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2 days ago

Fashion magazine covers from the 1950’s. First picture is Audrey Hepburn from 1956. Fun fact: Harper’s magazine was first published in November of 1867, making it the first fashion magazine published in the United States

3 days ago

Miałam ostatnio przyjemność oglądnięcia amerykańskiego vouga z 2015 roku. I szczerze powiedziawszy gdybym nie spojrzała na datę wydania nie domyśliła bym się ze jest to numer sprzed 3lat. Mam wrażenie, że moda zatoczyła koło i stanęła w miejscu 😉 w dzisiejszym świecie każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie a jest z czego wybierać ☺️ #moda #modadamska #fashion #fashionistas #modameska #fashionmood #mood #fashionweek #magazine #fashionmagazines #fashionmagazine #cake #coffee #coffeetime #timetocoffee @harpersbazaarpolska #harpersbazaar #harpersbazaarpolska #homedecor #decor #decoration #mybethroom #harpersbazaarmagazine #still_life_gallery at Andrychów

8 days ago

HARPER'S BAZAAR UK September 2018 Our Bold New Season Changing the Face of Fashion Issue Tagged price: £4.60 --- UNSEALED Good condition with minor defect on the side cover. Does not affect the binding quality at all. Swipe to see the condition. 💡 Personal note: The thickness is unreal you might as well consider this one a special edition. More than 360 pages of high-quality articles and otherworldly editorial photos. I mean, damn, look at those ethereal moments and dreamy vibes. Definitely check them out if you're a sucker for such aesthetics like me. 💰 ONLY IDR 80.000 --- Harper's Bazaar is your essential monthly guide to luxury style, with the smartest fashion, beauty coverage, culture and travel inspiration, as wel as informed arts news. First published in 1867, Harper's Bazaar assembles photographers, artists, designers and writers to deliver perspectives into the world of fashion, beauty and popular culture on a monthly basis. --- #majalahbazaar #majalahbazaaruk #majalahharpersbazaar #majalahharpersbazaaruk #jualmajalahbazaar #majalahbazaaruk #jualmajalahharpersbazaar #jualmajalahharpersbazaaruk #jualbazaar #jualbazaaruk #jualharpersbazaar #jualharpersbazaaruk #harpersbazaar #harpersbazaaruk #harpersbazaarmagazine #harpersbazaarukmagazine #bazaarmagazine #bazaarukmagazine

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Good morning 🤗

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Cardi B opens up about her backstory in the latest @harpersbazaarus’s feature: “I feel like my life is a fairy tale and I’m a princess” - @iamcardib

9 days ago

I love this Mulan inspired photo 😍

11 days ago

Excited for a fresh season as I keep diving into fashion photography! There is nothing better than always learning and expanding. I love my job so so much and I know I wouldn’t be doing anything. Here is so a fun season that is about to explode!!//Michale Stark // @stark_216 at California

11 days ago

This came up on my fb timeline today....What an exciting day this was!!! A year later I am still super thankful for the opportunity to have my name listed on a page in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. A referral by my friend Alexander (many thanks Alexander!!! ) led me to work on a ski gear 6 page spread within the magazine where my name was listed on the page...I gasped out loud when I saw my name on the page...I never expected that!!! Praise God for His favor and love He has given me!!!! 💗💗💗 #filmmakeup #hmua #mua #filmmua #makeupartist #harpersbazzar #harpersbazaarmagazine #filmmakeupartist

16 days ago

Esther De Jong, Emma Balfour and Kirsten Owen Harper’s Bazaar Russia ,May 1998

17 days ago

Take a break☕️ . Sometimes you realize that you can be happy just with everything that surround you, even a small things that we don’t pay attention to. For example like: make cup of premium coffee, deep breath & enjoying the day. It is a small, but so important thing that makes our life happier. Have a great and successful Wednesday! @nespresso @nespresso.ca at Nordstrom Pacific Centre

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Magazine Cover - HARPER’S BAZAAR 👠

23 days ago

Harper's Bazaar Magazine, Feb 2019 article cover page. VERY cool use of text and white space! The type fits right into the photo and gives the entire spread an interesting shape. #NMEKU19 #designinspiration #harpersbazaarmagazine

25 days ago

So this may be my magazine haul from today alone. Whoops. Also sad to see @redbookmag is switching to just digital . #harpersbazaarmagazine I assume j lo will never age #instylemagazine how beautiful is Melissa McCarthy?? That scarf dealio is interesting #autoweekmagazine my son's favorite #goodhousekeepingmagazine with a beautiful spring like layout #womansdaymagazine with the more realistic winter layout of a tasty soup #travelandleisuremagazine making me wish I could escape to an island #alluremagazine with the gorgeous Serena Williams looking so majestic!

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