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At @massageenvydavenport we LOVE success stories and happy clients💜✅ thank you to one of our Front Desk Girls for sharing her skin story #happyskinhappylife : left = present, right = before! 📲 call 563-355-5003 and book your healthy skin facial, chemical peel or micro infusion today. #skincare #microinfusion #massageenvy _______________________________________________________ Repost @scurko_bangz with @get_repost ・・・ I'm not going to say that I have always struggled with acne because I haven't. This past year my life has turned upside down. Stress along with getting off the depo shot put my horomones all out of wack. Cystic ance sucks but I've been lucky enough to work @massageenvydavenport where we have a great and knowledgeable skin care team! Today I treated myself and got a Microderm infusion and I wanted to share the results. Picture on left was today, picture on right was beginning of January 2019. Thank you to my esthetician Aliyah and Katie H for being so knowledgeable about skin care and products! #loveyourskin at Massage Envy - Davenport

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Find an Esthetician that isn’t afraid to become one with your skin. An Esthetician with good vibes that can emit excellent energy into your aura field just by being in her presence. Someone you can be comfortable with. An Esti that knows how to properly analyze your skin, who isn’t afraid to touch your skin. Someone who knows just how to caress your skin and provide the right nutrients to bring it back to life. Someone knowledgeable of an at home care regimen because to be honest, what we do is no where as important to how well you maintain your skin on a daily basis. Find someone that can help you to achieve skin goals and help restore the confidence you’ve been longing for. Get you, a me...😊 #licensedesthetician #Iaimtoplease #skinknowledge #skineducator #lovetheskinyourin #beautybarmedspa #happyskinhappylife

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Have you ever felt helpless, hopelessness, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, mood swings,anxiety, anger and a deep sadness...a lot of times, mental health is shoved under a rug and yet if we think about it, it’s key in us leading happy healthy lives! Safe space is a therapeutic space for you to ask every question about mental health and emotional well being. The team of mental professionals are ready to listen to you, guide you and help you better understand your feelings and thoughts. Call the number listed above if and when you need to schedule an appointment . . #KweliSkinOrganics #February #SelfCare #KweliSkinClinic #ShopKweli #NaturalSkinCare #CleanBeauty #EastAfricanNaturals #HealingInNature #SkinKnowledge #EcoBeauty #HappySkinHappyLife

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Aj Nail Bar sells the best homemade body products Body Scrubs, Body Butters, Bath Salts, Lip Balms, and Lip Scrubs. Perfect for mental and spiritual healing and for just plain old smelling good! With great health benefits, you will look and feel rejuvenated from having healthy skin to an improved immune system. Purchase yours today!! DM or text 4404062983 to place your orders! #Ajnailbarllc #clevelandnails #clevelandnailtech #nails #bodyscrubs #lipscrubs #bodybutters #homemadebodyproducts #organicskincare #healthylife #healthyskinhealthylife #healthyinsideandoutside🥰 #happyskinhappylife #clevelandhealthyskin at Cleveland, Ohio

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There's only one version of you - your unique self, your unique personality. No one has has the exact abilities and capabilities as you, no one else has walked in your shoes but you! . . We each have our own story to tell on our terms. We each have our own life to live. So start focusing on creating an exciting, interesting, breath taking, inspiring story on our own in stead of comparing your draft to another one, at which we eventually will fail, as we are all different! . . #KweliSkinOrganics #February #SelfCare #KweliSkinClinic #ShopKweli #NaturalSkinCare #CleanBeauty #EastAfricanNaturals #HealingInNature #SkinKnowledge #EcoBeauty #HappySkinHappyLife

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✨✨✨ Book yourself a #facial with one of our talented estheticians! Let us make your #skin glow AND put a smile on your face! ✨✨✨ at Curtis & Co Spa

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Wow ✨ ... what an amazing day 🙌 #Repost @kelligrayyoga ・・・ Cryotherapy makes my hair as bouncy as a 1960’s @clairol_pro ad. In truth @glacierbar_carmel has changed my life. Not only are the people amazing, funny and really supportive but the @lightstim and #cryotherapy are helping me recover from a year of really terrible skin issues. If you are curious, it is easy and not uncomfortable as you might think. You leave feeling really fresh and rejuvenated. Your skin will thank you #happyskinhappylife #centralcoast #carmelbythesea #hwy1 #centralcoastyoga #musclerecovery #painreliever at Glacier Bar & Beauty Lab

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Cryotherapy makes my hair as bouncy as a 1960’s @clairol_pro ad. In truth @glacierbar_carmel has changed my life. Not only are the people amazing, funny and really supportive but the @lightstim and #cryotherapy are helping me recover from a year of really terrible skin issues. If you are curious, it is easy and not uncomfortable as you might think. You leave feeling really fresh and rejuvenated. Your skin will thank you #happyskinhappylife #centralcoast #carmelbythesea #hwy1 #centralcoastyoga #musclerecovery #painreliever at Glacier Bar & Beauty Lab

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✨Smooth and hydrated skin is the best skin! 💕 this beautiful patient came in for some skin rejuvenation and left with exactly that. We did a deluxe treatment using a cocktail of CTGF and Rozatrol serums to treat all her skin concerns. Rozatrol will help reduce dryness and redness along with minimizing any visible blood vessels. CTGF uses growth factors to stimulate the cell and collagen reproduction. We finished the service using our wonderful AJM products to ensure protection and hydration. Happy clients make for a happy cosmo 😘✨ #hydrafacial #hydrafacialmd #ctgf #rozatrol #gilroymedicalpark #comeseeme #happyskinhappylife #hydrationiskey #hydratedskinisin #ajm #plasticsurgery at Gilroy, California

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There is a lot of confusion as to which ingredient is better for anti-aging. It all depends on how serious your aging process has began. They are both necessary for prevention. Personally, I believe they can be used together (but not in the same routine) to overall treat and prevent aging. Some use glycolic peels once a week or so and this encourages cell turnover -either for treating acne and aging. But this is a mild version. While retinol (which is a milder version of Vitamin A) boosts collagen production to prevent those pesky wrinkles caused by sun damage or hormones. Note: It is never too early (okay, may be when you’re in your 20s) to begin slowing down the aging process. The reality is that we can not stop the process completely, life is what it is and we’re just along for the ride. But at least we don’t have to look haggard while on the ride. #skincare #skincareroutine #antiaging #wrinkles #skinaivete #HappySkinHappyLife

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If you realise, a lot of the ingredients for acne treatment can be found in anti-ageing treatments as well. This has a lot to do with pores, hydration and cell turnover. The most important wrinkle prevention of all and is always a step I hammer over is SPF! Always lather it on during the day. It is absolutely necessary. Until the next post. #HappySkinHappyLife #skinnaivete #skincare #skincareroutine #antiageing #wrinkles

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It's so easy to put self-care on the back burner, especially when life gets busy or overwhelming! . . We have a short list of self-care tips to help you refuel and take care of your needs too! . . BREATHE DEEPLY Take long deep luscious breaths down into your diaphragm. This will help you relieve anxiety, cleanse your energy and ease any stress you might be feeling! WRITE DOWN FIVE GOOD THINGS ABOUT YOUR DAY No matter how bad your day might have been, we all have something to be grateful for. Focusing on what you're grateful for can help put things into perspective. DITCH TECHNOLOGY This might be hard but take a break from social media. Instead, focus on you. Try a new beauty routine, take a long relaxing bath, read that book you just haven't had time to read! GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE Have you ever thought about creating something but thought you wouldn't be good at it ? Well,this is the time to get out of your comfort zone and create something you've been thinking about for a while! Doing something new allows us to feel mindful, present and productive! . . What's your favourite me-time activity? . . #KweliSkinOrganics #February #SelfCare #KweliSkinClinic #ShopKweli #NaturalSkinCare #CleanBeauty #EastAfricanNaturals #HealingInNature #SkinKnowledge #EcoBeauty #HappySkinHappyLife . . 📸 millenial.com

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Clearly I don’t know what day the week starts. 😂 This one is very personal to me cause I started out my skincare journey when I started to spot dark circles and wrinkles around my eye area. I’m paranoid of ageing. Like I’m not bothered that I’m almost 30 and not married (not that this is not important, don’t take it out of context) or not where I thought I would be but I’m scared shitless about finding lines around my face. So if you've got wrinkle phobia like me, watch this space this week. #skincare #skincareroutine #wrinklesphobia #pimplesandlines #skinnaviete #HappySkinHappyLife

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Your skin care routine is a self-care ritual! It should be something that you enjoy, and taking the time to focus on yourself is essential to your mind, body and self-esteem! . . An effective and efficient skin care routine is a therapeutic process that will help you feel your best! When you follow a daily skin care routine, you're taking an action towards self-care! The goal to improve the way your skin looks can be relaxing and meditative If you allow it to be! . . Engaging in a daily routine can make you feel good about yourself (and your skin) and that will reflect in other areas of your life! . . #KweliSkinOrganics #February #SelfCare #KweliSkinClinic #ShopKweli #NaturalSkinCare #CleanBeauty #EastAfricanNaturals #HealingInNature #SkinKnowledge #EcoBeauty #HappySkinHappyLife

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✨Hydrafacials are a great way to firm and brighten your skin for a more youthful look. Come in for our Age-Refinement deluxe facial for which includes the Dermabuilder serum and light therapy! The DermaBuilder Serum helps to restore elasticity to the skin to reduce he appearance of wrinkles, that combined with red light therapy makes for instant results and can improve even more over time. Also another effective treatment would be combining this facial with the Genesis laser treatment for optimal results!✨ #hydrafacial #happyskinhappylife

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Self care in skincare is way more than expensive facials and green smoothies, it's about a number of interconnected things that make up for good skin (like wash your face, get rid of someone's dusty ass son from your life, clear out the toxicity of gossips and rumors to name a few). Some of us do well with natural, some of us need chemicals to do the job. One of the other will think they are crazy. I follow a few health junkies and yet you can still see those bumps under their makeup. Don't be too hard on yourself. Enjoy what you can but everything in moderation. #skincare #skincareroutine #skincaretips #skinnaivete #HappySkinHappyLife

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Mixed/Volume full set and a a peel to complete this lovely’s spa day 😋 she wanted to get rid of acne scarring and breakout so we did a clarifying mask with our PCA peel with Hydroquinone. This can make your skin feel a little spicy so during the next step where I applied some serums for her, I included the PCA calming balm as well. Always wear sunscreen after a service like this! Although you should be wearing it everyday anyways but especially after a good treatment like this one. Her skin will peel a little bit but it will look completely new once it is done! ❤️❤️ #chemicalpeel #sunscreen #pcapeels #clarifyingmask #salicylicacid #hydroquinone #happyskinhappylife at Los Gatos Town

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#TipSunday Yogurt is more than just a sweet dessert. When ingested it has probiotic (good bacteria) benefits which cleanses your body improving digestion, oral health, skin complexion and enhanced immunity amongst others. But sometimes people cannot ingest dairy cause of the milk. For your face it has amazing benefits: -Anti-ageing -Hydrating -Sebum control -Exfoliating -Brightening -Soothes #skincare #skincareroutine #skincaretips #skinnaivete #HappySkinHappyLife

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The #skinnaivete 's skincare routine. I use the same cleanser for day and night so I didn't feel like adding it in there (*cough cough no space cough*). After 4 years of constant research and hits and misses, I have finally settled into these products which I have used for about over a year. I don't want anyone to have to have to go through the same expensive and confusing skincare journey I had to take. That's why I don't post any single product for you. It's pointless to throw something in your face and expect you to just buy it. I can only tell you what ingredients work for every skin type and what doesn't. Mistakes you're making and how to remedy damage already done. *And some bad language along the way* #skincare #skincareroutine #skincaretips #skinnaivete #HappySkinHappyLife

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✨Red Light Therapy ✨ This powerful light source helps to plump skin and reduce the sight of wrinkles, it can help with skin discoloration and treat acne or other scarring resulting from tissue damage. ❤️ ✨ come in for your signature facial and get $25 for your next visit! Also take advantage of our Hydrafacial/Genesis combo for only $265 for the month of February ❤️ Happy skin happy life ✨ #hydrafacial #hydrafacialmd #happyskinhappylife #loveyourskin #valentinesdaygifts #getyourskinready #glowingskin #firmskin #comeseeme #foryourskinneeds #gilroymedicalpark at AJM Plastic Surgery

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Comedogenic means likely to cause breakouts and clog pores. There is a level of the comedogenic harmness to acne prone individuals. 1 ————————————4 Less likely. More likely Products such as Shea/cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, lanolin have a comedogenic level of 4 and basically will clog you up. Though it is fine for your body but it is a lot for your face. If you’re unsure as to what you can or can’t use, the rule of thumb is the oiler it is the less likely you can use it. P.S. Just because products state ‘oil free’ or ‘comedogenic level 1’ doesn’t mean it won’t clog you up also but it is less likely. The lower the comedogenic level means the product is more water-based. So just be on the look out. #HappySkinHappyLife #skincare #skinnaievte

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✨February✨ Specials are here for this month! Come in for a signature Hydrafacial before Valentine’s Day or through the rest of this month and receive a $25 gift card for your next visit or try our Hydrafacial/Genesis combo for only $265! Combining the Hydrafacial and Genesis is an amazing non-invasive way to boost the natural healing process of your skin and kick in the production of collagen. The two together are a killer combo! ❤️ #hydrafacial #gilroymedicalpark #comeseeus #healingskin #healthyskin #happyskinhappylife #glowingskin #valentinesday #valentinesready #giftcards #forgirlfriends #hurryin #loveyourskin at Gilroy Medical Park

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What is self-awareness? Having self awareness means that you have a sharp realization of your personality,including your strengths &weaknesses, your thoughts and beliefs, your emotions and your motivations! . . Becoming self-aware is an early step creating the life you want! You are able to identify your passions, goals and emotions. You can recognize where your thoughts and emotions are leading you and make any changes in the direction of your life! . . It's important to set time aside for yourself to think, regroup, realign and refocus! Go somewhere by yourself and do whatever brings you joy and find the place of contentment from within. . . #KweliSkinOrganics #February #SelfCare #KweliSkinClinic #ShopKweli #NaturalSkinCare #CleanBeauty #EastAfricanNaturals #HealingInNature #SkinKnowledge #EcoBeauty #HappySkinHappyLife . . 📸NotOurImage

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What is self-care and why is it so important? . . Self-care is a broad term that encompasses just about anything you do to be good to yourself! It's about being as kind to yourself as you would be to others! . . We often have so many responsibilities in life that we forget to take care of our personal needs! The health of your body, mind & spirit are essential to safeguarding your wellbeing. Self-care is necessary to remind yourself and others that your needs are important too! You can only give the best of yourself when you are happy, motivated and healthy! . . #KweliSkinOrganics #February #SelfCare #KweliSkinClinic #ShopKweli #NaturalSkinCare #CleanBeauty #EastAfricanNaturals #HealingInNature #SkinKnowledge #EcoBeauty #HappySkinHappyLife

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Who needs some pampering?! Sheet masks are some of my fav masks for brightening and hydrating the skin! ✨ . .. IMAGE skincare is my main skincare line I use throughout my facials and peels. I have worked with dozens of skincare lines the past 10+ years and never have found one so effective and amazing results for EVERY skin type! 🍊👐🏻 . .. ... And just a lovely little reminder to myself and clients daily, HAPPY girls are the prettiest! ☺️❤️ #happyskinhappylife . .. ... #esthetician #estheticianlife #imageskincare #sheetmasks #beauty #lovetheskinyourein

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February is self-care month at Kweli! We cannot discuss skincare without mentioning self-care because the two go hand in hand! . . So, what is self-care? And why is it so important? We're going to guide you through this broad topic and break down the different aspects to it! . . What does self-care mean to you? How would you define it? We would love to know what you understand about it or how you practice self-care in your everyday life! . . #KweliSkinOrganics #February #SelfCare #KweliSkinClinic #ShopKweli #NaturalSkinCare #CleanBeauty #EastAfricanNaturals #HealingInNature #SkinKnowledge #EcoBeauty #HappySkinHappyLife

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ACNE. We have all had it (and if you haven’t, lucky you!) Often times, people can get overwhelmed when visiting your local drug store or beauty supply store because there are TONS of products triggered for acne prone skin. Did you know that there are different types of acne, such as inflammatory and non-inflammatory presentations? Based on the type of acne, there are different active ingredients that work best. Prescription treatment or not, it’s important to visit your local dermatologist to cater the right acne regimen for you. Fortunately there are so many products out there, that no two treatment plan may be the same! Acne happens to be one of my favorite things to treat. Of course, it’s a chief complaint that requires a lot of trial and error but the end results are truly rewarding and remarkable! 👩🏻‍⚕️👄💊💉 #dermatology #dermatologst #physicianassistant #acne #beautifulskin #selfconfidence #happyskinhappylife #allergan #antibiotics #retinoil #moisterizer #cleanser #nyc at Schweiger Dermatology Group - Pelham Bay Park

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New stock for the month. I live by this product. Super affordable and proudly South African product. 🇿🇦 . Also go check out my previous post of the improvement it has done on my skin. Go check out @dermoprof on Instagram. Go to their link in the bio. Click free consultation. Fill it out, send your photo. They will email you to which products you should be using. . . #beauty #bea_tiful_beauty #facial #dermoprof #dermoprofcleanser #cleanskin #healthyskin #glowingskin #cream #acnclear #proudlysouthafrican #healthylifestyle #beautylife #cleansers #skincare #skincareisimportant #happyskinhappylife at DermoProf SkinCare

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Purple vibes 💜 . . Hope you all have a relaxing Friday evening and a weekend where you can focus on doing things that make you feel authentically YOU 💜💜💜🙏🏼 . . Found this purple lavender soap in my house the other day. The brand Aromas Artesanales de Antigua is apparently both paraben and cruelty free. The soap is so beautiful and the scent is lovely. at Europe/Stockholm

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✨Did you know ?✨ Keeping your skin exfoliated and hydrated can allow for much better penetration of your treatment products, it also allows your make up to go on smoother and last all day. Hydration is key! 🔑 ✨ Receive a $25 gift card for your next visit when you purchase a signature facial! This won’t last forever so get in while you can! #hydrafacialmd #hydratedskin #happyskinhappylife #radiantskin #clearskin #exfolation #gilroymedicalpark #gilroybeauty #gilroyservices #facials #treatment #skintreatment #localcosmetologist at Gilroy Medical Park

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Eating healthy is not just about having great skin but it's an important part of recognising that your body is a temple that deserves nourishment! . . Your body will always reward you for treating it with love and care! Choosing to eat fresh fruits and vegetables is not only beneficial for acne-prone skin but it also extends to your physical well-being and energy level which in turn is also beneficial to your mental well-being ! . . The point is to look after your mind, body, skin and soul!💚 . . #KweliSkinOrganics #AcneMonth #January #KweliSkinClinic # ShopKweli #NaturalSkinCare #CleanBeauty #EastAfricanNaturals #HealingInNature #SkinKnowledge #EcoBeauty #HappySkinHappyLife . . 📸greenpress.com

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Acne has varying degrees : mild, medium and severe acne! For these reasons we have two different types of acne- prone skin kits! We have specially hand picked special ingredients in each of our products that are suitable for acne-prone skin! Our second acne-prone skin kit is specially designed for mild acne skin types! . . This acne-prone skin kit is specifically designed for skin types that are prone to mild acne! Each product product serves a unique purpose and should not be used in isolation! . . Step 1: Purify & detox with our Sunshine Dry Face Mask Step 2: Tone/ cleanse- Fresh Spring Micellar Water Step 3: Moisturize on damp skin with our Grease Be Gone face oil . 3 easy steps! Try out the acne-prone skin kit and document your results, we would love to be a part of your journey! . . #KweliSkinOrganics #AcneMonth #January #KweliSkinClinic #ShopKweli #NaturalSkinCare #CleanBeauty #EastAfricanNaturals #HealingInNature #SkinKnowledge #EcoBeauty #HappySkinHappyLife

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✨Results from the magical Hydrafacial are instant and can last a couple weeks but always remember that your skin is constantly building up oils and dirt from the environment and to achieve your best skin it is recommended to maintain these results by keeping up with the hydration and clarification this service offers. Depending on your skin needs that maintenance could be every 2 weeks to once a month.✨ #hydrafacial #hydrationtreatment #glowingskin #happyskinhappylife #longlasting #maintainhealth #healthyskin #clarify #ajm #plasticsurgery #gilroy #facialsingilroy #lighttherapy #skintherapy #detoxyourskin #letitbreath at Gilroy, California

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✨Glysal Prep✨ The second solution during the step of exfoliation during the amazing Hydrafacial experience. 🔑 BENEFITS -resurfacing the skin by combing an aggresive exfoliation and a chemical peel into one step with zero downtime. -visible skin rejuvenation and no irritation........................ 🔑 INGREDIENTS -Glycolic Acid for exfoliation -Salicylic Acid for exfoliation •Glysal Prep is available with either 7.5%, 15%, and/or 30% glycolic Acid to better suit your individual skin needs. #glysalprep #hydrafacial #hydrafacialmd #clearskin #salicylicacid #glycolicacid #chemicalpeel #nodowntime #glowingskin #happyskinhappylife #clearthebreakout #hydrateyourskin #hydratedskin #productpenetration #ferrari #of #facials

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Delicious ways to nourish your skin! • • • Who else wants to avoid wrinkles for as long as they can??? 🙋‍♀️I have had worry wrinkles on my forehead for the longest... time to improve my elasticity 😁 at Wildherborganics Lab

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💧SKINCARE SUNDAY...Time to Get Hooked on Hydration!💧 Is your skin drier, itchy and flakey? I know my skin is. When skin is well-hydrated it is more plump and resilient...younger looking. 😍 Lucky for me, I have all these hydration products at my disposal and I’m willing to share with all of you 💙 Here’s the line-up: 💦 Active Hydration Serum - Hydration for the Face 💦 Active Hydration Body Replenish - Hydration for the Body 💦 Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex - Hydration for the under eye area, to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. I’m hooked on each of these...and my skin is HAPPY for HYDRATION😍 #hookedonhydration #face #body #eyes #youngerlooking #buhbuhdryness #buhbuhwrinkles #buyyourskinadrink #getwinterized #msgme #happyskinhappylife

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Plain, preservative-free yoghurt contains lactic acid that gently dissolves dead skin cells, unclogs pores and evens skin tone! Yoghurt is both antifungal and antibacterial, which means it's a great choice for acne-prone skin! . . For best results use plain yoghurt as an active ingredient for the Sunshine dry face mask from Kweli! INGREDIENTS (1) 3/4- 1 tea spoon of Sunshine dry face mask (2) 1 table spoon of plain yoghurt DIRECTIONS (1)Cleanse your face using a gentle cleanser to remove any traces of make-up and dirt. (2) Combine the above ingredients in a small bowl (3) Using your clean fingertips slather the mixture evenly onto your face in a circular motion. (4) Wait 20 minutes and then rinse your face with lukewarm water . . #KweliSkinOrganics #AcneMonth #January #KweliSkinClinic #ShopKweli #NaturalSkinCare #CleanBeauty #EastAfricanNaturals #HealingInNature #SkinKnowledge #EcoBeauty #HappySkinHappyLife