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9 days ago

Please help me out and tell me which color you think looks better ( #HazardSquareOCsTornston) Some helpful information: his soul color is red, which matches his intense and aggressive, assertive leader-type personality

4 months ago

I'm seriously considering making Tornston x Vincent canon instead of Tornston x Ryder because this ship is just a better fit, now that I know way more of Vinny's character and who he is Plus I think it'll be a fun little twist to see a former criminal and a former police officer fall in love in the end of an adventure - #HazardSquareOCs #HazardSquareOCsTornston #HazardSquareOCsVincent #HazardSquareRenX

9 months ago

My OC for @hazardsquare ‘s RenX! Her name is Paradise; a kind yet timid janitor at one of the police stations where Tornston works. Ever since she started her job, Paradise has been making heart eyes at Tornston. She fell so deeply in love with him, but rarely ever spoke a word to him unless he needed something. She always thought that a chief police, loved by many, would never fall for someone as timid and boring as herself, the plain janitor. When she found out that Tornston wasn’t single, she became depressed and heartbroken. Her thoughts and courage of confessing to him were wiped away immediately. Paradise wasn’t angry. She held nothing against Ryder (Tornston’s boyfriend), but she keeps her distance from them. But she did cry in a stationary closet for a while. Seeing them both happy together warms her heart and she never wants to come in between them. Her feelings for Tornston still remain as strong and deep as they did when she first met him, however. To this day, she still keeps her feelings for the chief of police buried deep inside of her. Never to be spoken of. Paradise always had a talent for fixing anything mechanical. She loves classic rock, history, and mechanics. Paradise actually enjoys her job as a janitor and most certainly enjoys it when Tornston asks her for help. She is more than happy to lend him her hand. Er.. claw. At the police station, she does her job well at making sure everything is kept well and clean for the police and staff. Paradise lives a fairly happy life, but with a huge secret that’s constantly eating at her. . . . . . . . . . #_pr_ocs_Paradise #HazardSquareRenX #HazardSquareOCsTornston #myoc #mycharacter #originalcharacter #digitalart

2 years ago

(!!!LANGUAGE WARNING!!!) The animatic that I stirred up some hype for is finally here, after 9 hours of work. I started watching Buzzfeed Unsolved so I used the audio from an episode for this video; PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS VIDEO UNLESS YOU GIVE FULL AND PROPER CREDIT. I got kind of lazy at some parts but despite the crappy doodles I'm still proud of it. Programs used: Firealpaca Windows Movie Maker WMV to MP4 Online converter Vivavideo #HazardSquareOCs #HazardSquareOCsTornston #HazardSquareOCsKingston #HazardSquareAnimations #HazardSquareRenX #BuzzfeedUnsolved