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Photo repost from @themoodyblooms ✨ I’m sorry, but could this couple BE any CUTER? The answer is actually yes, when you add their adorable baby girl into the photo they do get even cuter 🙌💙 My job job is the best when I get to make new friends in the whole planning process. PS I told this bride she should be modeling- look how right I am!!!! at Dana Point Yacht Club - Private Events

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Stole this photo from this lovely Mom-to-be’s post @kellyidesign Was a PERFECT baby shower! The best decor ever 🙌💕 way to go ladies!! Setting the bar very high for future baby showers at the DPYC 🙌 at Dana Point Yacht Club - Private Events

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The @blockislandferry schedule has changed for the #spring season, and to mark this update, we have one of our original Laura Dodge's #prints titled "The Steamer - Block Island" for #sale. The island had several #steamboats in service connecting her with Newport, Providence,New London, Norwich, Stonington and New York. The best known among them were the "New Shoreham", built in 1901, running year round and municipally owned, and the "Mount Hope", which began #summer service in 1888, boasting not a single lost in 21 years. These #boats were #rivals on the Block Island, Newport, Providence run; the "New Shoreham" at the New Harbor and the "Mount Hope" at the Old Harbor, they docked just outside the inner #harbor basins. Original signed graphite drawing is on sale for $293( $325 )framed, print on archival paper 11x14 at $65. Please contact us at blockislandhistory@gmail.com for inquiries.⠀⠀ 2019-3-19 ⠀⠀ #ferry #boat #boats #sale #print #blockislandhistoricalsociety #blockislandhistorical #bihistorical #bihs #blockisland #blockislandri #blockislandbound #myblockisland #historical #history #paradise #coastalliving #theblock #rhodeisland #rhodeislandlife #oceanstate #southcountyri

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#Harbor Point Animal Hospital is excited to announce that we are one of three animal hospitals in the state of North Carolina to become a Fear Free Certified Practice! Established in 2016, the Fear Free movement is becoming more sought after by both pet owners and members of the veterinary field. This is largely due to an increased recognition of the importance of the emotional wellness of our pets. Becoming a Certified Fear Free Practice requires a team approach to safeguard the emotional well-being of our patients, their owners, and our staff. In order to become a Certified Practice, we had to successfully implement Fear Free into all aspects of our business to meet Fear Free Practice Certification Standards. Mandatory standards are pass/fail; optional standards are weighted, and the practice must achieve a minimum score to pass each category. Standards that must be met range from hospital design, to handling, to medical practices and protocols. All of this is done with the goal of reducing the fear, anxiety, and stress that pets and their owners often feel prior to veterinary visits. Our hope is that as pets become less fearful of veterinary care, we will see an increase in the number of animals receiving preventative and wellness care- helping pets live a longer, healthier, happier life. Call us today at (704) 230-0858 to schedule an appointment and see just how we are changing the way pets see the vet! #mooresvillenc #mooresville #veterinarian #fearfree #aaha #lovewhatyoudo #huckatharborpoint

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Leave me here. I gonna be just fine. 🎡✈🌎 at National Harbor

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