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With @drewelam in Denton, Texas. Working with existing light in black and white is one of the things I love and do best. Tokyo area portrait services. Follow me here and @davidrmunson, see link in bio for more information and booking. º • • º • #davidrmunson #kantoportraits #tokyo #saitama #japan #portraiture #artistforhire #日本 #関東 #肖像 #monochrome #blackandwhite #bw_lover #photooftheday #portraitphotography #picoftheday #instagood #photoshoot #naturallight #mediumformat #filmisnotdead #filmphotography #ishootfilm #mamiya645 #kodaktrix #hc110 #80mmf19 #bokeh #photographer #bicycle at Denton, Texas

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4x5 test on the patio of a hotel room in the rain - first frame was shot at f64 for 4 seconds, the negative is super dense and flat but there’s still a good image in there. thinking the film got flashed but not sure if it happened through the lens during the long exposure or what. i tried to fix it in the scan, but ended up with a lot of grain. if you have any ideas about how/why this happened please share. - second frame was shot wide open at 5.6 for 1/15th of a second. crazy how much more light you need to make an exposure.. slower film stocks and lenses that don’t open up as wide make overcast/rainy days more difficult. also very important to have patient subjects who won’t move once you’ve set focus. thanks matt. at Palm Springs, California

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Wind almost never stops me from taking a shot. In this case, however, it nearly did. The wind was strong and not steady. To get the shot, I had to set up on a two lane road. The traffic wasn't busy, but I was definitely in the way. Whatever I was shooting, it had to be quick. Which doesn't explain why I chose to shoot an 8 second exposure. I could have used any other emulsion and shot it pretty much instantaneously. But I chose Arista Ortho Litho because this was a scene that called for it - traffic be damned. My first thought for this was the 90mm lens. But when I got it set up, I found it to be too wide. I knew the 210mm that I carry wouldn't allow me to get the truck, so the 150mm it was. This required a run back to the car (parked in a pull-off down the road a bit - I need to get my shit together more). This also required me to leave the camera set up in wind along a somewhat busy road. I wasn't thrilled, but didn't want to set it all up again. I braced it with a bag and a rock and it was fine. I got lucky. My favorite thing about shooting 4x5 is the moment after everything is as focused as you're going to get it, the film is loaded and it's time to remove the dark slide. That moment right there - right before you fire the shutter - is perfect. I pull the slide (usually putting it in my mouth to free up both hands), grab the shutter cable, breathe out, hold and fire. If it's a long exposure I'll count to myself. If it's a very long exposure, I'll actually use the countdown timer on my phone. I'll often close my eyes. . . . 'Parched and Run Dry' Camera: Intrepid Mk3 4×5 (2018) Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-S 5.6/150mm Film: Arista Ortho Litho 3.0; 6iso Exposure: f/64; 8sec Process: HC-110; 1+200; 18min Bluestem, Lincoln County, Washington #cascadia #cascadiaexplored #thisiscascadia #mycascadia #wanderwashington #intrepidcameraco #intrepid4x5mk3 #intrepidcamera #hc110 #aristaortholitho #aristaortholitho3 #4x5 #largeformatphotography #4x5photography #filmphotography #shootmorefilm #filmisbetter #filmsnotdead #staybrokeshootfilm #thefilmshot #analogshooters #sunny16podcast #shootfilmbenice #filmphotographic #shootfilm #analogphotography

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I can’t believe Susie sat in this narrow bit of sun light, long enough for me to focus the Zenit 😄

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First results from the ‘135mm Takumar’ I was given a couple of days a go. 🙂

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