hope to start a new life. My photos don't want to focus on the problem or report those responsible; but rather to be an invitation to think, to consider the human side of these men, women, children, families. They cry, sing, laugh, bleed like us, but unlike us often don't have the opportunity to choose. Life is an identical gift for everyone and everyone should have the right to choose how to make sense of it." • #HUMANITYWITHOUTBORDERS #UMANITÀSENZACONFINI #exhibition #FAMGallery #Agrigento #3yearsproject #longtermproject #migrants #refugees #Humanity #PortoEmpedocle #Hotspot #Sicily #Italy #Europe #documentary #documentaryphotography #reportage #reportagephotography #editorial #editorialphotography #everydayrefugees #lightbox #myfeatureshoot #worldphotoagency #helloicp #reportagespotlight #igers #nucciozicari #_Nz at FAMGallery

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ASLEEP IN LONDON. So tired one does not even bother to maintain their eyes opened.. Repetitive never-ending city commute. London. March 2019. at London, United Kingdom

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Parallel lines

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