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23 days ago

Definitely enjoying this new journey to finding the new healthier happier me! #intermittentfasting is helping me heal my crappy relationship with food I've not binged/starved for nearly a month 😇 - I sleep so much better 😴 and my head feel so much clearer #ditchingthediet is definitely the way forward not counting points/syns/calories has lifted the guilt that surrounded pretty much all food - I really feel that I might of found my 'thing' and funny enough it's just eating normally 😂 who would of guessed! It's also saving me a fortune 💷 in memberships (and yes I was a member of more than one diet club!) and on all the specialist diet foods that you have to fill up on! #mywhy was always my children but I think that all the stressing about dieting and food actually made me a horrid/grumpy mum hopefully the kids are starting to see a happier/healthier and less stressed mum appearing from the diet fog 🌬🌫 . #happierhealthiermum #healthylifestyle #positiverolemodel #nomorediets #antidietriotclub #if