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11 minutes ago

this is one of the first videos i saw of lea 😍🥰 • #teamlea @leaelui

13 minutes ago

Stay positive“ There is an Message behind it please listen to it till the end ♥️:/ be fearless be positive all these stuff makes me endlessly happy and swing u smile puts a smile on my face.U are the only reason why I am here today where I am. I am being and trying my best to be the best of me. U are a human like us but special for us but maybe not for others. But we don’t care about that ? We are stronger then this. I love you. You Are my inspiration and my idol wow ily . ily sfm plesse Tag her i really want her to see this #teamlea #teamleaelui #teamleaeluiginet #leaelui #leators #leaandleators #happierwithlea #confidentforlea #leaeluiytbintro #leators #leator #leaeluiedits #teamtriller #leaedits #leasbabies #leaandleators #fearless @leaelui #monkeyface #teamleaedits

22 minutes ago

my favs 💗

29 minutes ago

what is this I’m—-

54 minutes ago

get the fuck out - ac / idk cc / @mxnuix dt / faye and only faye it’s just an opinion, dont attack me ty

1 hour ago

MY BEAUTY QUEEN SKDJSKSJS🤤😍 She just always so pretty I can't I'm in loveee💋 I love her so fucking muchhh❤ @leaelui 💎 ORIGINAL or REMAKE? 💕 Hope you enjoyed my loves💜 Have an amazing dayyy🌸 #teamlea #confidentforlea

2 hours ago

bavyyyyyyyyy oml i love him so much kssksksksk

2 hours ago

I REALLY DONT LIKE THIS SO MUCH dt;tagged cc;me ac;forget [CCP] at The Flop Shop

2 hours ago

lea could you check dms